Tips on passing Heroes of Might and Magic III

Are you still doing this? Despite the excellent (in some places) weather, the TV series «Melrose plebs» on the box, sidelong glances of friends, tears of mother, father’s harsh gasps of a newspaper? Correctly. We will help you. A special squad to combat alien heroes had just delivered to the headquarters of the new tips for the passage of Heroes of Might and Magic III.

By magic…

So, in the last issue, we had a little walk around the neighborhood HoMM3, special attention is paid to the new architectural delights. What will you do now? Perhaps the magic. One of

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Initial Contract Awarded for THK F-16 Upgrade

LOCKHEED MARTIN was awarded a $67.7 million long-lead contract on July 19 to begin development for the Peace Onyx III upgrade programme for the Turkish Air Force’s F-16C/D fleet, for which a Letter of Offer and Acceptance was formally signed earlier this year.

Work on this initial phase is scheduled for completion by July 2006, after which the main contract is due to be awarded, with Lockheed Martin’s total contract share amounting to some $800 million.

The programme will upgrade 117 aircraft, Lockheed Martin providing kits for 37 F-16 Block 30s, four Block 40s and 76 Block 50s. The deal

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Improving WORK PONAB-W

VS Titarenko, art. Electrician distance Lozovsky South Road

Mirror survey of railway track

According to the technological process of service PONAB-3 when checking the parameters in the sentry boxes of equipment machinery is switched off. At this time, the passing trains are not controlled by heating Books.

In order not to turn off the equipment during the test, the outside of the windows I installed the mirror survey of railway track. I installed at an angle so that the measurement of parameters in blocks through a mirror you can inspect the railway line from the approaching train sitting at the

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«The main directions of the social development of the USSR for 1986-1990 and for the period until 2000» before the rail tasked accelerate the turnover of cars, increase train speeds, increased capacity and carrying capacity of roads, increasing the processing capacity of the sorting, passenger and freight stations. These problems cause an acute need for improving existing and developing new organization processes at the stations, nodes, railway transportation enterprises. Requires improving the reliability and functional development of energy devices, means of signaling, centralization and blocking systems, automatic control of trains, more efficient repair and maintenance of rolling stock. Special attention



Мальчик закричал диким голосом — и Кайл бросился его искать. В глухом и страшном отеле, где 13 лет назад лишились жизни их родители — в ходе загадочного массового убийства, навсегда испортившего доброе имя наследственного заведения. Но он приехал сюда вновь — и тут же лишился последнего родственничка. И отправился на его поиски, как уже было сказано…

Так начинается новая игрушка фирмы Eclipse Software (публикатор — компания Head Games, прославившая свое имя парой симуляторов охоты на оленей и прочую безответную дичь и даже спевшаяся на этой почве с самой Activision), леденящая душу история в жанре “квест” под названием Inherent Evil (“Наследственное

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If you are going to go into the tunnel

Overview of VPN-providers

VPN — is not only a way to contact the corporate network or the connection to the workplace from home … What offer VPN-providers, and what you can expect from Internet access via the Internet?

The technology of building virtual private networks (VPN — Virtual Private Network) is widely used for more than ten years for the creation of secure communication channels between subnets in the corporate sector, as well as «providers of last mile» to provide Internet access to their customers. In addition, there are other areas of application VPN, one of which is considered in

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Cathedral Square.

For a long time or a short walk Tsar Saltan and his retinue around the walls and towers of the Kremlin, but we finally brought him to the central part of the hill — Makovytsya where stretches the oldest area of ​​the Kremlin, surrounded by majestic cathedrals. Thanks to them, the area seems to be a huge hall in the open air.

We continued the story of how 500 years ago the Grand Prince of Moscow, Ivan III of Moscow has conceived an ambitious restructuring and comfortable «The Emperor of All Russia» -Moscow Kremlin. In place of the old, dilapidated

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Infrared eye

Stunning effects are yours, no Photoshop required. Instructions.

Step 1

Get your infrared capture device.

Option 1: Convert a DSLR, ILC, or compact to infrared capture. Some firms that will do this are Lifepixel, MaxMax, or Spencer’s Camera.

Option 2: If your camera «sees» infrared light (see main text for how to tell), get an infrared filter such as the Hoya R72 or Cokin P007.

Option 3: Scour the used market for an infrared-sensitive camera such as the Fujifilm IS Pro or Sigma SD10.

Step 2

Choose a subject. The best subjects for color infrared are foliage and people,» says

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According to the pipe in the flow of waste water floating rags, paper sticks. All of this builds up somewhere — cork, now we have to find it and clear the water breaks, something flood, spoil.

Pipe half meter in diameter. Even the climb difficult. The work lasts for hours, for days. Channels hose pump station pulp and paper mill divers cleaned and a half months! Work hellish and customer nedeshevo- cost more than 15 thousand rubles.

Clearing of drainage and sewage pipes were trying to mechanize. There hydrojet nozzle. But they are helpless if meet the large rocks, logs.

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Infiniti Q70L 2.5

Infiniti broadens the appeal of its 5-series rival with a long-wheelbase model

INFINITI’S Q50 COMPACT saloon is the brand’s vanguard model during its nomenclature rebirth (‘Q’ prefixes for saloons, coupés and cabrios, ‘QX’ for SUVs), and by default it’s the only one that immediately backs up its new badge with engineering changes. So the BMW 5-series, Mercedes E-class and Jaguar XF-rivalling M-series saloon won’t change a jot when it starts being called the Q70.

However, Nissan’s business plan calls for Infiniti to become a leader among luxury brands by 2016, so without a large luxury saloon in the line-up, it’s

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