Sniper snapshots

Year of birth of photography is considered to be 1838 minutes, and exactly a century after the invention of the Frenchman Daguerre his daguerreotypes (under the title picture, and became known to the world), in 1938, Far photographer Nick Shkulin made his picture «Raising the red flag on the hill Zaozernaya» which I walked almost all the publications of the Soviet Union …

…Few of the environment Nicholas knew that in his youth he performed in the circus. Born in the city of the future Photo-master Vladimir. It was orphaned early. In order to somehow feed themselves, prepared acrobatic number

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Will RENEWABLE ENERGY replace fossil fuels?

This is a huge problem-renewable sources such as wind and tidal force, can provide only a small fraction of the energy required population. If you do not take into account the energy from the nuclear power plant, there is only sunshine.

Sun delivers an hour on Earth more energy than mankind is now spending a year (fossil fuels, nuclear energy and all renewable sources combined). Solar energy is inexhaustible and does not damage the environment and climate. The scientists challenge: to find a cheap, environmentally friendly methods for the collection of this «free» energy. Indirect methods of use of sunlight,

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Inevitable demise

THE DEMISE OF the last flying Avro Vulcan B.2 bomber was a sad but inevitable event — if not now, then certainly in ten or 12 years time. Having been ‘a total aviation person’, man and boy, for 30 years, I understand well the emotion and reaction of your correspondents.

However, let us pause for a moment and consider the state of the RAF today. Its master is Her Majesty’s Government (of whatever persuasion) and that master is elected by you, the electorate. Rightly or wrongly, the government has entered a period of contraction in defence capability, in which the

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Mixed media in etching.

In the visual arts, there are many distinct techniques: painting with tempera and oil, fresco, watercolor, gouache, drawing, woodcut longitudinal and face, woodcut plywood, cardboard and linoleum, as well as etching in the diversity of his techniques: etched bar, aquatint, Lavis, drypoint, mezzotint, rezervazh open etching, copperplate print, soft-touch paint, a direct translation. But always comes a time when the artist all this diversity becomes a little and he begins to combine the well-known technology in different combinations. Sometimes this led to a great creative achievements. For example, Aristarchus Lentulov often used in painting applique (gold and silver foil, tissue,

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Indonesian Air Show 1996 — June 22-30

INDONESIA ORGANISED its second ever international airshow at the end of June. This time Soekarno-Hatta International Airport provided the venue for the Indonesian Air Show 1996 (IAS’96).

The first airshow, ten years ago, took place at the old Jakarta airport, Kamayoran. Just as it had been then, the latest technology available in Indonesia was put on display, but this show also set out to demonstrate a willingness to co-operate and expand capabilities.

It is well known that the region enjoys considerable economic growth and this has enabled many countries to purchase or manufacture sophisticated aircraft. Naturally, there was particular emphasis

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Legends acquires all of what everyone has heard, but few faced the reality. For the majority of players in the virtual underwater, for example, the simulator

— It is something like quantum mechanics: "Yes, just I know it prohibitively difficult, but more can not say anything". However, if I, who had seen this very close to the simulation, ask what I think of quantum mechanics, after a long pause, I would say that it is something incredibly difficult …

O f course, the elite feel nice. For simulyatorschika path as honorable paths simple player, however the position

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Indian resurrection

Since Polaris Industries acquired the rights to the hallowed Indian name, we’ve been waiting to see what kind of motorcycle would roll out of its Wyoming, MN, skunk works. Born 1901, died 1953, and after several abortive, short-lived attempts—some of which, it should be said, were fairly ill conceived— Indian is now set to rejoin the living with entirely new motorcycles designed from the ground up as their own thing. Not clones. Not crazy mashups. No, sir: the real deal.

And, yes, you read that right. Motorcycles, plural. While many of us assumed Indian would be Midwestern conservative and bring

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Boldly introduces multihull hives

In our farm multihull hives for 40 years. Now beekeeping farm has 500 bee colonies. Every year, we get high honey yield.

This year, I served one of 125 bee colonies in the multihull hives and received from them 60 kilograms of honey GDP, while the average for the last three guide family apiary gave more than 50 kg.

Tc. Dmytrenko said that, they say, they have the Ukraine steppe, poor food supply and apply hives multihull can not. Tambov is also not Primor and Bashkiria. And 50 kilograms of honey per hive — it’s pretty respectable figure. By the

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Smartphone in a sports-style

In August 2013 Russia will start selling smartphone GIGABYTE GSmart AKU A1.

New mid-range with support for two SIM-cards has a quad-core MediaTek MT6589M clocked at 1.2 GHz.

Matt plastic casing is made of non-slip coating Soft-Touch. The smartphone is made in a sleek sporty style is presented in black and white.

AKU A1 based on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean 2.0 has 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB internal, expandable up to 32GB Micro SD.

Lithium-ion battery capacity of 2000 mAh will last without recharging up to 300 hours of standby time.

Touch TFT LCD screen with a

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Indian OCEAN



Like its big sister Manhattan, the brand-new St Regis Mauritius is one classy lady. Thankfully, pretensions are few (no one bats an eyelid at our seen-better-days flip-flops) and its locations, on a 900m stretch on the south of the island, adds a breezy vibe to its refinement. All of the 172 rooms have the requisite view (sparkling Indian Ocean), best enjoyed with a signature La Belle Creole Mary cocktail. Most of the action takes place around

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