The development of elevator industry in Russia in terms of self-regulation

This conference, unprecedented in scale and representativeness, has gone beyond the usual business meeting and resulted in a very comprehensive and full major activities and events forum.

The conference was held on November 16th. The next day, there were general meetings of self-regulatory organizations elevator areas: Russian lift association, Interregional Association of elevator companies, DT «Liftservis» and «Rusekspertlift.» November 17 was a tour to the factory «MEL», where the participants got acquainted with the development of a new factory -elevator economy-class European level with energy-saving systems.

Technical regulations

The conference was held in a month, and its members could literally

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Radical means

Review of achievements and problem analysis

MORE THAN 375 THOUSAND invention, a Soviet inventor for the tenth five-year plan. OF THEM IN THE NATIONAL ECONOMY uses about 100 thousand. INVENTORS save for the five countries, more than eight billion rubles.

What results have completed tenth five-year Soviet inventors?

Several figures. Since 1976 in the Soviet Union there are more than 312 000 inventions. that is 98 thousand more «than the previous five-year period (preliminary figures). In VNIIGPE received 729,000 applications; It flies in comparison with the five-year period — 21 percent. Invention recognizes 53 per cent of applications; in the

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To develop ultrashort sport.

Work on the amateur radio ultrashort waves, since the summer of 1955, has become much livelier. In the air there and began work on a regular basis, but with a long delay, the radio station of the Central Radio Club DOSAAF — UAZKBG; during the summer actively conducted communication ukavisty Moscow region: 064,004 (of Babushkin, the operator Korshunov), 064,010 (Reutov, Shish operator). Daily were also broadcast radio UAZAR (Dmitrov village) and 077,516 (village Usovo). Often you could hear the work stations 077 510 (operated by soldiers), 077 509 (operator Gorodetsky) and 064,002 (operator Nekrasov). But the revival that has occurred

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Hitler at War

Since the fall of the Third Reich in 1945, our verdict on Hitler’s leadership has mostly come from the pens and mouths of his generals. Many of these men had grown to resent their former leader, and with the fall of Germany they seized the opportunity to criticise and embarrass the Fuhrer at every opportunity. But beneath the facade of slander and betrayal, was Hitler’s military leadership style truly so unpopular — and to what extent did his decisions determine the outcome of World War II?

«So much of what we thought we knew about Hitler for many years came

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Wireless microphone 75 MHz FM

Repetition of different designs of wireless microphones showed their shortcomings. So, without a quartz oscillator frequency stabilization observed «withdrawal» transmitter frequency, and in schemes with a crystal — a small frequency deviation, that is, NFM. The generator has been described with two connected in parallel quartz resonators — «Super VXO».

Indeed, in this arrangement, the deviation of oscillation frequency with change of capacitance in series with a quartz resonator, is much greater. In addition, «Super VXO» choke is used, and if it excluded the overlap in frequency is reduced, but remains quite sufficient for obtaining a frequency deviation of ±

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Hitachi C6UY circular saw

Good news! I think the Hitachi chief designer has been put on ‘gardening leave’ as the garish flashes and zigzags of black that seem to dominate anything new it launches have been removed, and this saw now looks more like then Hitachi of old, and if that matches the performance of old, then it’s a good thing in my book!

For a sami-diameter blade, this is a quick and sizable saw both in stature and cutting performance, and weighty enough to feel solid in use.

That’s down to a good build structure such as a hefty alloy base, 1300W motor

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Hit The Target

An Electronic Game

Video games are very popular in urban area, even though video game equipment are very exclusive and expensive. The constructional details of an electronic shooting game are described here. It employs a minimum number of low-cost and easily available components, and has all the actual functions of electronic games. In place of video screen, this project uses an LED display.

Theme of the game

Shooting down a fast moving object in the sky is not easy. Here a number of military aeroplanes appear at different positions for very short durations. All the aircraft are green except one

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Electronic warfare

On the measure of the improvement of radio electronic means in the armies of the capitalist countries more and more attention is paid to the development of methods of electronic warfare (EW) (in some foreign armies adopted the term radio-electronic warfare): electronic countermeasures (ECM), electronic protection measures n to enforce them. Issues of its conduct in the present conditions and the means used for this book is dedicated to «Electronic warfare », released Voenizdat.

Much attention is paid to the problems of jamming. It is a set of activities carried out by the troops of the vast and misinformed exposed

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Radio Technical literature in 1956.

In 1955 Svyaz’izdat issued a number of books and pamphlets on radio broadcasting, wired radio and television, which are of interest only for any professional communicators, but also for radio amateurs.

In the book by BP Aseeva «Oscillation Circuit» are considered oscillatory circuits, circuits with distributed constants and electrical filters. In the book GA Remez «Radio engineering measurements» describes the theory and technique of radio measurements and describes an apparatus designed for these measurements.

For technical communication issued as textbooks and teaching aids the following books: VL Lebedev «Radio receivers» NL Bezladnov and others. «The station broadcast devices by wire»,

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Hire the right candidate without any fuss

You have four people applying for a job. You’ve just finished the interviews. Or, rather, you spent most of the time telling them the company’s strengths and why they should want to work for you. Now you must decide which candidate to choose. But you have no notes in front of you and each individual seems a blur. In fact, you hate this part of the process and are thinking of deciding by pulling a name out of a hat.

Maybe there’s a better way.

Before you begin advertising, consider your expectations and requirements. Whether you are hiring someone to

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