EARLY layering — the key to high honey yield

Ha bee farm the farm "Yudinsky" 1500 bee colonies, which are located at the II apiaries (beehives at 125-200). 760 bee families contained in the hive-lounger for 18 frames with supers shop, 440 — in dvenadtsatiramochnyh to shop supers and 300 families in the in-multihull hives.

Honey harvest in our area is in early July when the linden blossoms. In large areas planted buckwheat, but after three years because of the bad weather the bees take off her little honey.

The main objective of beekeepers — to prepare the family to the top of linden blossom. Families need to be

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Home matters

THERE ARE DÉCOR MAGAZINES, CATALOGUES, and design websites to check out when looking for furnishings for your home. But sometimes, upon finding the right piece, it’s either too expensive, or it just doesn’t at your space.

Business partners, real estate agents, and good friends Rusky Carlos and Mike Lim found themselves stuck in the same rut when they were building their respective homes. “We encountered very similar problems, which was trying to look for the right piece and style of furniture that we wanted and the price that’s appropriate for our status,” confesses Rusky. “Our tastes turned out to be

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Reasonable use of resources of the North

The vast territory of the northern regions of the Russian Federation.

But the natural wealth of the North is not enough used.

Issues of development of basic sectors of the economy, and the meeting was devoted foremost reindeer herding, fur farming, hunting and fishing, which took place in the city of Magadan. These workers come to the tundra and taiga Murmansk, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Arkhangelsk region, Primorye, the Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk territories and the Yakut ASSR.

Presentations were made by the chairman of the Magadan Oblast Executive Committee comrade. Chistyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Yakut ASSR comrade.

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Keep It Airy

Big and wide windows encourage you to use natural light more often. They also give you a wider view of the outdoors.

Use Neutral Colors

A natural color palette, especially for your furniture, leaves room for more eye-popping adornments.

Get Interesting

When choosing fabrics, remember that a variety of textures add visual appeal. From woven, canvass and cheesecloth fabrics to plaid, batik and gingham patterns—create beauty within your home.

Opt For Round

To further highlight the easy, comfortable approach

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HOME Food: Elk Ridge Elegance

Shortly before my new baby was born, good fortune smiled upon my wife Jenny and me; Saskatoon HOME and Elk Ridge Resort invited us for a weekend of R&R to meet the new chef at the venerable resort. It was a relaxing weekend, full of down time interspersed with stuffing ourselves with some amazing cuisine. For those who have never been, Elk Ridge is a four-star, four-season resort, located in Northern

Saskatchewan in the heart of the boreal forest. There are a plethora of activities you can take in, including a 27-hole golf course, all set against a backdrop showcasing

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PCB layout

1 Screenshot

The main elements of the window:

1.1 Menu bar containing the menus File, Edit, View, Project, Tools, Add and Help

1.2 Taskbar (just below the menu bar), illustrated with 8 buttons and 5 pull-down menus to set the units of measurement Units (mil or mm) intervals grid visibility Visible, the Placement and routing Routing, and bend angle Angle (in degrees).

1.3 List of the layers on the left side of the client area, with windows next to each layer, showing the color and visibility.

1.4 The choice of mask layers below the list, with fields to allow /

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Different vegetables require different storage conditions. But it is not always possible for them to create such conditions. It can help some of the techniques used by experienced vegetable growers.


It is best stored at a temperature of +2 to + 7 ° C and humidity of 70-75%. If cellar damp, must be equipped with an extractor fan, you need to put the dry humidifier. It could easily replace a bucket of water or moist sand.

Before laying the deposit of potatoes need to sort out, damaged and diseased tubers are removed. Hold it up to frost in a


Holly Ridings -Controlling the space station.

We spoke to Holly Ridings, flight director in charge of NASA’s mission control, about the day-today operations of the ISS and working with private space companies around the world.

What is the role of a flight director?

There are several flight directors and we all have different roles. We start with the one that we call realtime operations, where you sit in the mission control centre and you fly the spacecraft. There are kind of three legs of structure. There’s the spacecraft itself, the ISS in our scenario, then the crew on board, and then the team on the ground

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Reproduction shrubs


Autumn — the most favorable time for breeding bushes. Variants of reproduction — a lot. Which to choose? Decide for yourself.


Most of the shrubs growing over time and forms with a variety of shrubs, at root suckers. This jasmine, lilac, snowberry, garden roses, bobovnik.

What to do? Around the bush dig the groove depth of 20-25 cm. Then, holding the shovel vertically, sharp blow and cut off part of the bush. It can then be divided into smaller parts.

In isolated parts of the division of the bush, cut the shoots (you can cut 1/3 of

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Home decor

From left: The master bedroom, with east- facing windows that overlook the pool, was designed with the sunrise in mind. Them a morning person, so I love being able to see the sunrise.» (Remote-controlled blinds lower at the push of a button for those mornings when the sun comes up a little too early.) Jim jokes that Golden Retrievers Bella and Boo Rowdy “let [him] share the house» with them. A colorful focal point of the master bedroom is its large triptych, which Jim conceptualized and created with an artist friend and teacher. Leigh Tomlin, to memorialize the construction of

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