Rational land use

Our farm specializes in the production of fruit. Gardens occupy 1050 hectares, or about one-seventh of all agricultural land. The area under them is growing by 140-150 hectares.

Expanding gardens, we set a goal — to get as much product per hectare. In its decision, we have a loyal ally — the science. On the territory of the farm is located Michurinsky gossortoispytatelny portion of fruit and berry crops. In the paper, we strive to use his experience. No less close relationship maintained with the Research Institute of Horticulture name Michurin. Its staff are often in our economy, give advice

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A Honda six for under £10k? That’d be the Pro-Link model then.

The classic world Is a genuinely strange and bewildering place especially for the uninitiated. Take any iconic model and the chances are that the first of the breed will be the most desirable, most sought after and most expensive of the genre. Kawasaki Z1s are a prime example; the 1972 analogue will easily sell for a three or four fold premium over the later 2900. Ditto the ubiquitous CB750/4; the final K6/K7 iterations are actually much more real-world practical yet the sandcast is the model everyone covets. This

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Real money

Texas Court acknowledged BitCoin virtual currency for real money. This decision was passed by judge Amos Mazan as part of the proceedings fraudster Trendona Shavers.


The judicial system of America arranged otherwise, their courts are used to get to the point.

The bottom line is: Shavers committed a crime and should be punished. We can not allow such characters to seep through the holes in the bill. This could be a bad example for citizens.

The most popular in the US and Europe.

I would live in the world Trendon Shavers, who made a living by

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Game-changers don’t come more fun and frolicsome than the first three generations of Honda CBR900RR FireBlade. But what made them so special?

The story of the FireBlade birth has been well charted and its place in the lexicon of modern classic motorcycles is assured, but it’s not the technical advances of the Blade that were really important (there weren’t many, if any) but rather the attitude that Honda instilled into the bike that made ii a real benchmark.

Think of the 1991 Honda range if you will… the Benly-esque CD250U, the NTV600M Revere, the Transalp: all solid bikes, but not

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Keeping cucumber-lemon

It is strong and vigorous plant with very thick compared to most of the cucumber vines, stems and large leaves. The stem grows to a length of 5 m. To grow this plant trellis preferred method, the design must be powerful enough, and twine — thick to growing vine trellis is not filled up. When the stem grows to 2-2.5 m, it simply throws down through the frame trellis. With proper care climber is literally littered with cucumbers that grow on the main stem and in the axils of the first and second sheets stepson. In order to stimulate the

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There is a growing network of radio school.

On the practice of one or another amateur radio organization is judged primarily by how a wide range of amateur radio community it brings, which focuses on the growth and development of amateur radio traffic. That’s why the main work of the Tallinn Radio Club is an organization of radio clubs in enterprises all-round improvement of the initiative and activity of the primary organizations DOSAAF in the development of amateur radio.

…At a meeting of the board of the club discussed the issue of who to entrust the organization of radio school in the largest city of the team —

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HOMEtown Reflections


Conceived as a make- work project for unemployed men, built to help tame the raging waters of the South Saskatchewan River, the weir has been a gathering place for people in Saskatoon since construction began 84 years ago.

Like the Broadway Bridge, the weir, which dams the river just upstream of the CP Rail bridge at 33rd Street, was a child of the Dirty Thirties, when governments across the country looked for ways to cope with the problem of catastrophic unemployment and drought. In those days, unemployment was largely a municipal responsibility and by 1932, with one family

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Rubbing the chest

When dry cough add a small amount of goose fat a couple of drops of essential oil or tea tree fir, rub this mixture of the chest and back of the baby.

«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS efficiency is not always at grinding effect give it massage movements, the origin of the fat in this case is irrelevant. It is important that a child rubbing the back and chest, you are improving the blood circulation of the respiratory system and helps the child to transfer to a wet cough and stimulate expectoration.

I Medical banks

: Put on the back and left-i

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Home-made boerewors

With Braai Day just around the corner, why not try making your own boerewors? It’s easy with the right equipment and the advantage is that you can decide what to put in the meat mixture.

Boerewors is proudly South African, and we’ve perfected the art of making it! The coarse meat mixture is traditionally seasoned with spices such as coriander, cloves, nutmeg and allspice, and the combination is often determined by the region where the boerewors is made.

Traditional boerewors

This prize-winning recipe is taken from Maak jou eie Biltong en Droevwrs, published in 1991 in co-operation with the red

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Plants in the garden

Derain WHITE

Derain — is one of the gardener’s favorite plants. That it may be a permanent backdrop of the garden, thanks to stable decorative, perform a leading role at a time when there is a pause of flowering and decorative neighboring counterparts. No other shrub not combine so many positive qualities!

Derain is beautiful in the summer, due to the decorative foliage and abundant flowering in winter, because he shoots and bright berries, which lies snugly snow. In the summer, even in the gloomy weather, variegated dogwood bushes, as if by magic, converted the most different corners of

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