— A Helicopter Legend by Salvador Mafe Huertas; Osprey Military Aircraft, 128pp, colour, £10.99, hardback.

THOUGH IT HAS since found other applications, the UH-1 helicopter will forever be linked with the Vietnam war. Affectionately known by GIs as the Huey, it is entirely fitting that the crucial cover picture and extensive opening section are devoted to this tragic chapter in American and Asian history. The renowned war photographer Tim Page has supplied the pictures for these introductory aspects, producing a powerful start to Huertas’ book and almost deserving a cover credit.

What’s pleasing about the remainder of this Osprey title

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SI Ozhegov three types of dictionaries of modern Russian language

Leninist-Stalinist national policy has created extremely favorable conditions for the development of national languages, sent yazykovednuyu thought into new areas. Acutely the question arose of registration of literary languages ​​of the peoples who had no written language, or had it in another language, the question of normalization of the general literary language. Creating a dictionary was the first specific form of resolution of these issues. Dictionary work was a truly grand scale. During the years after the Great October Socialist Revolution created hundreds of bilingual dictionaries of different sizes and different types (Russian-national, national and Russian). Work has begun on

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HTC One UltraPixel smartphone camera

Bucking the trend for increased pixels on smartphone camera sensors, HTC has used just 4 million in its new release and focused on image quality. Callum Mclnerney-Riley tests the HTC One UltraPixel

WHILE many of today’s smartphone manufacturers seem to be having a never-ending megapixel race among themselves, HTC has opted not to compete with others in a bid to achieve the highest number of megapixels inside a smartphone. Instead, the company has evaluated what the consumer needs from a camera and built something that fits those needs.


Inside the HTC One UltraPixel smartphone camera is a sensor with

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GARDEN kolkhoz Michurin IN ALTAI

A. M. Green

The agronomist of the collective farm

Just 20 years ago, in the Altai apple trees grow only in the individual amateur gardeners and cherry, plum and pear is not grown.

Start gardening on the farm Michurin (Altai region, p. Altai) was initiated in the early years of the Great Patriotic War. The initiator was the amateur gardeners VS Kondratyuk. Seedlings purchased from Altai fruits and berries Experimental Station.

By 1948, the area of ​​the garden up to 11 hectares, and we began to receive the first harvests. Creeping large-fruited varieties of apple and Slavyanka Pepin saffron produce

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HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11z

В одном из прошлых номеров вашему вниманию был представлен ноутбук Acer на платформе AMD Temash, который с тачскрином, небольшой, и за 20К рублей. Теперь же мне удалось пощупать руками второй ноут на аналогичной платформе, теперь уже от HP, и стоит он около 15000 рублей по пересчету с зарубежной валюты, т.е. цена опустилась до второго «порога» (третий, как нетрудно догадаться, составляет 10 000 рублей).

На мой взгляд, эта сумма — 15К рублей — является этаким оптимумом для небогатых пользователей, особенно если выбирать из компактных моделей. Цена не так уж и высока, да и выбор всяко больше, чем среди моделей за


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Is wound on the wheel of old women — as we have done in his youth

Platform: iPad, iPhone

Genre: Racing, Action

Developer: Stainless Games

English: No

Is for children: no

Inspired by the satirical film «Death Race 2000» with Stallone and David Kereddina, car Carmageddon gunman at the time in 1997, served as a red rag for the politicians, who like to blame computer games of all sins.

No wonder: after all, there to win, not only to come to the finish line first, but destroying all rivals or pedestrians passing all the running around in the vicinity of

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With six AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER FIFTH Moscow hosted a unique festival RARE MOVIE outdoors.

In 2013, Moscow became a true mecca of musical festivals, art and, of course, film, yet a little closer to her, to become a truly European cultural capital, comparable to Paris, London or Berlin. A striking kinozhizni August events in the Russian capital has become a unique festival of rare movie Empire Open Cinema, held this year for the fourth time by the magazine Empire, national kinoportala, our friends and sponsors. The festival program includes deserves close attention kinonovinki from around the globe, not yet released in cinemas in Russia.

From the previous festivals the current Empire Open Cinema

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With CUTE north towards SOUTH

Portrait of Anna Viktorovna the heroine of the film, «I answer for you,» hangs on the name board of honor. Her dear colleagues, superiors appreciate. With remarkable dexterity she controlled with sophisticated equipment and from work receives its joy, pleasure. «I know all about you. Leading member of the Bureau of the District Committee elektrosvarschitsa mentor «- said, referring to Anna Viktorovna, photojournalist, who came to the shop to take a picture for the paper. Add to this, wonderful, thoughtful hostess, mother of two children, finally, just attractive, rare emotional charm a woman. Engaging simplicity, enthusiasm and sincerity with which

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Built to last, HP’s latest office-centric inkjet printer delivers stunning color for less

Consumers may have embraced the concept of feature-rich, multifunction inkjet printers whose replacement ink is more expensive than buying a whole new unit, but this isn’t an ideal scenario for businesses that require sturdier hardware capable of pumping out a high volume of pages each month. HP comes to the rescue with the OfficeJet Pro X551dw, delivering professional-quality output far more robust than low-end inkjets, while offering twice the speed and half the cost of comparable color laser printers. It’s also built to handle up to 75,000

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How to start a women?

In the famous poem pipsqueak son comes to the father with the question of how to distinguish good from bad. And what questions to expect from maturing girls? Unfortunately, philosophical questions about good and evil are sidelined, and on first come issues of women’s diseases that are «younger» every year. And if some ten years ago, the profession «pediatric gynecologist» as such did not exist, but now every medical center in the state of holding such a specialty doctor. Why is this necessary? At what age should think about gynecological examination of the child? Is there a magical recommendations, following

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