Howlin Wind

With his vocals as impassioned as his guitar playing, hard-working bluesman Danny Bryant has produced an album of rare power. Interview by Michael Heatley

The blues world has seen many examples of older players mentoring young prodigies and passing on the wisdom of their years: Danny Gatton with Joe Bonamassa is one relatively recent relationship. For upand-coming British guitarist Danny Bryant, the man who helped to get his mojo well and truly working was Walter Trout, some three decades his senior.

‘When I was about 14 my mum and dad had one of Walter’s albums – I don’t think they

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a royal scale

A few years ago JEWELLERY COMPANY ROBINSON PELHAM was known only to a narrow circle of wealthy people. BRAND national fame brought the royal wedding of the crown prince of the UK William and Catherine Middleton. ON THIS DAY BRIDE AND ALL UPCOMING members of her family, put DECORATIONS ROBINSON PELHAM. QUESTIONS FOR WEDDING answers one of the founders COMPANY Zoe BENON.

Zoe, tell me what jewelry is accepted to give brides in England?

Bracelets, pendants and — the most common gifts. We are often asked to perform engraving on jewelry, because this detail makes the gift more personal

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How we feel about paint is changing, and no one even noticed.

Paint transforms. Its one of the easiest ways to turn a wall, a room or an entire house into something totally different. Color is the first part of that transformation, but it’s not the whole story.

Color can be such a powerful force that, for many, it has seemed like the whole story. Whether professional designer or design maven, its easy to see paint as color and little more. Chosen with loving care (how long are those chips or painted squares on your wall before you make an actual decision?) and applied with professional finesse, paint color brings emotions to

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With long-term view

Now all gardeners cares mouth full, because starting from mid-summer until the autumn only manages to gather the harvest. It turns out that the cellars and storerooms are filled, and the beds are released. But you can make sure that no inch of land in our garden was not empty up to the frost. And for that perfectly fit a variety of early maturing vegetable plants. «However, they should be sown in advance, even in mid-summer. This year, make it a little late, but armed with information for next season can be quite.

The first of the candidates in the

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With gold Bookshelf

We arrived in Crimea to-the path to the screen — meet with the heroes of favorite books. «The White Poodle» Kuprin. «Bambi» F. Salten (in retelling Yu Nagibina). How many children (of different generations!) Unconditionally accept them into the world of his childhood with them, and know the section of the first lessons of beauty, wisdom and goodness.

«The White Poodle» owes its birth to the Crimea. Here, in the country in Mishor, Alexander Kuprin became acquainted with the old organ-grinder, a small acrobat Serge, white poodle, heard the story of their wandering life and described in the famous story.

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HOW TO…Add a vignette to an image.

Far from being a bygone technique, it is still the best way to focus the eye ‘Darkened corners’ is the simplest way of describing the vignette (though occasionally it comes in lightened form), but this belies the effectiveness of a technique that harps back to the days of dodging and burning in the dark room. While it’s often said to add drama to an image, its main application is to direct the eye away from the edges of the frame and allow it to sit nearer the centre so that anything surrounding the image is less distracting. It’s effective for

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With the scent of chocolate

Scientists say that one of the most attractive human fragrances — the smell of chocolate. Did you know that there is a plant with a chocolate flavor? This is not the cocoa beans. This is a fairly modest flower — Berlandieri.

Of course, the beauty of flowers in Berlandieri many rivals, but it smells like attractive: in the morning exudes a magnificent aroma of chocolate! No wonder it is called «chocolate daisy.»

Meet * NEW!

This plant — a novelty in our gardens. She has beautiful long feathery leaves are gray-green color on each stem bloom bright yellow flowers with

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Apparently there’s more to it than gluing a hi-def LCD to a slab of aluminium. Three significant problems had to be solved first — and here’s how HTC tackled them

PROBLEM #1 Android phones don’t feel premium. Even Samsung’s outstanding Galaxy phones and tablets are tainted by a plastic shell.

HTC’S SOLUTION Make a phone with more metal than the floor of a Terminator T-1000’s hair salon. But still make it light and tactile. Like so…

■ DIAMOND-CUT THE METAL. To keep the One looking trim and show off the slick finish on its aluminium unibody HTC has bevelled the

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The market of high technologies

Health on the smartphone

Analysts J’son & Partners Consulting presented the results of market research mobile medicine (m-Health) in Russia and in the world. They stated that this market is in its infancy. In a broad sense, m-Health — the use of mobile technologies for health services and information in the field of health, m-Health is a component of a well-known concept of e-Health.

Mobile medicine effectively helps in the treatment and prevention of diseases, care of the elderly, informing pregnant women, the fight against child and maternal mortality.

The fastest growing segment of this market are mobile applications for

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How to view THE SUN

By looking at the Sun, our nearest star, you can see amazing processes going on all the time, but remember, you need to be very, very careful…

Safety first!

The Sun is incredibly bright and can easily damage a human eye if you look directly at it and will certainly destroy eyesight if concentrated through binoculars, telescope or even a camera lens even for an instant. Only use proper solar filters to view the Sun and then only in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

It’s sometimes hard to remember that when you see all those tiny twinkling points of

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