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Budget system

SONY BDP-S5100 ★★★★★ £140

Simply astonishing performance and pictures for less than £150. Smart functionality too: you can’t go wrong…

Mid-range system

SONY BDP-S790 ★★★★★ £200

What a bargain! Not only is this a superb 2D and 3D Blu-ray player, it is also the first to upscale to 4K ultra high definition.

Hi-End system

SONY BDP-S790 ★★★★★ £200

It’s testament to this player’s ability that a deck costing just £200 can also work in a full jazz-hands system like this one.


Budget system

ONKYO TX-NR515 ★★★★★ £250

Now available for

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Your future life… now


IMAGINE A DAY WHEN everything we shoot will be automatically backed up and offloaded without our help, when all our images will automatically contain all the metadata we need to identify them, and we will have access to all our photos, all the time, from anywhere. Think it’s far off? You’re wrong. That day is here, and it’s cheaper and easier to set up than you ever would have imagined.

I wanted to know what it was like to live as much in the future as possible. So I rounded up some

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You Want Us to Watch What?

I was 13 years old when I first found my old man’s stash. I was digging through the drawers of his bedside table — furiously — trying to find the family photos for a school project, when I laid my eyes on it.

My dad was a traveller: he had the most exotic international porn. I could have charged top dollar on the all-boys-school black market for that. To put it into perspective for the ladies: booty bounty of this nature is akin to a shirtless Bradley Cooper in real life.

For most guys growing up, porn is a fantastical

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Overshadowed by the all-round greatness of the CBR600F and the. outright lairy nature of GSX-Rs and ZX-6Rs, the Yamaha Thundercat has still managed to win our hearts and minds. But is it-an emerging classic?

For many mid-1990s sportbike riders, Yamaha’s FZR600R was a track-day hungry, no-frills option at a price initially lower than Honda’s all-conquering CBR600F, but some riders wanted a more civilised means of going about their business that nevertheless still bore the FZR’s racier credentials, and voila, in 1996 Yamaha launched the YZF600R and christened it with more than mere initials: Thundercat. This new, fully faired model retained

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You leave town tonight, right now.

And when you’re gone; you stay gone, or you be gone.

If you arc lucky enough to own a weekend pied-a-terre, you can give free rein to your interior design fantasies. At least, this was the way one young couple saw it when they bought their apartment in Poznan, a city in western Poland. The pair is from Poznan originally, but for years they have lived and worked in the capital, Warsaw. Their Warsaw-flat — their home during the week — is rather more conventional.

Frequent travel back and forth between the two cities led the couple to the decision

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YAMAHA YZF1000 Thunderace

There are bikes out there from every era that were brilliant, but then faded and fizzled out. They’re out there waiting for us to love them again. This month: the Yamaha YZF1000 Thunderace.

What is it?

When the FZR1000 EXUP arrived in the Yamaha range in 1989, it was THE litre sportsbike, then in 1992 the FireBlade arrived as part of Honda’s stable and made it — and all other lOOOcc plus sportsbikes — look big and stupid. Yamaha responded… with a 750! The YZF750 was always on a hiding to nothing when unfairly pitched against Honda’s 900cc darling of

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Yamaha YSP-4300


Отличный звук

Большие возможности настройки

Расширенная функциональность


Высокая цена

Требует тщательной калибровки

Неглубокий бас


По сравнению с остальными участниками теста количество излучателей, задействованных в модели просто колоссально: целых 22 ВЧ, плюс два 65-мм низкочастотника. Все 22 излучателя имеют собственные цифровые усилители высокого качества. DSP-процессор управляет временными задержками для каждого из них индивидуально, что и позволяет фокусировать звуковые лучи в нужной точке пространства, создавая виртуальные источники звука.

Система может конфигурироваться в стерео, 5.1 или 7.1. Для облегчения процедуры настройки в устройстве реализована система автоматической калибровки звука, а те, кто на электронику полагаться не привык, могут настроить Yamaha YSP-4300

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Yamaha Super Ténéré

Yamaha’s entry into the big-bore enduro category, the $14,790 Super Ténéré, remains essentially unchanged since its global debut in 2010. In a category filled with unique bikes, the Super Ténéré still stands out with its unconventional, 1199cc paralleltwin engine with a 270-degree crank layout (opposed to the more conventional, 180-degree arrangement) that Yamaha says improves torque—and also delivers a tasty exhaust note through the Akrapovic accessory exhaust that was fitted to our testbike.

Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) ride-by-wire enables two power modes—Sport and Tour—with correspondingly appropriate traction control strategies. Unified ABS with rear-to-front linking is standard equipment; while the TC

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We think the Yamaha A-S2000 looks brilliant. Wooden panels flank the amp’s metal body, giving it an old-school vibe. On the front, moving parts exude quality. Twist the volume, tone and balance dials and you’ll find them reassuringly weighty. The power toggle goes flick; the input dial goes clunk. Putting on music becomes a ceremony not unlike preparing for take-off.

Oh, and it’s also built like a tank. This is a solid, hefty amp, weighing nearly 23kg. Talk about perceived value.

The remote control is just as encouraging as the main unit. It’s a lovely wand of ergonomic plastic and

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PE-редакторы — инструменты не новые, и давно зарекомендовали себя как must have в арсенале любого реверсера. Но в последнее время в данной области образовался какой-то застой и ничего нового и действительно интересного не появлялось.

Хочется представить твоему вниманию новый инструмент для реверсинга исполняемых файлов — PE-bear. Утилита может похвастаться весьма богатым арсеналом возможностей, в том числе парой уникальных фишек:

• поддержка как PE32, так и PE64;

• просмотр нескольких файлов одновременно;

• сигнатурное определение упаковщиков с помощью сигнатурного анализа (работает очень неплохо);

• быстрый дизассемблер в комплекте (можно натравить на любое RVA/File-смещение);

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