Early snow in Munich

Scriptwriter — Mount MASSOT director — Bogdan ZHIZHICH operator — Mount TRBULYAK artist — ZHELIMIR ZAGOTTA composer — Ozren DEIOLO


Drago GRGECHICH-Gabor, Paul VUYISICH, Ute Fiedler Uwe Gürtler, IVA-DOMLYAN Marjanovic, and other relativistic Bašić

«Core-FILM», «MACEDONIA FILM», «Film Center», «STAR-FILM», Yugoslavia

The film is dubbed in the Gorky Film Studio

Directed by dubbing — Fedorov


Color. 7 parts, 1837 m.

R / C number 1806385

— /5

This is a film about nostalgia, of homesickness and wine before the Father abandoned land, for which the separation had to pay a high price.

Mate Lovric left Croatia almost twenty

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Home-grown window company continues to give back


Columbus native Mike Rosati acknowledges that people have options when it comes to choosing replacement windows. Thus, he appreciates every customer who has chosen to do business with Rosati Windows. He says the very things that make his company different also have made it successful.

«Our prices are competitive. We react quickly to service issues, and we control every decision that goes into building and installing our top-quality products,» Rosati says. «We’re just able to take better care of our customers.»

But Rosati isn’t content to just make and sell a better-quality, competitively priced product. He continues to

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Australian landscape designer Phillip Johnson takes the prestigious

Chelsea Flower Show by storm

The 2013 Trailfinders Australian Garden, presented by Fleming’s and designed by Phillip Johnson of Phillip Johnson Landscapes, was awarded the Best in Show medal at the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society’s 2013 Chelsea Flower Show. The design was inspired by Phillip’s family holidays in the Grampians in western Victoria and features a strong environmental theme encompassing water conservation and sustainability. The remarkable design took home not only the highly coveted Best in Show medal, but also a gold medal for the inventive and sustainable design.

«Being involved in

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Head of perspective development department «Western Electric Networks» of the branch of «MRSK Ural» — «Sverdlovenergo» Alexander Pavlov of the features and order of technological connection to the urban grid.

Surveys of technological connection to power grids are now in the zone of increased attention because of the quality of the solution depends on the implementation of social and business projects. Power generation and transmission companies seek to make this process as simple and cheap. Complicating his life is that the legislation and rules of technological connection change frequently, several times a year.

However, the energy sector in the near

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Tell colleagues about important changes

Finance Director and Chief Accountant

… That cash to pay customs will be no restrictions

Customs Office explained that the advance payments made by traders to the cashier of the customs authority, not the calculations between the two companies, which are subject to limits on cash payments between legal entities.

On this basis, the Federal Customs Service of Russia issued a subordinated customs accept unlimited advances from companies under the forthcoming payment of customs duties.

Note that the document refers to lose its relevance by the Bank of Russia

14.11.01 № 1050-U (limit cash settlement of 60 thousand. Rubles).


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Bass shakers are like the rumble packs in a Playstation or Xbox game controller. They make whatever they’re attached to rumble when they get a signal from the LFE (low frequency effects) channel of your audio system. That means when the T-Rex puts its foot down in Jurassic Park, you don’t just hear it… you feel it.

You can buy an $800 shaker system from a commercial outfit like Buttkicker or Clark, or you can put the components together yourself for as little as $30. I’ve done it both ways, and I like the $30 results better. That cost assumes

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Pests and diseases destroy the growing crop, if you regularly are not processed LANDING special means. And does it best with a special device called the atomizer. They come HAND, battery and petrol-engined It’s about them and will further story.

Knapsack sprayer benzo (aka Benzo sprayer) from the point of view of design is a metal frame fixed on it with a two-stroke engine. Above it is a tank for chemicals. In the working position the engine and the tank located behind the operator. According hose active substance is fed to the spray nozzle by manipulating that, the owner of

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To crack a nut, like a nut

Nuts that are not turned away, no need to cut down a chisel. To do this in the town of Pushkin near Leningrad invented a special tool.

Nut, become attached to a small bolt — not a problem. You can grab the key harder and roll it with the bolt. But, say, bolt M16 «neck» key not svernesh. Most nut can remove the whole soul, and with kerosene to soak for a day. And knocks on her small shot, this way and that trying, and it is all in place. As if not screwed onto the bolt nut and welded.

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Home spun

Next month some of the best works from New Zealand’s top weavers, spinners, fetters! knitters and other craftspeople will be on public display in a one-off exhibition in Hamilton.

Two of the 2013 award-winners are Waikato-based weavers Nynke Piebenga ajd Jean Welch, and here they explain why working with home-grown wools and fibres allows them to enjoy both an art and a finished practical object.

It’s easy to have a go

If you’ve always been interested in spinning wool from your own sheep or fibre from your goats, alpaca or llama, or want to weave, knit or felt with it

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Sense and Sensibility

On radio and television in different time transfer out one called «Events, facts, comments.» Someone important is the information component and seemed to repeat, after the event synonymous with the fact, is not it? Other major link comments seem, by definition, belong to individuals and, therefore, capable to cast doubt on any of the most indisputable facts. It will be two types of perception of the world — focus on the objective and the subjective feelings of the mind, meticulous realism and creative reverie. Speaking psychological terms, we all either rational or irrational.

We should not think that irrational people

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