In a classic discrimination experiment, sociology professors

Shelley Correll, Stephen Benard, and In Paik asked college students to rate a pair of job applicants after examining information packets that included résumés, personal fact sheets, and notes from screening interviews. After establishing that the application materials presented the candidates as equally qualified, the researchers altered them to indicate that one applicant was a parent. When being considered for the same job, mothers were significantly less likely to be recommended for hire, and when they were, they were offered $11,000 less in starting salary, on average, than childless women. Fathers were not penalized at all. The raters, displaying a

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Serial killers

They say that people have forgotten how to think! Do not read books, all Bring movies, TV shows and even better. What is happening is it? And going a transition from culture to culture the text of the video. That’s a hundred thousand years ago, for example, books, too, was not. And people still were not fools. And now, we will live, but let us think a little differently — in video format. By the way, the process has already begun. Earlier series were required to soap, and now they are full of the most different: for intellectuals, and for

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Heart Jennifer

The popularity of this young Ukrainian team is growing by leaps and bounds! Lots of fresh singles, spectacular video work and great performances in different cities of Ukraine! They easily captivate the hearts of their listeners and sincerely grateful for the support of their fans. And now Oleg Pilipenko frontman «Jennifer Heart» will share their successes and future plans with our readers.

What are your team is working? We are currently working on the release of the Russian-language album, which will include both well-known and absolutely new tracks. But in addition to work on the album, we do not forget

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Impressive taskmaster

Some us will remember the Black and Decker system where you couid add different accessories to its standard mains powered drill to turn it into a saw, sander or jigsaw. A few may have fond memories, others less so. My dad had one that was hit and miss to say the least.

This time around such a tool is being introduced by a different manufacturer, and is powered by Li-ion batteries, but is the launch of a multi-option tool a wise move?

I have to say that I was certainly a bit apprehensive when I first espied the system among

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Heart of six

Nine years ago, a little on the channel NBC released the final episode of «Friends», a decade ether became one of the most popular American sitcoms of all time. Final gathered at screens -with 52.5 million viewers favorite heroes like saying goodbye to my closest friends. Although some journalists were quick to declare the dramatic conclusion of an important stage in the history of television and sunset era sitcoms, in fact, the success of «Friends,» paved the way for many other different series.

It was 1993, and the most common subspecies of the sitcom were family comedies. Inherent good and

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Immolation не ставили перед собой задачу создать произведение дэт-металлического искусства. Если вы судите дэт-группы по их скорости и техничности, или по обволакивающей атмосферности, то присмотритесь к недавним релизам таких команд, как Wormed и Defeated Sanity с одной стороны, или Portal и Abyssal с другой. Возможно, там вы найдете нечто, более соответствующее таким вкусам. Что намного более важно в ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’: это произведение искусства в рамках творчества именно Immolation, произведение, поднимающее на новую высоту мощную ошпаривающую струю ядреного дата, которую эти прославленные ветераны качают уже много лет. Они никогда не уделяли особого внимания той «игре мускулов», которая в дэт-метале свойственна

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What’s in store

Packed haphazardly like a treasure-filled junk store, the 1,400sqf Imhomm (pronounced «I’m home») houses a charismatic assortment of industrial-style furniture, sophisticated table lamps, and contemporary paintings. «There really isn’t one single concept,» says owner Maena Ong. The first batch of items is made up of shelves, side tables, and consoles imported from India, and incorporates materials such as recycled teak {which comes in either a raw or sanded and lacquered finish) and weathered steel. An interesting contrast is also created when elegant table lamps, and graceful glass and porcelain tableware are

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Sergei Yutkevich

It just so happened that the word «great» We appeal to the artist when he was gone from us …

Sergei I. Yutkevich belongs to the cohort of the great filmmakers, innovators, pioneers of the Soviet revolutionary cinema. Apprentice Mayakovsky. Meyerhold. Mardzhanov. Eisenstein’s friend and collaborator. Shostakovich. Kozintsev. Ermler, he lived a long, fascinating life, to limit saturated creative exploration, creative labor, social and political activities. The range of his work was truly amazing: a graphic artist and theatrical designer, theater director and playwright, teacher, brought up a lot of actors and directors, art critic, who wrote more than ten

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In July 1963 the farm «Bilkey» Gaysenskogo production management, Vinnytsia region, the seminar directors, agronomists and foremen horticultural state farms Ministry of production and procurement of agricultural products of the Ukrainian SSR on the exchange of experience. The seminar was attended by officials of the Ministry of production and procurement of agricultural products of the country, regional management of production and procurement of agricultural products, the regional party committee on agriculture, industrial control, scientific workers of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Horticulture and others, more than 100 people.

As a guest at the seminar was attended by the chief agronomist

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Seven steps to Satan

Game: Faust. Seven traps for the soul

Doctor Faust: a story about an offer you can not refuse, on the transaction, which is in one time or another is ready to make any of us. The agreement with Mephistopheles, notarized big boss Lucifer. Thomas Mann, Goethe and Christopher Marlowe, who made a hunting stand and creaking feathers, tongues hanging out.

Seven beautifully tell the story. To find out what it was all over, will have to wade through a strong spirit of quest, sorry, Myst, that is, to a large extent based on meticulous tinkering with relevant puzzles, with very

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