Talk about telekinesis with Chronicle director Josh Trank

Trunk took the time to talk with a reporter RSMad why telekinesis opens the way to super abilities as mankind would benefit if the dinosaurs made films, and more.

Will — a concept studied philosophy and psychotherapists, with the multi-volume theory and endless debate such luminaries of science, as Aristotle, Schopenhauer, Kant and Freud. Finding ways to extend the will to control external objects by thought is deeply rooted in the study of these scholars, but still a lot of science fiction — Stan Lee and Stephen King.

However, with the advent of technology telekinesis theory closer to reality. «I’m

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We always carefully select the tools that support our beauty. But not so attentive to the conditions of storage of your favorite cream or perfume. How to extend the makeup and what can be discarded without regret?

Change Places

Favorite room of many girls in the apartment — bathroom. After all, here you can enjoy water procedures, make a face mask at night and in the morning — makeup. And, of course, it is convenient when all you need at your fingertips. But this convenience turns that ink deteriorates faster and cream well before the expiration date lies not so

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Your smartphone is the camera that you always have with you, so next time you upgrade make sure you get one with a decent camera. Let’s take a look at the main contenders…


Much has been written about the demise of the camera at the hands of the smartphone. Of course this is very wide of the mark — as every photographer knows, a good camera offers superior image quality, variable lens focal lengths, faster operation and more creative control, to name but a few benefits.

Nevertheless, smartphone cameras are getting better and better, and

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The development of control systems for thread rolling machines

German experts who conducted the study of the formation of threads on Fasteners laid the standard for a family of similar control systems. Applying these results, many companies involved in the production of such systems began to develop this area. Today, many manufacturers of equipment thread rolling machines used in their system configuration management tool.

The task of fully automated configuration process thread rolling tool today is still relevant. One of the innovative solutions offered to the Italian company Smart — manufacturer of high quality thread rolling machines.

Automatic adjustment of the threaded tool series Genius established this company in

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Divorce and maiden name!

Answers to questions about the division of property

1. My husband and I bought an apartment on the mortgage. It is not yet paid for it in full. If we divorce, what are my rights to the apartment, and who will have to pay the mortgage?

As a general rule all that is acquired (acquired) by spouses during marriage is their joint, property. You bought an apartment in a marriage, hence the division of the property you are entitled to half of it. And it is no matter to whom it has been issued and which one of you is

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Language development and writing of the USSR (ON THE MATERIAL Turkic languages)


Before the Great October Socialist Revolution, the level of development of the Turkic language and culture of their carriers — the people who were a part of the former Russian Empire, was quite colorful. Among the peoples speaking Turkic languages, some of them — have already been formed in the bourgeois nations, each with its already developed a national literary language; others are not yet reached the stage of national development, although they had their own written language and literary language, finally treti- were either newly created nation, did not have a written language is, or is not yet

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HMS Hawkins remembered

On D-Day Plus One, from the deck of Tank Landing Ship LST 525, Leading Writer Alwyn Bowen, In the thick of the action, took time to observe British ships shelling shore defences. From one heavy cruiser, he could see the shells exiting the Parrels en route to reinforced-concrete gun butteries on the Normandy shore. The ship’s elegant profile was unmistakable — it was HMS Hawkins, on which he had served in the Mediterranean.

Named after the navigator, naval commander and slave trader Sir John Hawkins, and bearing the motto Nil desperandum, HMS Hawkins was a heavy cruiser with a tonnage

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HKN Energy, cultivating close connections in Kurdistan

HKN Energy feels right at home in Kurdistan.

Led by CEO Mr. Trem Smith and general manager Mr. Mark Jackson, HKN set up operations in 2007 and continues to see huge growth opportunities in the region’s energy sector.

A key advantage for HKN is its team’s longevity. As Mr. Smith attests, the same core team has been in place ‘‘from the very beginning; this has allowed us to build close relationships with the numerous key industry people, as well as the local communities where we do business.’’ There’s an intangible cultural understanding that goes with this that can’t be simply

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The development of means of signaling and communication (1838-1938 gg.).

The period in which the alarm can be regarded as the end of the 30s, 40s and early 50s of the last century. It was the construction of the first railways in Russia — Tsarskoye Selo, St. Petersburg-Moscow. Tsarskoye Selo road was opened to traffic in 1838 Researches and construction of St. Petersburg-Moscow road lasted from 1842 to 1851

Measures to ensure traffic safety on the road Tsarskoye Selo were very primitive. A certain K., published in the magazine «Weekly new time» N2 for 83 in 1880 his memoirs, he wrote: «As the locomotive whistles were the terror of the

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Hitting the Brakes

IT WAS A SUNNY morning in March when the pilot of a Cessna 177 Cardinal turned final for Runway 35 at Concord Municipal Airport in Concord, New Hampshire. The winds were light, visibility was unrestricted, and the temperature hovered around 18°F. The runways were clear and dry, and no other traffic was in the pattern. What could possibly go wrong?

Touching down, the pilot held back on the elevator and allowed the aerodynamic drag to slow the aircraft; there was no need to use the brakes. As the aircraft approached the intersection, the pilot pushed the left rudder and gently

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