Upside down, inside out.

AEROBATICS and upset training share many of the same skills, but they are different and have fundamentally different goals. If you’re actually rolled upside down by a Boeing 747 while on final, neither of these skills is likely to save you unless you’re flying something like an Extra—and really know how to fly it.

If several hours training in those skills is unlikely to allow you to recover from inadvertent inverted flight at 400 feet, what good is the training? The answer is that even with limited training in these areas, you’re unlikely to let that Boeing 747 roll you

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Upgraded MiG-31 BM Trials

INITIAL TESTING of the upgraded Mikoyan MiG-31BM interceptor is nearing its end at the Chkalov State Flight Test Centre (GLITs) in Akhtubinsk. A preliminary report is due before the end of the year which will lead to a programme to upgrade the Russian Air Force’s MiG-31 fleet. The first aircraft was upgraded and flight-tested by the Sokol plant in Nizhny Novgorod in September last year before going to GLITs for further trials. The second joined it soon afterwards.

Under Stage I of the upgrade, the MiG-31 receives an improved Zaslon-AM fire control suite with an advanced computer and the latest

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Upgraded Indian AF Mi-35s On Display

THREE UPGRADED Indian Air Force (IAF) Mi-35s participated in the major flypast and flying display on October 8 at Hindon Air Base, on the outskirts of New Delhi, to mark the 74th anniversary of the IAF. Previous displays had been undertaken at Palam, but were shifted to Hindon this year in order to provide more space and less disruption to commercial traffic in and out of Delhi Airport. The helicopters all wore the new low visibility grey colour scheme that is being adopted for the entire IAF fleet. Under a $20 million deal signed in 1998 with Israel Aircraft Industries

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UP The Wall!

Confluence Elite shows you how to kick it up a notch with I these amazing and personalised home decor DIY’s…

There is nothing more satisfying than completing a home decor project all on your own! And Confluence Elite -The Concept Store, in a bid to encourage people to get their hands dirty, has come up with a plan to host a Do-It-Yourself event every month. The Ideal Home and Garden team had a sneak peek of this crafty initiative in July. Designer Manasi Manjrekar took us through some nifty tips and tricks on how to craft your own wall art!

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With its bright colours and alfresco dining, the Mediterra restaurant in Indore ensures its diners an enchanting visual treat.

When it comes to a theme restaurant, the concept influences everything right from the cuisine served, to the architecture, the design and layout of the restaurant. For architect Sandeep Shikre of Sandeep Shikre & Associates (SSA), the task was further challenged by the fact that the Mediterra restaurant would be the 12th in the Sayaji Hotel, Indore designed by him.

«There was a need to create a restaurant that would appeal to the sensibilities of the people of Indore but at

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Avoid unnecessary entanglements.

Long before consumers entangled themselves in their computer and home-electronics connectors, wires were the bane of photographers. They short out and otherwise malfunction, get disconnected, snap, and trip up photographers and assistants. No wonder that wireless triggers for flash units and cameras have become so popular.

Wireless triggers fall into three categories: optical slaves, infrared triggers, and radio triggers.

Optical slaves are devices that trigger a flash unit when they sense another flash firing. Optical slaving is widely used in studio flash photography, and virtually all studio flash units today have built-in slaves. Many accessory hotshoe-mount flash

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Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier

Hard on the heels of Pearl Harbor, US forces flooded into Britain to join the Allied nations, ready to turn the tables in Europe. A staggering number of airfields became USAAF bases. We take you on a journey across the length and breadth of the UK to chart his astounding heritage, base-by-base.

Hard on the heels of Pearl Harbor, US forces flooded into Britain to join the Allied nations, ready to turn the tables in Europe. A staggering number of airfields became USAAF bases. We take you on a journey across the length and breadth of the UK to chart

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Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier — part 2

BEAULIEU, Hampshire

Station: 408

Location: East of Brockenhurst, between the B3055 and B3054

Previously: RAF from Aug 1942

Major Units: Ninth Air Force, 365th Fighter Group — P-47s

Code letters: 38th Fighter Sqn ‘D5-‘, 387th FS ‘B4-‘, 388th FS ‘C4-‘

Afterwards: To RAF Sep 1944 and a base for the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment until 1950.

See also below. Returned to heath land 1959

ESTABLISHED ON Hatchet Moor in the New Forest, the P-47Ds of the 365th were followed for a month by the Martin B-26 Marauders of the 323rd BG before the airfield was returned to the RAF. In

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Unlocking a New Design Niche

Founded in 1968 by Conway Wong. Vatord Group of Companies specialises in construction and contracting. manufacturing and supply of building materials and property investment. Vatord has since grown to become an operation with substantial undertakings in China, particularly Hong Kong and Macau, as well as in Singapore, and is a leading fit-out contractor for the retail, note and commercial sectors in the Southeast Asia region.

Today, the conglomerate is needed by Wong’s daughter Elizabeth, a Stanford graduate, who oversees the Group’s, operations and has for the past few years focused on revitalising the building materials side of the business by

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UNIX для солидных господ

Некогда самое популярное и распространенное семейство серверных операционных систем, UNIX различных изводов, в настоящее время неторопливо сходит со сцены. Крупные заказчики все чаще предпочитают Linux и серверные разновидности Windows, развернутые на виртуальных машинах с «железом» архитектуры х86, специализированным UNIX-серверам. Однако закат этой платформы обещает быть долгим и славным.

Общее представление о тектоническом сдвиге в умонастроениях системных администраторов дает свежая статистика Netcraft по использованию тех или иных Web-северов, обеспечивающих работу 717 млн. Web-сайтов по всему Интернету. Самый популярный прежде Apache Web Server все заметнее сдает позиции: на него сегодня приходится лишь 46,96% всех активных инсталляций, тогда как в лучшие времена (в

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