Imaging exoplanets

The James Webb Space Telescope

The most exciting area of planet hunting currently being developed is undoubtedly that of direct imaging. To directly image exoplanets, something known as a coronagraph is used, an instrument present on several telescopes including NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. This blocks the light of the host star, allowing the scope to see around the star and possibly detect a planet. On the right of this page you can see an incredible composite image of a dust disc around the Fomalhaut star taken by Hubble, and within this disc a planet called Fomalhaut b was discovered on

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Section A — b & b — e bifilar wound with wires crossed.


, = b-10-3-0,25-22-105 = 33. From the depth of feedback-parallel push-pull stage (1+ / Guo 9) «1 + = 33-0,5 17,5i25 dB.

Therefore, when the battery power is almost possible to give the heat from a common ground source.


B. Piontkovsky

New dry-cell batteries, which started to produce our industry this year, designed to power the battery radios. Available in the following five different types of batteries: Battery type combined 54 ASMTSG-5-P is designed for the simultaneous supply of anode and grid circuits; Combination-type battery 65 ANMTS-1,3-P, which can be used to simultaneously supply the heating circuits

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Image of War — A Wet Landing

Located six miles north-west of Grantham in Lincolnshire, the construction of RAF Bottesford, which began in November 1940, was undertaken by George Wimpey & Co. Ltd. The airfield was built to the Class A standard set by the Air Ministry, the main feature of which was a set of three converging runways each containing a concrete runway for takeoffs and landings, optimally placed at sixty degree angles to each other in a triangular pattern.

Bottesford became operational in November 1941 with the arrival, from RAF Waddington, of 207 Squadron, part of Bomber Command’s No.5 Group. This squadron had the honour

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Secrets of vegetable soup.

It would seem impossible to spoil a vegetable broth. But one wrong move — and you turn healthy soup canteen soup. It is unlikely that the family will appreciate it.

1 Let’s start with the roots.

The main flavor of vegetarian broth give parsnip roots, celery and parsley. Do not neglect this nuance. Peel them, cut into large chunks and immerse in boiling water. The total mass of should be about 2 palms on a 3-liter pot. After 30 minutes, remove them with a slotted spoon and either discard or pass through a sieve and return to the broth.


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Illuminating in Style

The iF Design Award winning Philips Ledino Generation III is an inspiring range of architectural luminaries designed to suit any progressive disposition

The Ledino Generation III is ideal for the modern home. It is crafted from premium materials: brushed or die case aluminium and feature flat, surface mounted cardanic spot heads that can be positioned in any direction. Offered in high contrast colours and finishes, this new Generation differentiates via bold design statements, carefully detailed minimal style, and new ultra-slim, anti-glare LED discs.

An icon of modernity, the Ledino Generation III boasts one wafer thin disc with six LEDs that

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Second on the deed

Roles performed:

Novichenko — Andrey Martynov

Lee Jang Hyuk — Choi Chang Su

Hurenko — Oleg Anofriev

Cho Soong She — ION CHI CHUN

Cho Kwang Hsieh — Lee Sung-gwan

Kim Il Sung — Lee Yong Il nurse — Natalia Arinbasarova

Maria Novichenko — Irina GNEVCHUK

Raisa Novichenko — MARINA Levtova


Doc Kwon Sul — PAK Chang Yun

Ivan Novichenko — VLADIMIR Antonik

Pechkin — Vyacheslav Baranov

Kwon Hyung Thyak — CAS VAUGHN QMF

Ko Min Dal — LIM IN PUE

Bobyr — Victoria Filip

Samohin Vladimir Ferapontov

Chistyakov — Alexander Bielawski

Romanenko —

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How many times have you promised yourself to work in the garden only with gloves to keep their hands from corrosive mud, but … thin medical gloves are easily torn, and the dense economic work uncomfortable. Wash hands with dirt after working in the garden is usually very difficult. Here are some tips on how to facilitate this process.

Aggressive bleaching.

If you were able to wash off the dirt, but your skin is dark — it can be bleached with peroxide or citric acid. Of course, this procedure adversely affects your pens: the skin dries up, and it can


Ilford Obscura 5x4in pin-hole Review


The film is held in place between two boxes, with one box fitting snugly inside another. The sheet film is trapped at the back and this creates a 5mm clear border around the negative. The clever design is in the use of small magnets set into the box sides, which hold the two boxes together and keep it light-tight. To load the camera, the boxes are pulled apart, a sheet of film or paper is dropped in and the inner box is pushed back into place.


As already stated, the Ilford Obscura 5x4in pin-hole comes with a set

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IIn 2005 seven partners and senior stafers at Deloitte

(including the male coauthor of this article) prepared for a meeting with a prospective client, a large hospital undergoing an exciting transformation. Aware that a multimillion-dollar piece of business would be won or lost on the basis of their pitch, the key presenters pored over their slide deck, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. They reviewed everything they knew about the hospital and rehearsed their case for why Deloitte was the ideal choice. Their proposal would emphasize Deloitte’s view of projects as collaborations; the team would walk in the client’s shoes.

During the meeting, the partners covered all their

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Season of Wonders

Scriptwriter — Sergey Abramov director — George Yungvald-Khil’kevich operator — Gennady Karyuk artist — composer Igor Bryl — Yuri Chernavskaya Lyrics — Leonid Derbeneva soundman — Konstantin Kupriyanov

Roles performed:

Vadim — Arunas Storpirstis

Taya — LARISSA Shakhvorostova

Oleg — Boris Shuvalov


Zinka — Olya GORSHKOVA mother — VALENTINE Ivasheva

Tanya — Natalya Martinson

Vic — P. Lopukhovsky

Kolyunya — G. TOROPOV

Dimka — Mr. Sosnowski

Constantine — D. Kalashnikov twins Albert — Alexander A. Caten — M. Caten guests Vadim — Dmitriev, Oh, Belov, Yu DUBROVIN, I. TRETYAKOV

Victor — Yu Rudchenko in the film:

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