Fifteen chapters on the dangers of slugs

TIPS walkthrough KKND

Mission 1: The Return of the Slugs

The mission is specifically designed to heat the nerve endings of your spinal cord and mouse sensors. However, some recommendations can be given here. Form a separate detachment of Dire Wolf’ov and use it as bait. Typically, this method works 100%: Slugs pursue offenders only swift and completely ignore the rest mass Berserker’ov. From arrows which makes the death …

Mission 2: Repel Them!

Kindergarten. First of all, put the production Shotgunner’ov to infinity. Then send all the power to the south, to the oil rig. Slugs crush the resistance

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High style under the High Line

Integrated architecture and lightning transform Intermix’s newest store

The challenge to house the latest Intermix branch in a red brick, 80-year-old former warehouse space was unlike anything the design team had previously encountered.

«There it was —a full-scale set of train tracks overhead,» recalls architect Steve Scuro, who, with partner Mark Janson of New York-based JansonGoldstein Architects, and lighting design consultant Bill Schwinghammer, observed the future store at Gansevoort and Washington streets in New York’s Meatpacking District.

Their previous expertise in creating traffic-generating branch stores in other locales for the contemporary mid- to high-end apparel and accessories Intermix chain paced

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A new rise of beekeeping

The new labor victories of the Soviet people met thirty-fourth anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Millions of workers in town and country, by participating in socialist competition, have made and achieve significant growth in industrial and agricultural production and improve its quality. Our people are proud of the great builders labor successes of hydraulic structures of the Stalinist era of the Volga, the Dnieper, the Amu Darya and Don, proud of the success in transforming the nature and achievements of the Stakhanovite industry, transport and agriculture.

The Soviet people are not spared his

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One of the most interesting strategic games that we’ve played, Master of Orion, will soon become a grandmother. Or grandfather, if we look at what is happening on the other side. Soon — respect. For most computer craft is "soon" — Irresistible forever, but for the Master of Orion, and those who know the price of this game — a reasonable time.

Master of Orion has become a point of reference against which everything else revolves. Why did it happen to ordinary people like you and me do not understand. If MOO cleanse the body from the distant childhood memories

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The fifth «X»

So it seems our friends Alan and Tom run into the biggest adventure of their lives. It is one thing — to dance on the bones of others games and sling ink in the quiet mezzanine strategic advice, and quite another — to create their own game, and even a giant such as MOO3.

What to do? In which direction? You can correct the mistakes made in the previous section. You can attend to a general three-dimensionality is happening. All can increase two times. You can make the game Homeworld. There are many options, and they are terrible.

But the

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High in the Sky

The summer days are long and the skies are full of watchful wonders that arise dreamy photographic opportunities, something Daugirdas Tomas Racys has taken full advantage of. Jessica Bracey finds out about his technique

Whether you’re an adventurer of the skies, a fan of Around the World in 80 Days or have a complete fear of heights, there’s no question that hot air balloons are magnificent forms of transportation. Magical in their functionality and awe inspiring with their presence when you see them gracefully glide above our heads, they hold a special place in our imaginations that make them just

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Pat Travers

He no longer sniffs whiskey. Today, the guitarist, who once almost joined Aerosmith, prefers salty air in the nasopharynx.

In his almost forty-year career, the Canadian guitarist Pat Travers worked with names such as Glenn Hughes, Carmine Appice, Extreme and Leslie West, and Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Alex Lifeson of Rush is his fans. Today, the man who once came up to smell the whiskey and drink cocaine, returns with a new album, Can Do, written in the style of the most successful musicians during the late ’70s / early 8o’s when Pat Travers almost joined Aerosmith.

The chosen

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Hidden treasure

A Virginia woman’s eclectic taste transforms a creek-side cabin into an artful dwelling.

Some people avoid the log-home buying-and-building process by buying a log home that’s already been built. Lucy Tkachenko is one of those people. While visiting family in Roanoke, Virginia, she and her sister were driving along a creek-side road in mountains outside of town so her sister could show her a cabin. “I absolutely fell in love with it,” Lucy recalls.

The owners declined to sell, however, even though Lucy persisted in making offers. She went home to Canada, sold her house and returned to Roanoke, where

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Bees and horses

At school bee apiary Vorobyevsky July 2, 1950 there was a case of mass stinging bees horses.

At two o’clock in the afternoon I came on duty the cadets to the apiary. We stopped at the usual place, two hundred meters from the apiary — on the hill. Flight of bees was in the valley on both sides of the hill. Within half an hour the horses peacefully grazing, as usual, but as soon as the sun has found a cloud of bees rushed steppe beams not only, but also through the hillock, where the horses were grazing, and attacked

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Hidden Agera

As well as being involved in Operation Allied Force, the UK and USA are also bombing Iraq. Jim Hedge reports on how their objectives have shifted since Operation Desert Fox.

WHILST THE eyes of the world are focused on events in Kosovo, the Anglo-American air campaign against Iraq continues unabated. However, the question is being increasingly posed as to just how far military force advances the policy of the US and UK Governments.

In many ways Operation Desert Fox (see Saddam Outfoxed, March, p22) represented a defining moment in the confrontation between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the remnants of the

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