RNZAF Training/Light Utility Helicopter Project Advancing

PLANS TO replace the Royal New Zealand Air Force’s Bell 47 Sioux training helicopters are moving ahead with publication of an Invitation to Register (ITR) interest for the NZ Defence Force Helicopter Capability Project. Interested parties had to register by July 25, with the ITR seeking companies that can provide an in-production helicopter meeting the requirements in the ITR. Four to eight helicopters will be required, the exact number to be determined later.

Unlike the Sioux that it will replace, the new helicopter is required to fulfil a much more advanced rotary-wing aircrew training role, enabling crews to easily move

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New Acoustics Bowers & Wilkins CM 10 successfully combines the characteristics of a series of elements of the SM and the older 800 Series Diamond. Anyway, this family features speakers Bowers & Wilkins, who, like a signature sound, it is impossible not to know at a glance.

It seems that creating new flagship CMS developers Bovvers & Wilkins decided to bring together a series of SM and 800, otherwise how to explain the appearance of the new model of the external, top mounted tweeter? If you put a number of media), and former senior CN.9, in addition to the tweeter,

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«Phantom» for the Luftwaffe

Airplane P-4P — version of the fighter F-4E, specially designed in accordance with the requirements of the German Air Force. The distinctive features of this aircraft are its relatively light weight (commensurable with the weight of the R-4C — the easiest «Phantoms», designed for land use), as well as reasonable price. All this favorably distinguished German «Phantom» from his American counterparts. These positive attributes have been bought at the cost of some reduction of the combat capabilities of fighter restricted range of its combat use. However, with time the P-4P is gradually transformed into a rich modern equipment and armament

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Light strike

Harrier IIs, Hornets and Corsair lls

Joe Cupido & Tony Holmes, Osprey Military Aircraft, 128pp, colour, softback, £10.99.

EVEN THOUGH THE technique is semi-automated, I’ve always felt that landing a fighter safely onto an aircraft carrier demands the concentration and skill of a surgeon, together with the bravery of a bullfighter. Every time you see it performed you can’t help holding your breath. And take-off is just as awesome, as a stream of compact jets are catapulted off into instant airborne action.

The book Light Strike deals with those aircraft that have conducted these procedures for the US Navy and

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Sam Webb nearly didn’t bother to look at her London flat, situated on the first floor of a converted Victorian building.

‘I’d just had a sale fall through, so when an agent told me he had a great place for me to see but that it was already under offer, I was a little reluctant to view it,’ she explains. ‘However, when I walked in and saw the light, the high ceilings and the view to St Paul’s, I knew this was the one for me.’ Accordingly, Sam put in a sealed bid and a nervous week later, the flat

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Summer — it’s time to take a break from the usual work or school and take a ride on the world: take a look at the beauty created by nature, admire the works of human hands, to join the other cultures, to make friends with people who otherwise would not have met if … It is to leave for some reason does not work, you can go home town — it may very well be that there awaits a lot of fantastic!

This time we will talk about some of the monuments dedicated to the heroes of fantasy and fairy

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UEL born in the «Parnassus»

For three days — from 1 to 3 March 2011 in St. Petersburg, in the factory lifting equipment UAB «Enterprise Parnassus», conducts training seminars for engineers, installers, engineers lifts microprocessor-controlled. The theme of the seminar: «UEL — modern elevator control system: fundamental differences, advantages, particularly exploitation.»

Leaders of 47 companies took part in the regional meeting. 92 were trained specialist.

The necessity and urgency of technical training, solving the problems of the meeting is clear. Of great interest to this event dedicated elevator enterprises of Northwest region — confirmation.

Seminars and meetings were initiated and held with the active participation

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Wushu Brief historical information about Taijiquan

VL Asmolov

Fitness training Tai Chi is a series of interconnected complexes of psychophysical training that are based on a combination of slozhnokoordinirovannyh movements and breathing exercises, amid physical and mental relaxation, with a deep and sustained concentration. This is one of the most popular and very widespread in China today schools of traditional Chinese art «quanshu» («fist art», «wrestling and pugilism»), a component of the «martial arts» («the art of arts», «martial art»).

Given the important role played in Taijiquan hardening and development of internal defenses, the work of «internal energy» qi and management with the help of special

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Light house

Author William Allen White once remarked that Charleston, South Carolina, was “the most civilized town in the world.” Decades later, readers of Conde Nest Traveler agreed, voting the city a top tourist destination. While charm, heritage, architecture, and interior design are city hallmarks, tradition today takes a new twist.

Case in point: In redesigning an 82-year- old Georgian-style house in downtown Charleston’s historic Battery district, interior designer Ginger Breton decided to forgo its traditional roots. Instead, she focused on ways to best serve the needs of the homeowners, a young couple with eclectic tastes.

Asked to mix existing with new

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Accounting and breeding records in dog breeding

B. Kalach, the expert and the judge-Union category

In March 1955 approved the «Rules and regulations for hunting dog)», including the «Regulations on the organization of accounting entries in national and national studbooks hunting breeds of dogs.» For several reasons, this method of breeding accounting practices were not implemented, they were not open and studbooks.

In fact, breeding records of hunting dogs every society of hunters is to your sample and often unsatisfactory. This is partly to blame, and one of the points of the «Regulations», which states that the certificate of origin shall be issued only hunting dogs from

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