Joint scientific session of the Institute of Linguistics of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Institute of History, Language and Literature Moldavian branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, devoted to issues MOLDOVA LINGUISTICS

From 3 to 7 December 1951 session was devoted to the Moldovan linguistics.

The session was attended by philologists in Moscow, Leningrad, Chisinau, Kiev, writers of Moldavia and wide circle of intellectuals in Chisinau and other cities of the MSSR. The session was attended by Secretary of the CC CP (b) of Moldova, Leonid Brezhnev chairman of the Council of Ministers of the MSSR T. J. Rud, president of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the MSSR JS Koditsa, secretaries of the CP (B) of Moldavia VA Gorbats A. M. Lazarev, A. Miller, DS Smooth, DG Weaver et al.

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I’he most important style books oj the season celebrate 15 top designers and offer a wealth of glorious rooms sure to delight

Brian J. McCarthy’s timeless interiors draw from his deep knowledge of the history of decorative arts-as well as his own eclectic sensibility, LUMINOUS INTERIORS (Stewart. T a b o r i & Chang. S60; November), the first monograph of his three-decade career, looks at nine projects completed over the past six years, including an opulent Atlanta home with an 18th-century spirit; the designer’s bright, quirky upstate New York retreat; and a lush, art-filled Manhattan apartment, below, that held

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CURRENT STATUS AND TRENDS telephone communication

One of the main factors determining the development of communications throughout the world, is a continuously growing need for various types of exchange of information, both within individual countries and between them. To meet this need, the leading foreign companies, along with constant improvement of performance parameters and operating equipment pay much attention to the creation and introduction of new communication systems

In recent years, the communication networks of the developed capitalist countries to continue intensive introduction of quasi-electronic exchanges district’s high capacity controlled. These stations, as of 1977, the following number of service lines (in%); US -24, -20, Japan,

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15 and 16 April 1952 in the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR took place a meeting on lexicography. The meeting was attended by scientists, lexicographers in Moscow, Leningrad, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, as well as employees of the State Publishing House of foreign and national dictionaries.

Opening the meeting, academician Vinogradov pointed to the crucial work of JV Stalin, «Marxism and Problems of Linguistics» lay a solid foundation of the creative development of all areas of linguistics, both theoretical and applied. Stalin’s definition of grammar and vocabulary, the teaching of basic


INSECT your work.

The completed bottom Atari 2600 housing should resemble the one shown here. Now we can move on to the top half of the Atari housing.

1a. Enlarge the case to fit the new power jack. First, the original hole in the back of the case intended for the power jack needs to be enlarged. The new power jack that was soldered on during the control panel preparation is slightly larger than the original Atari one. Simply use a small, flat file to enlarge the square hole in the back of the case (left image) until the new power jack fits

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Meeting Architects Promstroiproekt

In Kharkov House architect from 8 to 10 May. the city held a meeting to exchange experience in the field of architecture, industrial buildings, designed by the Institute of Promstroiproekt. At the meeting it was presented to the Moscow branch of the Institute and its Kharkov, Kiev, Rostov and Sverdlovsk branch.

A report on the results and problems of architectural design in Promstroiproekt made chief architect of the institute correspondent member of the Academy of Architecture VM’s with n and n.

Speaking of the importance of urban development of industrial enterprises, the speaker particularly emphasized the role of the side

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Written by Hal Van Man Photos by Frank DeBlase

I’ve got a lot of different wounds to lick. That’s for sure. But more often than not, I end up pouring salt on them. Still, I’m trying to loosen or unleash my grip on the past and all that it once meant to me. One month you’re rolling in dough and the next one, you don’t have a pot to piss in.

I don’t deposit my money in banks—but rather in racetracks all over this great country of ours. Which is interesting, ’cause there is usually no payoff! I never had

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Tips on passing SimCity game

So, my friends, the world — world war — a carrot. We have enough to do some fighting, they shot, killed — it’s time to know and honor. From now on, we will create a utopian society is a happy city. For, every self-respecting man should be in my life to plant a tree, raise a son and build a city ….

The financial crisis and how to get out of it

The usual situation. Anyone who has ever played in the «City», always faced with this problem: I want to build a just and much as the money runs

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Tips for SQL Server Virtualization

It’s hard to believe, but some people still believe that SQL Server can not run on a virtual machine. This is not so. SQL Server can operate successfully in a virtual machine. However, in view of its high resource requirements, I want to give a number of recommendations, which it is desirable to follow. Maybe the biggest difference between poorly performing a virtual instance of SQL Server and virtual instance, ensuring exceptional performance. The examples in this article, tips will help ensure a successful virtualization of SQL Server.

Council № 1. Take advantage of the second level address translation


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Everyone was more than happy to have their portraits shot and I had my first sample shots to show other potential “tattoo models” here in Pokhara. Before leaving, Hari gave me the address of Master Mohan, a tattoo artist extraordinaire who had the oldest shop in Kathmandu.

The next day I hailed a cab, handed the driver Mohan’s address and not ten minutes later found myself outside Mohan’s tattoo parlor. Mohan was ready to meet with me and could not be more friendly. Mohan prides himself as much a teacher of the art

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