Ion drives

Ion drives are the most cost-effective propulsion systems currently available and can send deep space probes faster and further than any other type of rocket technology.

Unlike conventional chemical rockets that burn at a fast rate over a short period of time to generate huge thrust, ion drives run at a steady rate over a long period to generate a high velocity.

The ions travel at 31.5 kilometres per second (19.6 miles per second) and produce 0.5 Newtons (0.1 pounds) of thrust. This force is equivalent to the weight of a few coins dropped into your hand, whereas chemical rockets

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Computed tomography

Industrial X-ray computed tomography emerged as a reflection of the fabulous success of medical computer tomography, invented by British engineer GN Hounsfield, who published the first description of a computer tomograph in 1972 [1]. Within 7 years, incomplete opening of this remarkable era of the computer revolution had won the Nobel Prize. Since then, the dignity of the medical tomographic diagnosis is not outdated, and it continues to help people to be treated in thousands of hospitals around the world. The unprecedented scale of the success of the medical X-ray tomography — a consequence of the happy coincidence


Investigation Result Into Dutch Apache Crash

Details of the investigation into the crash of AH-64D Apache helicopter 0-20 from the Royal Netherlands Air Force in Afghanistan were made public recently. On August 29, 2004, a flight of two Apaches left Kabul IAP for Bagram airbase to transport emergency radios for testing there and to carry out a reconnaissance mission in the area. The whole flight was to be flown at low level, below 200ft (60m), and during the first phase a riverbed would be followed. The flight was using callsigns Mayhem 1 and 2, where Mayhem 1 was the section leader.

The AH-64D Apache can be

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Vascular anomalies of the nervous system — one of the most common causes of stroke in young children. Establishing the causes of stroke in adolescents and children causing considerable difficulties, and therefore cerebral strokes in childhood of 20-30% of the cases take place under a variety of misdiagnosis. Contradictory information on the incidence of stroke. There is no complete picture of the nature, frequency of recurrence and outcome of stroke in different age groups. The incidence of stroke in children, according to the literature, and generally different amounts to 2-7 per 100 000 per year. Especially severe hemorrhagic strokes in young children: during breast feeding in an apparently perfectly healthy baby suddenly appear general tonic convulsions with loss of consciousness, episodes of apnea, repeated vomiting, further increases in intracranial hypertension clinic.

Visually determined bulging fontanelle, and a large voltage to the divergence of the cranial sutures and the absence of pulsations, the severity of subcutaneous vascular pattern on the head.

LATVIAN STATE linguistics and linguists PROBLEM IN THE LIGHT OF THE REPUBLIC OF LABOR JV STALIN «Marxism and Problems of Linguistics»

Latvian people were free to develop their national culture in the Latvian language only since the establishment of Soviet power in Latvia.

For centuries many western conquerors did everything to delay the development of spiritual culture of Latvians ,, limit the development of the Latvian language, to assimilate it with tongues invaders. But despite the absence of written language, the Latvian language has shown great resistance to attempts to destroy it maintained basic vocabulary and grammar continuously developed, honed and enriched at the expense of the languages ​​of the peoples with whom he talked. Clear evidence of greater stability and

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RIVAL Xerox — hectographed

Hectograph — it’s just a copying device to get from one of several dozen of the original single- or multicolored prints. With it, you can multiply the school texts, pictures, posters, posters, drawings, pictures, educational cards, notes, etc.

Hectograph is a rectangular tray, that correspond to the desired pattern. She filled in a special gelatinous mass. On her special ink transferred image.

On one side of the drawing paper hectograph ink (we give the recipe below) spelled the desired text or image is executed. Not allowing the ink to dry, the original text or drawing down on the frozen place

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Into the Mystic

Magda Wasiczek doesn’t worry about accuracy — she feels that «realistic treatment is for encyclopedias.» Instead, with a powerful blend of bold color and selective focus, her floral studies conjure up a magical world of fairy tales, spirits, and sprites. Come fall under its spell.

Her photographs are floral dreamscapes — ready made for Oberon, Titania and their sailboats of walnut shells and gardenia petals. And her work has been widely recognized, winning prizes and being shown in books, galleries and magazines around the world. Magda Wasiczek a self-taught, 40 year old photographer from southwest Poland, interprets floral capes with

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It’s a glorious Saturday and the weather seems mighty uplifting as I make my way to Alasetty village, located along the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu border. I am looking forward to this meeting and very excited to see what surprises await me. When I arrive, I notice how removed this place is from the cacophony of everyday life. I set foot inside the property only to be welcomed by an emerald green expanse. Homeowners Sindhu and Anish open the doors to their home and beckon me indoors to reveal a space that is steeped in tradition. I feel enormously at

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Sleep at a cabinet meeting? Excluded!

The automated system eliminates videotrekinga, records and reproduces the actions (and inactions) of the Legislative Council of Karnataka (India).

Viewing pornography and afternoon naps have become commonplace in the Legislative Council of Karnataka (India). However, the current session in a new government building in Belgaum for the members of the Legislative Assembly may be literally «exponential»: in the boardroom was set automatic control system for video cameras, which records and stores almost all actions of the members of the Council. Previously there used camera with manual control, operators focused solely on their speakers. The new high-resolution camera allows censors to

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Wallpaper is a big trend now, and the papers, inks and glues used in their manufacture are all very important.

Building from scratch is always a great place to start when considering the layout and positioning of your home in relation to sun, wind and land size, but we aren’t always in that position. You don’t have to be a hippy with a mud-brick home to be sustainable and you can go further than changing all your lighting to fluoro and LED and putting your appliances on a timer. Consideration is the key — each time you go to redecorate

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