Ronald and Reginald Kray

Come to London and get to the East End — the former nest of corruption and crime, this reprobate monastery, hail the dead as richly expressed once chroniclers of everyday life. Here you will be happy to carry out the streets where prostitutes cut the Jack the Ripper. Or show a neat pub «blind beggar» at the Whitechapel Road. In this pub the March 9, 1966 peacefully drank himself Georgie Cornell. And there appeared in the doorway sinister figure Ronnie Kray. And Georgie him: «What kind of people!» And Ronnie it did not say anything, just pulled out his «lugger»

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Rokfishing during the holidays.

Holidays — a welcome rest time by pressing cases -Most of us who have the virus in the blood of fishing, trying to hold on a fishing trip. Each time this desire something interferes: cottage, repair, household chores. His wife and children are asked to bring their their views. What about fishing? Is all lost? Not at all. Collect the bags and go with his family to the sea. There and fishing.

«Telescope» better leave the house.

In various countries and at the resorts I’ve observed a similar picture: the fishermen with extinguished gaze, thrown into the sea t what

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Roman Golubev: «Everyone has his own way»

Talent these guys not to take away, they are not the first to conquer the hearts of the people. They never sing a soundtrack and have a very unusual name «1400». Their songs have become popular even without advertising. All details about their work and the band lead singer told us very romantic and humble guy Roman Golubev.

Roma, tell me about your childhood?

My childhood was quite difficult, but very interesting, full of constant traveling: Volgograd

— Kharkiv — Volgograd. Who would be there that I did not say, but it is clearly different from the childhood of the

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How to add film sprockets

Nothing says film photography quite like exposing a roll of 35mm, sprocket holes and all. Learn how to recreate the effect digitally

JORDAN BUTTERS: Film emulation is big business in modern digital photography. Despite the resolution, crispness and clarity that modern cameras are able to obtain, part of us still yearns for the analogue look and feel that you only get from shooting film. This technique allows you to obtain a realistic-looking 35mm sprocket film effect using the power of Photoshop.

Sprocket holes are the row of perforations along the top and bottom of a strip of 35mm film —

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How planets form.

Discover how our home, along with our Solar System neighbours and every other planet in the universe, was born from a chaotic cloud of dust and gas.

In a sense, planetary birth is a side effect of a larger birth: the formation of a star. Stars form from nebulas, massive clouds of gas and dust dominated by hydrogen and helium. Now and then, a disturbance in a nebula concentrates an area of gas and dust into a denser knot of material. If the knot is big enough and dense enough, it will exert enough gravitational pull to collapse in on

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Role of science in solving practical problems

Aviation Engine

Modern aircraft engine turned into a unique piece of engineering, unique in terms of the stress and heat of almost none. In order to achieve this required a system and a wide deployment of scientific research and experimental design work aimed at finding new technical solutions and technologies that ensure a rapid response to market conjecture.

The engine is created in 1.5 … 2 times longer airframe and avionics equipment. And for the new engine "hit" on new aircraft requires anticipatory working out technical solutions and breakthrough technologies. This is consistent with the modern methodology of development and

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The role of the inventive method

Solver scientific or technical problem can be viewed as a three-step analytical and synthetic procedure. In the first stage, the general familiarity with the object when the object as something "random integer", T. E. It did not know in their internal structure, so the rational design of new devices is still possible. In the second stage the researcher must divide the object into parts, identify their role, significance, strengths and weaknesses, develop a search strategy and action plan. And in whatever area inventor worked, whatever materials or disposal, its continued success depends primarily on how well he formulated the task.

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How old do aquarium fishes get?

I am not aware of very much truly reliable information about the life spans of various fishes in aquariums. Much of the reported “data” is anecdotal and far from scientific. That fishes get older in the aquarium, where there are no predators, than in nature is undisputed—but diseases and mistakes made during care may shorten their lives. Information about age can therefore only be a point of reference. Among catfishes, a life expectancy of 7-12 years for Corys is normal, but for bigger catfishes 10-15 years or more is not unusual.

To research the maximum possible age for a Bristle-nose

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Rock against snobs, Anglomania.

In the 90s, few Russian rockers trying to sing in English: the old call, and the new generation who have risen in the wake of the soundtrack of «Brother-2», always erected in the cult of his lyrical experiences. But after a few years, and the case went forgotten native tongue boys with Oasis in players with expensive guitars that provoked endless battle for the purity of speech in a musical environment.

«It all started in the fall of 2011. Then it became clear that now is a new decade. Padla Bear had no place in ten of its mission was

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Rock on the Black Sea.

About terminology and history.

The term «rokfishing» (rockfishing) refers to a specific type of coastal sea fishing, which is now widespread in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and England. Fishing takes place from the cliffs and rock ledges, surrounded by deep ocean or sea waters. Tackles are long, up to 4.5 meters, rods, lures used live or artificial. This fishing in something similar to catching in a plumb, but differs from other methods of relaxation with a fishing rod in the hands of the degree of risk. It is no exaggeration be called extreme — for example, according to the Coastal

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