How can I brighten foregrounds?

I have been following your magazine’s tip to include foreground interest in my landscapes, and managed to find this statue situated in front of a river. However, it kept coming out really dark. How can I make it brighter?

Clark Brooker, yia Facebook

Getting the foreground and background of your photos properly exposed can be difficult, especially in tricky lighting conditions. If the sun is behind your main foreground subject then it can often appear underexposed, yet if you try to expose for the foreground you run the risk of the background being overexposed.

Correct the exposure

Bring out the

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Replikar Factory Five MK4 Roadster

Make of "Zhiguli" Mercedes, and then from "Mercedes" Rolls Royce — not a dream but a hobby craftsmen who build replikary (copies of supercars and a cult car). For example, before you are not AC Cobra 427, a rare sports car, and its replica — Factory Five MK4 Roadster, collected on the basis of Ford Mustang.

1While COBRA WAS Keith These machines are sold, usually in the form of "Whales" -as a matter of fact, designers. Minimum whale-tubular frame, plus a plastic body, but for a fee in this set may also include the suspension, brakes, electronics, upholstery, floor, seats,

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Endurance test CLUTCH

The magazine opens another page in a series of endurance tests conducted by them. A new group of automotive components, which will be assessed, — the clutch. Node rather complicated both to manufacture and evaluate the state directly in the process, since the inspection of parts is only possible when a transmission and dismantling of the assembly to the flywheel, respectively. And the time needed to carry out a complex of works is about eight hours. That is to assess the condition of the clutch, the carrier will have to, at a minimum, remove the machine from the line for

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River named Helen

IN RUSSIA finally got SERIOUS CASH FILM. Instead it SUPERSTAR — 32-year-old actress Elena Liadov.

You know, where is Birchwood? No? Then I’ll meet you at the metro station «Polezhaevskaya!» -and Now we wandered park paths. Big sunglasses, shorts, T-shirt, sandals: now in this adolescent women would not recognize the divine. Or «mysterious Russian actress», which in a long pearl gown posed for photographers on the red carpet before the screening of the film Andrei Zvyagintsev’s «Elena» is so easy, if it was at least the tenth world premiere of her career. Italian reporter, who was standing nearby, shouted like

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How big does a planet or moon have to be to have a molten core?

Alexander Banks

The structure of the core itself is an interesting topic as the majority of objects have both an inner and outer core. The inner core is generally solid, this is due to the immense pressure forcing the core together. The outer core tends to be molten, this molten core is what is responsible for an object’s magnetic field. Almost every planet or moon in our Solar System is thought to have some form of core. However, these cores vary in size depending on the object. Rocky objects, such as the smaller planets and moons, tend to have cores

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Rezboobrazuyuschie rod fasteners

Tapping screw

Overview of solutions

Makarov VA, Nizhny Novgorod

Association "P C O M E T & W"

Rezboobrazuyuschie rod fasteners: screws, bolts, studs — are progressive fasteners. This volume group, and parts are widely used in large quantities in all areas of economic activity and in everyday life.

In current practice rezboobrazuyuschie or parts used in the holes of mating parts, for fastening the latter on the other parts and assemblies, and to connect the individual pieces in a package in other ways, for example by drilling or screwing element is connected in the package.

The first design rezboobrazuyuschih

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Thread Rolling Equipment of the Italian company «Smart»

The Italian company "Smart" S.r.l. thread rolling machines has developed a new generation of video segments and flat dies, which claim to become the standard thread rolling machines in the production of fasteners. The design of the machines used by some know-how protected by patents of industrialized countries.

Thread rolling machine with a roller-segment model RNG

High thread-rolling machine with a roller-segment series RNG threading tools for thread rolling on Fasteners diameter of 6-20 mm.

The machine is equipped with an electronic system with a graphical interface of the new generation, which can produce the machine setting to specify the

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Houston,we have a problem.

James Houston’s new book is aimed at raising awareness for the environmental issues that plague the world — but the fashion and celebrity photographer addressed this in his own inimitable style…

Try lecturing someone about changing the world for the better and you’ll be inevitably met with a glazed expression. People will literally cross to the other side of the street when they’re hit with reality spam (someone wearing a brightly coloured jacket, carrying a clipboard and wanting to intercept you during your lunch hour), no matter how worthy the cause. Photographer James Houston was fully aware of this fact

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The results show — Soothing NOT WORTH

In early March, Moscow hosted the annual meeting, which summed up the activities of management of automation and remote control in 2007. The meeting gave a principled assessment of the performance of services, discussed topical issues. The meeting was attended by heads and specialists of the department chiefs, representatives of the Project design and research organizations, developers and manufacturers of devices of railway automation.

The keynote address was made by Head of automation and remote control VM Kaynov. He spoke about the key indicators of operational work in the past year. (Report as presented by VM Kaynova is published in

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Hot Stuff


Если хочешь быть лучше, быть победителем, то целеустремленность-вот что тебе нужно. Сосредоточенность Nokia на технологии мобильных камер приносит плоды, превращая приличную, но ничем особо не выдающуюся Windows Phone 8 в мобильную платформу, которая одним щелчком раскидывает всех конкурентов. А потом делает великолепный снимок их побитых физиономий. Что у него внутри? Объектив Carl Zeiss f 2.2 с оптической стабилизацией изображения сочетается с матрицей 41 Мпикс и технологией PureView. Все это позволяет получать гигантские изображения, которые можно без ущерба обрезать, и это будет выглядеть, как зум-картинки с телеобъектива.

С помощью экранных «колес» задаются

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