Does not work on conscience

1 ordinary farmer, have or household apiary.

Beekeeping is very profitable industry, as bees produce marketable honey and pollinate crops. But our true farmers say apiary farm income is not given, and if they give a little, it happens every five years. But you have to pay workdays beekeepers, watchmen, needed equipment, transport. These losses fall on the farm. This question very much excites me. For my own bees produce income, and collective farm — a loss.

We have a collective farm «Rodina» has four apiaries, about 200 families. They stand in the woods. From early spring is a good

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Equal marriage

Faultless taste of the owners of these classic apartments in Paris helped them create the interior, which perfectly combines the attributes of a life of luxury and high design of the XX century.

Sixteenth District of Paris has a reputation of the most wealthy and conservative residential area. «Setting oblige» — joking hostess, one after another, throwing open the doors for us eight rooms in the apartment of 260 square meters. The apartment is located in a classical «Ottoman» house built in 1905 next to the Trocadero and the romantic staircase Avenue de Camões, which has become the venue of

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Hilti SCM 22-А

Задача аккумуляторной дисковой пилы — выполнение не самых объёмных работ в ситуации, когда использование сетевого аналога по каким-либо причинам невозможно. Питает «циркулярку» 22-вольтовая литиево-ионная батарея ёмкостью 3,3 А*ч. Она оборудована системами защиты от перегрева, перегрузки и глубокого разряда. Светодиодный индикатор показывает уровень заряда.

Достаточно компактная модель рассчитана под диски диаметром 160—165 мм. Максимальная глубина пропила под прямым углом — 57 мм. Угол наклона подошвы для косого реза увеличенный — до 50°. Комплекс мер безопасности включает в себя электронный тормоз диска, защитный кожух, прикрывающий диск, а также блокировку случайного включения. Для удобной замены пильного диска имеется блокировка шпинделя. На защитном кожухе

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Working with the prospect.

At Milan Design Week Lexus showed a prototype of the future of the city and presented the winners of the competition of their own design.

We sought to build a structure that would allow visitors to experience nature. It is important that the people involved in the creation of motion «, — commented on the work of its designers Toyo Ito and Akihisa Hirata. Such a task to renowned Japanese architects have put the organizers of the special exhibition Lexus Based on the Milan Design Week, held in April this year. 72-year-old Ito, winner of two «Golden Lion» of the

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Hilti VC — 40 UM — Y

Отличительная особенность этого пылесоса — возможность его питания и от стандартной электросети, и от аккумуляторов. В последнем случае VC — 40 UM — Y работает от одной или двух 36-вольтовых батарей Hilti, скрытых под откидной верхней частью корпуса пылесоса. Заряда мощных литиево-ионных блоков ёмкостью 6,0 А*ч, оборудованных системой контроля температуры и защитой от глубокого разряда, перегрузки и перезаряда, хватает на достаточно продолжительное время. Впрочем, использовать аккумуляторы в качестве источника постоянного питания, конечно, не стоит. Зато они позволят применять пылесос вдали от сети или в тех условиях, когда возникают перебои с питанием. Кстати, в режиме питания от электросети пылесос может выступать

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WORK behest of the soul

Our acquaintance with the retired lieutenant colonel Victor Andrianov took place in the office of the executive secretary of the Council of the All-Russian public organization of veterans of the Armed Forces of Russia Nikolai Royanova. The meeting was in full swing. We are finalizing plans to participate in activities in connection with the preparation for the celebration of the anniversary of the Victory Day. It was necessary to take into account many important details, coordinate their actions with respect to time, the number of participants. Among others at the table I saw a man studying plans and schedules carefully

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Many Altai beekeepers know Ivan Osipov from the farm Srostinskogo Krasnogorsk rayona.- His name has repeatedly been among the leading edge of the area and beekeepers. Did you see him in the stands meetings where he spoke about his experiences and the work in the apiary, where you do not just come bee experts. And all who are familiar with Ivan Vasilyevich, saying that he has much to learn.

Even a cursory examination of the apiary of visitors affects what powerful family increases the beekeeper. He begins to prepare them in the autumn of the previous year.

Apiary Osipova IV

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ONCE A YEAR, the Strike Attack Operational Evaluation Unit (SAOEU) conducts a long deployment to the Naval Air Warfare Station at China Lake in California. This year’s deployment was named Exercise HIGHRIDER V. One of the trials conducted during the deployment was to assess the performance of the Paveway III (UK) weapon and fuze against a multi-layered hard target (a bunker). This involved dropping four bombs in all — one from a Harrier GR.7, one from a Jaguar 96 and two from Tornado GR.4s.

China Lake testing.

It is very difficult to conduct weapons trials in the UK — Garvie

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Five safety tips for small businesses

Cybercriminals do not leave any of his attention, even the smaller companies. By the week of the National Small and Medium Business Administration, we have prepared a few tips to help small businesses protect their data from intruders, and its customers — from malicious programs.

Guided by a common false beliefs, many small business owners are hiding their heads in the sand like ostriches. «With me it will not happen» — they convince themselves, when they hear about the targeted attacks, phishing and sophisticated malware. «My business is too small to be of interest to criminals» — they argue in

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High-flying Limos

ON SEPTEMBER 11, 1985, the Gulfstream’s fourth design series business jet made its maiden flight from the company’s facility at Savannah, Georgia. Designated the Gulfstream IV (GIV), it was the latest version of the Gulfstream family of business jets. New design features included a 2ft (0.6m) stretch in the fuselage and a refined wing.

New Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 61108 engines gave the GIV improved performance in comparison to the Gulfstream III. Range was 4,220 nautical miles (7,810km), maximum speed 519 knots (957km/h), with a maximum operating altitude of 51,000ft (15,545m).

In the Army Now The US Army was the first

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