If Jupiter became a star, what would happen to the Solar System?

It is often said that Jupiter is a failed star – it is regularly mentioned that with a little extra material Jupiter may have started fusing and shining like a star. So what would happen if this occurred? The smallest star we know of is OGLE-TR-122b. This star is around 20% bigger than Jupiter but has around 96 times more mass. So what would happen if we replaced Jupiter with OGLE-TR-122b? Well, the first thing to consider would be how much brighter our skies might get. The answer to that is, not much. OGLE-TR-122b has a luminosity that is equivalent

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Holy Warriors.

The early Christians, who took in the era of persecution, cruel death for their faith, there were many of those who served in the Roman army in all the edges of a vast empire. Military leaders or ordinary soldiers, they shared the fate of many of his contemporaries, fellow believers — people of different nationalities and walks of life, different professions, who refused to betray their beliefs for the sake of life. The names of the most famous of them are preserved in human memory — they were canonized. Some widely revered as the Orthodox and Catholic churches.

Being a

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If I Were You

The Lizard

Suraj P. Singh is a Smart Photography reader from Navi Mumbai. He says that he has edited the picture (contrast, brightness and some sharpening) but wants to know how the framing could be improved.

Suraj, keep in mind that the background is just as important as the main subject. In your picture, the background is disturbing — the bright sky and the out of focus structure are competing for attention. May be you had no choice or may be you were afraid that the lizard would run away if you spent too much time trying to frame it

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A holy place is as it is

There are situations when on a long stretch of the river runs only a small piece of the coast. There’s an excellent bite, and it seems that this place has all the region around the fish. And around — almost empty.

This rarely happens, but it is a picture we saw Andrei Reshetov on the Kama River a few miles below the mouth of the Vyatka.

Find these points himself — for fisherman happiness. Sometimes you have to see that they have found other. Here for the inquisitive fishing the main thing — to understand what made this place sverhrybnym.

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tend to develop into quality. If you start from this axiom, the SogoPa have long had to be the highest quality car in the world. However, all kinds of European and transatlantic rankings only confirm this theory.

But there is a downside: the most popular have to run faster than anyone, and at least one step ahead of the others, or not to retain leadership. Previous SogoNauzhe long become usual

The decoration on the exact format: richer, more solid than before, but no more than that average vehicle, which is not much different from all the others. A new, eleventh generation is simply obliged to change the situation.

It looks new SogoPa perhaps even defiantly, with the claim. And look how grown! She * 80 mm longer than its former self, 15 mm wider, and the base

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If Hawgs Could Fly!

Over 70 A-10A Thunderbolt lis — better known as ‘Warthogs’ — assembled at Alexandria International Airport, Louisiana, between April 29 and May 2 for Hawgsmoke 2004, the biennial A-10 bombing and tactical gunnery competition. Marco Ferrageau and Come Rodenburg report.

HE CITY of Alexandria, in the middle of the southern state of Louisiana, shares a special bond with America’s military, and with the A-10 Thunderbolt II. The first Warthogs arrived at the nearby England AFB in 1980, where they were flown by the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing ‘Flying Tigers’ and whilst the base was closed on December 15, 1992, under

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This one’s great as a healthy dessert or a quick breakfast! To make this, you’ll need 3 cups granola and 1 (500-gram) pack mango yogurt (we used Nestlé Fruit Selection Yogurt). Layer granola and yogurt in jars. Top with diced canned peaches and drizzle with honey. Serves 6.


No time to cook breakfast? Prep this the night before, then just grab and go. It’s perfect as an energy-boosting snack, too! Mix 1 teaspoon chia seeds with 1 cup

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Montessori children’s group entered our lives not so long ago. But if the Western countries the idea of ​​Italian physician, philosopher and teacher of Maria Montessori has become one of the recognized directions in pedagogy, then we have the opposite situation. WHY this educational system causes so many contradictory responses and heated debate?

In Montessori education in Russia — a long history and difficult destiny. The first kindergarten was opened at us in 1913, several years after it first appeared in Italy. However, in 1926, Nadezhda Krupskaya, criticized the absence of such groups, education of collectivism, after which they were

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AMONG ITS «alien»


The most favorite artist in Latvia.

Arrogant individualists. So it looks from the outside. Once he was considered the king of the Latvian Drawn pornography. Colleagues and professionals perceive it, well, difficult.

And the public loves. And most recently looking at the most prestigious contemporary fine art AUDIENCE It was his name the best artists of the country, although experts HANDED prize to another. Under his arm BORN some strange image is not here — «Strangers» with magical views. INTRODUCING — Painter Harijs Brants.

MORE real people

It stands out for its style and methods of work. For

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RAID is for when you have more than one drive, so for running just a lone wolf storage device, you have AHCI and IDE. For ages we always just ran IDE, as it worked just fine. But now there’s AHCI too, which stands for Advanced Host Con­troller Interface, and it supports features IDE doesn’t, such as Native Command Queuing (NCQ), and hot swapping. Some peo­ple also claim that AHCI is faster than IDE due to NCQ and the fact that it’s newer. Also, for SSD users, IDE does not support the Trim command, so AHCI is critical to an SSD’s

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