Solar nanovspyshki

By that time, however, it was already clear that the chemicals can not enter freely; they form a strict sequence, which reveals a number of regularities, families and groups. Where Place the crown? I thought about this and the great Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev, the next in 1869 offered the first version of the periodic table of chemical elements. Unable to find a better place for the crown, he put him in front of hydrogen, writing at the same time … As the years passed. In 1895, he was found on the Earth element, open Zhansenom Pierre and received thanks

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Interstellar travel

We’ve long been studying ways to achieve interstellar travel. In the late-Fifties, NASA had Project Orion. This spacecraft would have used nuclear pulse propulsion – a series of exploding atomic bombs – to propel it the distance needed to reach Mars, Saturn and ultimately another star. The British Interplanetary Society studied the possibility of a spacecraft to the stars in the Seventies, called Project Daedalus. Daedalus had the goal of taking no longer than a human lifetime to reach its destination, requiring a speed greater than the capabilities proposed for Project Orion. It would have needed a very powerful fusion

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Solomin two faces of a single soul

Beginners and very purposeful singer Svetlana Solomin, she — SOLOMINA, decided to conquer the listener with the Internet. On request «Solomin,» produces countless search results — links to the tracks, interviews, sots.seti … Today soulful songs Solomina gaining popularity outside of the World Wide Web. Its very fresh track «nice» sounds on several radio stations, and the song «chestnuts» — in Ukrainian-rotation radio in Chicago. Open and cheerful Svetlana on the example proves that nothing is impossible for even the most daring dreams.

You call your Internet producer. As he helped you in becoming a musical career? You posted the

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Solo for the second violin.

What a child draws us to the theater, the arts, philosophy married mischief? Perhaps the brutality of real existence. Nature play something close to human — his life is limited in time. But did not get applause for fussy meal of past days, we buy a paper ticket entrance and go to the theater, as in the Emerald City, where he lives Goodwin Great and Powerful, it will fulfill all. And as well as behind the scenes turns out that the force endowing the Tin Woodman heart, courage, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow straw mind, born through the sometimes

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The sun in your pocket

Script writers — Olga Sidelnikova Eduard Gavrilov, director — Eduard Gavrilov operator — Inna ZARAFYAN artists — Arsenio Klopotovsky, Eugene SHTAPENKO composer — ANNA IKRAMOV songs on poems OLGA Sidelnikova sound technician — Dmitry VOGOLEPOV

Roles performed:

Anya DASHA Vishnjakova

Irina — FAITH Ivlev Aunt Claudia — Maria SKVORTSOVA mother — JAN Friends Dad — Vadim Andreev grandmother — Maria Vinogradova

Sergei — Sergei PAKHOMOV


Galya — Faith unbreakable


Eugene — Vova KUKUSHKIN

Ira — Anya Sidorkina

Natasha — Kate Shamraeva

Lena — Anya Groznova


Kiddy — Egor

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INTERNATIONAL Ink Aleksandr Pashkvov

Among the numerous realistic tattoo experts that come from Russia today, thirty-five-year-old Aleksandr Pashkov who is from Barnaul, Siberia, truly stands out. His highly elegant nature-inspired images in color and black-and-grey are lovingly composed and executed and are unsurpassed in their technical perfection. His versatility and relentless pursuit of perfection have let this quiet man from the Altai Mountains become one of the top masters in Russia. Enough reason to exchange a few words with Aleksandr Pashkov, tattoo virtuoso!

TM: Aleksandr, how does someone from Siberia become a tat-tooist—and such a good one on top of it? Did you have

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SOLDIER Pitt, the service goes.

When it comes to Brad Pitt, for a long time, no one thinks that his life is similar to the existence of a rocker with a crowd of groupies behind the wall of the dressing room and a bucket with chilled champagne. He is the father of many children, his girlfriend Angelina Jolie just made a terrible operation, and even an actor for 11 years headed the production company Plan B, which in his life linked to the darkest and complicated story. In June, the world finally see the sci-fi blockbuster «War of the Worlds Z», in which Brad saves

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WordPress is far more than just a powerful blogging tool — it’s a lightweight content management system, making it the ideal basis for a portfolio or a small business site. MAMP is all tooled up to host it from the get-go. If you’re using OS X Server, follow our instructions for installing MySQL first, then work through the steps below, and you’ll have a home-hosted blog in no time.


WordPress is a free download from . Extract the files from the zipped archive and copy them to the site folder on your server. On OS X

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SOLDIER out of turn

If you act in the interest of families and consider it a corporation, will save the world more effectively — believes Matt Damon, which met before the premiere sci-fi action-thriller «Elysium»

Text Alexander Kondukov

In Hollywood actor Matt Damon’s a great school. It is not a Harvard diploma or elegance with which he holds a cup of «Starbucks» in the press-marathon in a London hotel. There is reasonable to recall the powerful teachers’ Matt, who, as a man of iron quenching, trusting only his own experience, he collects. «Since I can handle any major DIRECTOR — says Damon, who sits

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Create Khanka Reserve

Usually idea of ​​the Ussuri region associated with the impassable taiga, dense forests, home to tigers, leopards, red deer, Goral, spotted deer, spruce grouse and ducks mandarin, where many plants have survived since the Tertiary period. But not everyone knows that in addition to tropical forests in nature Ussuri region has a very unique, interesting area — the famous Lake Khanka. It has long attracted the attention of naturalists, but still remains little known. Khanka Lake Nature conceals many interesting things waiting to be explored.

At different times, Lake Khanka called differently: Jin-bo, which means «mirror»; Lamo — the sea;

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