How to Navigate Without a compass




Used to help stop glare and make it possible to position the Sun on the horizon through your telescope.

Index mirror

The purpose of this is to capture the Sun or pole star; the angle at which it is located will then be used to establish your position.


This is the measurement readout, showing the angle of the index mirror when the Sun has been positioned correctly.


The viewing point through which you aim at the horizon, before moving the index bar to align the

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MERCURY VAUGHN from Saransk!

This conclusion follows from the statements of the new director of the holding «Lisma» the impossibility of transferring the mercury plant the company out of the city. «It will take about $ 40 million», — he said the money in his pocket. The capital of Mordovia is doomed to slow extinction. The life of each of its resident director estimated at 118 dollars (40 million divided by the number of inhabitants — 340 thousand). The authorities have expressed the need to transfer management to hell. «I do not want to be a suicide,» — said the first deputy to me.

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How to make HARDTACK



•3 cups of flour

•2 cups of water

•2 teaspoons of salt

Voyagers have been creating biscuits that can be preserved since ancient times, but long-life rations really came into their own during the 15th century, when they were the primary foodstuff of explorers — although they often became contaminated with mould and insects! Hardtack remained popular until steam power superseded the age of sail.


01 Preheat the oven to gas mark 5/190 degrees Celsius/375 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare a flat baking tray or cookie sheet, but do not grease it.

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The hand of fate and the hand of free will

Fate and free will, external and hidden, the dignity of man and his weaknesses-all is «written» on his hands.

Most of the works devoted to palmistry, offer the reader to study the line of his hand. But what kind of arm in question — right or left? Which hand should pay attention, if the lines displayed on the surfaces of the right and left hands, as a rule, they are very similar to each other?

Cards of Destiny and free will

This is not an idle question. After all, despite the fact that on both hands, we see the same

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Rostekhnadzor checked Utilities Chekhov region

State inspectors of the Central Office of Rostekhnadzor conducted a survey of the state of industrial safety in the operation of hazardous production facilities (TNA) MP in the «Housing and communal services Chekhov district.» Employees subjected RTN inspection target 16 passenger lifts, revealing at the same time a violation of rules and standards of industrial safety and operating instructions of the manufacturer of elevators.

The survey lifts RTN officials discovered a number of technical defects that threaten the safe operation of elevators. In particular, the absence of established ground covers and in some cases the switches and drives the car

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How to make a limewood lily

Limewood foliage carving is most closely associated with the stunning swags and garlands of the great 17th-century master Grinling Gibbons and in modern times with the equally stunning floral bouquets of David Esterly.

If you are not quite ready to aim that high, this project provides a single flower to help you practise creating delicate petals and leaves with ultra-thin edges before you tackle more complex compositions.

The flower is an arum lily originating from Africa, but grown as a garden flower in Britain since the 17th century and a favourite of florists. Its charm lies in its beautiful bell-shaped

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Router Tenda W309R

Stuffing the keyboard tips cheap routers owner last week, and I think did not think that the example for this article arrives so quickly. The name of this instance Tenda W309R, it costs 1014 rubles. True, easily found a shop where he asked for more than three thousand of wood, but I’m at a price calculations such enthusiasts do not consider and advise you not to. Well, do not make friends with fellow harsh realities, what can you do. Even Yandex market agreed with me, announcing the highest bidder to this devaysu family network 1230 rubles.

So, Tenda W309R, a

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How to Flunk an Annual Inspection

Under the FARs, an annual inspection is a pass-fail test. Sometimes failing is the best course of action.

OF THE NEARLY 200 RULES IN PART 91 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, far and away the most expensive for most aircraft owners is this one:

§91.409 Inspections. (a) No person may operate an aircraft unless, within the preceding 12 calendar months, it has had an annual inspection in accordance with Part 43 of this chapter and has been approved for return to service by a person authorized by §43.7 of this chapter …

This means that once a year, we have

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Rostov Veliky.

Heading out of the capital on the highway Moscow — Yaroslavl, bypassing Sergiev Posad and Pereslavl, you need to stop the car at the entrance to Rostov the Great in the place where the road goes to the shore of Lake Nero. It offers one of the most fascinating panoramas of the Russian land: slightly pinkish ancient walls and towers, slender gate of the temple, the cathedral and the mighty volumes Belfry. This architectural ensemble is perceived from afar fabulous vision, a kind of City of Kitezh, which appears and disappears in a mirror-like surface of the lake.

City Reserve

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How to identify constellations

Being able to recognise the constellations in the night sky can be a lot of fun and also very useful.

From ancient times, mankind has seen patterns in the stars. Getting to know these star patterns can help you feel at home in the night sky and being able to recognise just a couple can help you find many others and help you become familiar with them.

In the past, every culture had its own way of seeing patterns in the stars. These patterns, or constellations, were connected with stories and folk legends. In the west we have settled on

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