Russian lift division should be at a height

Max Waxman,

President of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations,

President of the Russian association of elevator, CEO Scherbinsky Elevator Plant.

It is no accident the tradition of joint celebration continues for many years. Lift division as one of the sub-sectors of heavy industry is very closely connected with mechanical engineering. Elevator — this is also the machine; rather complicated, modern facility that is constantly transporting people. It’s a product that is always in demand, without it is impossible to live in high-rise modern city. Lift — the most popular type of transport. According to statistics, ordinary elevators carry

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Russian lift association — a tool for development of elevator market.

Non-commercial partnership «Russian lift association» created to promote the development of the Russian market of elevators and protect domestic manufacturers of elevator equipment, to create a system of cooperation between all the elevator companies, the creation of a new regulatory framework, prepare proposals for the development and promotion of Russian federal and regional government programs.

Reducing the list of types of work, which affect the security of capital construction, and the withdrawal from the list of works related to installation and commissioning work on the elevators, will bring together business entities based on the unity of the elevator industry, based

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THE DILEMMA You love sushi, but you’ve always wondered if there’s a traditional Japanese way to eat it. What are the guidelines for proper sushi etiquette?

WHAT TO DO Here are some things to keep in mind when eating sushi: First, don’t rub your chopsticks together to remove the splinters—this is considered disrespectful because a good restaurant would never provide low-quality chopsticks. If you’re not too skilled at using chopsticks, it’s okay to use your fingers to pick up the sushi. Place it in your mouth so the fish touches your tongue. Avoid biting the piece in half as sushi


Russia and AEWA. General questions

Flyways, species and populations

Global science, practice and then gradually came to the need for monitoring of migratory species in some parts of their annual cycle, and all of their habitats. Cloudy intraspecies structure of many kinds of complicated task to monitor the populations. With regard to migratory (migratory) birds this has led to the definition of flyways (biol. Flyway, the migratory route — flyway), the individual components of their migratory routes (routes). Figures 1 and 2 show the major flyways of the world and they cover the territory.

In Russia there are two major problems.

The first — conceptual.

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How to choose bed linen

Interior designer Vera Villarosa tells us how to pick the right-sized bed sheets, thread counts, and bedding materials.

1. TAKE NOTE OF THE SIZE. “Make sure you know the size of the mattress before going out to buy bed sheets,” says Vera. If you’re not sure of the mattress size, use a tape measure to check before you head out to buy things. Also take note that when buying bed linen, English-branded linens have standards that are a bit different from American brands, as follows:


Single: 3ft x 6ft 3”, 90 x 190cm

Double: 4ft 6” x 6ft

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Federal Space Agency told about the causes of the accident the carrier rocket «Proton-M», which occurred on July 2nd. Responsibility for the blast was again human error — improperly installed three of the six speed sensors. They were attached upside down.

shte at the start of the control system received an invalid command. As a result, mode is enabled " * Emergency flight, and led in the direction of the missile from the launch site. Three of the six sensors gave false information about the emergency operation. Six seconds happened dramatic impact on the steering gears. Dvigatel1 meanwhile continued to operate at full capacity. At the 13th second of the flight of an angular velocity sensor fixed deviation missiles off course. The result: the construction began to deteriorate at the joint launch vehicle with the upper stage.

«According to the analysis

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Russian Festival «Kulikovo Field».

Last year marked 625 years since the Battle of Kulikovo. The guards of the Moscow Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich September 8 (21 New Style), 1380 defeated the troops of the Golden Temnik Mamaia, organized a big march on Russia. This major battle was dedicated to the Russian festival of children risunka.19 September, the eve of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the day of the battle, in the International Children’s Art Gallery in Moscow, opened the final exhibition of the festival. The room — more than a hundred of the best drawings. And they came from all over Russia to

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How to become a workshop tutor.

Guiding budding photographers on their path to better images is no easy task. We talk to three expert tutors to see what it takes…

They say that those who can’t do, teach. Well, in the world of photography that sentiment falls flat. Here, those who teach must not only be able to do, but must also have a heightened awareness of the technical aspects of what they’re doing. Nothing requires greater knowledge of a subject than passing that knowledge on to an eager group of invested learners armed with equipment, a desire to see results and an arsenal of questions.

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How to Be A Teenage MILLIONAIRE

Do you want to be wildly rich? Do you want pop stars as friends? And all before you’re 20? Then you need Jamal Edwards’s rules on how to get ahead. By Georgina Blackwell

Jamal Edwards is sitting opposite me in a Kermit-green tracksuit. Behind him is his collection of more than 100 baseball caps. Yes, 100. Am I in an episode of MTV Cribs? No, I’m in a rather nice flat in Kew with the 22-year-old CEO, entrepreneur and founder of online broadcasting channel SB.TV. He is worth £8m, he wrote the book on what it’s like to be a

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Russian artist at home Andersen.

Work in Denmark at the invitation of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II Dmitry Žilina went from a country where the profession of the artist over the last seven or eight years has lost its former social recognition, prestige began, outside the range of concerns of high state institutions. Although once, remembered by many artists not without a nostalgic warmth, these «care» pestered much free creator. But there were exhibitions, contracts, titles, awards, creative journey, large orders, systematic purchases. Now, if you’re lucky if someone help myself pretty tired with running, then you can, for example, to go to work on

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