Incredible Year! Incredible Issue!

I don’t get out to the expos-much anymore and my tattoo collecting days are behind me.

However, I always feel like I’ve been brought up-to-speed on the goings on in the tattoo world when the Skin&Ink anniversary issue arrives in my mailbox each year.

Getting to see all of the big conventions, the fantastic shops, and artists, (and all of those pretty girls!) in one issue is a true gift for a life-long tattoo lover like myself.

It’s good to see that the tattoo scene is alive and well across the world and that my favorite tattoo magazine is able

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The Discreet Charm of the arcade

Alexander Vershinin


No, emphatically not be foreseen. All more or less decent role-playing games today gets crazy promotion — they stubbornly write journals, their names are on the lips of fans. And here is — Hexplore from the modest but charming French Infogrames, almost a killer Diablo.


azumeetsya, network mode Diablo difficult to surpass. As well as the amazing, crystal clear graphics in the game. Hexplore designed for one person — and the calculation was accurate. Game subtly manipulates hidden string IRSshnoy soul, bringing a man to love-dazed state, from which you can only get rid Xia passing

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Storytellers free city

The pre-election struggle in the city — apparently so intense that has started to affect the mental abilities of some representatives of organizations who wish to push their candidates into the Duma. Recently, the city began to spread prelyubopytny agitation meant «not for distribution».

A few years ago there was a free city of Togliatti movement activists who assured everyone that the policy of «not doing.» Although regularly striving for power. And the claim that «the movement of our city,» and that they «Moscow does not control.» Keeping silent, however, with that lanky affiliated billionaires and lovers of Faberge eggs,

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In the Speed of Flash



One of the best upgrades you can gel for a notebook is probably a SanDisk Extreme SSD. Not only is it designed to withstand shocks and vibration from traveling, it operates silently with no moving parts, and helps save precious battery life through lower power consumption compared to a regular mechanical HDD. It boosts application performance and load limes with lightning fast read/write speeds and SATA 6Gb/s support. Also gone are the days where storage is sacrificed for speed as the SanDisk Extreme SSD comes in

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In the eye of hurricane Sandy.

How Alure Home Improvements managed its business during Hurricane Sandy while also helping employees and Long Island residents with recovery.

As Hurricane Sandy made landfall the evening of October 29, 2012, the storm surge rapidly overtook the south shore of Long Island. Reports described water rising 3-to-8-feet high, which completely flooded most of the coastal communities.

Jimmy Quinn, construction consultant at Alure Home Improvements and a resident of Amityville, N.Y., was a victim of the flooding. Located less than a mile from the shoreline, Quinn experienced a storm surge of more than 3 feet in his home.

«The water rose

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The skeleton in the closet

Clive Barker’s Undying

This is a game you just have to wait. Even if you are then tear into pieces and regale silver bullets.

It seems that for the campers to take seriously. Judge for yourself: in the Red Faction (game, see. Nearby) poor souls deprived of shelter through the destruction of these, and in the new game Undying behalf of Clive Barker (not least, best-selling author, horror movies, the books, of course) casually encircle the fire circuit, and passing through the wall, treat silver bullet from a revolver.

Two elements

First, in the Dreamworks tried to do the quest-shooter

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How many springs feeds the Volga.

The author of these lines asked to write about the children’s drawings on the theme of Pushkin prepares to publish a children’s jubilee Pushkin Encyclopedia. The author refused. The initiators of the future publication of statistics like how many and which do and do exhibitions, as shown on the drawings or that show … But the figures whether the case! And who, how these figures can be collected?

A year ago, took place in Moscow two expositions: the young Muscovites and the whole of Russia. On the Republican exhibited in Moscow it was about a hundred pages, and the children

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In the future, would it be possible to cross a planets orbit to reach it quicker?

Richard Badger

Planning spacecraft flight paths takes a lot of refinement. Due to the expense of spaceflight, the trick is to find the most efficient flight path. This reduces the fuel needed and therefore the cost to launch the mission.

We know the shortest and quickest way from one point to another is a straight line. Sadly, this process breaks down in space. This is because the two points are often moving and the transfer vehicle already has a motion based on the orbital speed of the planet or object it leaves from. To counter this, when planning orbital manoeuvres

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Illustrious SPECIAL

Choose the best treatments for the face glow, hair and body skin Taranenko Mary asked their colleagues from the editorial board to test and evaluate the results

"White" Room does not have any choice: it was decided to test procedures for the lights. Initially it was assumed that it would be the rituals for the face, but it turned out that the experts beauty centers are ready to make our hair shine and ,. and body. This diversity pleased colleagues who snapped up in a matter of minutes the proposed options. I went to the procedure of «Flash of Beauty»

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The best storage is the type that you didn’t even know was there. A system of sliding doors on rails, the Close system is specifically designed to close the units of Poliform walk-in closets.


Hafele’s Elite pull-out storage system is an organisation solution to any messy wardrobe because it can flexibly be adapted to fit different wardrobes. Thanks to an extensive range of trays, hampers and racks that effortlessly fit into the system, everything has a place.


The elegant Vodder tallboy was designed in 1959 and features Arne Vodder’s trademark

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