Way General

The name of Lieutenant-General Konstantin Pleshko widely known and highly authoritative among the border guards, despite the fact that he is now retired. Service Konstantin took place in different regions, and for many people the border guards, who served under him, it is an example of the military commander.

All the generals were once lieutenants. We offer you the material — a kind of touches to the portrait of Konstantin Konstantinovich since his youth officer …

Many years have passed, and Lieutenant-General Konstantin retired Pleshko today remembers the details of a scientific conference at the Military Academy named after Frunze.

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Heroes, Mailbag, Cabin dreams.

Heroes. Presidential Red.

George Washington was the first U.S. president not to be born in a log cabin, but he liked wood. Instead of using stone for his Mount Vernon home, he clad it with wood cut to simulate stone and topped it with cypress shingles. He painted the walls white and the roof red. When the Mount Vemon Ladies Association took over Washington’s estate, they vowed to maintain the wood and the paint just as Washington had. That promise became exceedingly difficult after the government outlawed lead paint in 1978.

Paint had effectively protected the old- growth cypress shingles

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Let the table will be more fruit

The collective farm named after Lenin (village Goryachevodskaya) Mineralovodskogo production department annually planting fruit trees, strongly increases the yield of the gardens. Yes, and how not to develop this important and profitable crop if it gives up to 40% of the farm cash income. In the best years we get from gardening 1400-1500 rubles. But not only that guided the farm, increasing fruit plantings. We see our duty to fully meet the needs of tourists on the Caucasian resorts.

Most mistakes are farm managers, who are afraid of the cost of the development of gardens. In part, this is probably

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Heroes & Villains Vlad the Impaler

Outside Romania Vlad III is most known for inspiring Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but how did this folk hero acquire his bloodthirsty reputation?

A heroic outlaw. A rebellious streak. A morally righteous man who punished the rich and was hailed by the poor. You might be thinking of Robin Hood but Romanians would use similar words to describe their national hero Vlad the Impaler, a leader who once dined while surrounded by the twitching bodies of his enemies, pierced with sharp wooden spikes. How does someone with such inhumane and extreme methods become seen as a folk hero?

Vlad III didn’t

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Guide to the blues by Dan Aykroyd

The star of the film The Blues Brothers Dan Aykroyd is actually a lover and connoisseur of blues. You submitted them compiled a guide to the best samples of this genre.

Since then, he put on his iconic black hat, suit and sunglasses Elwood Blues in the blockbuster John Landis The Blues Brothers 1980, Dan Aykroyd became forever associated with the blues. This situation could be very painful, not so long ago if there had been an actor, dedicated and well-grounded in matters of blues fan of this genre. After talking with Dan during his recent visit to the UK,

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Heroes & Villains Genghis Khan

The early-13th century saw a nomad rise from the tribal chaos of the Mongolian steppes to build an empire four times larger than Alexander the Great’s

In the Western imagination, Genghis Khan is the blood-soaked infidel at the head of the Mongol hordes, wild-eyed murderers on horseback who slaughtered millions in a crusade for world domination.

He is the indiscriminate punisher, laying waste to great civilisations. But history tells a different story. Yes, Genghis Khan and his army wrought a lot of bloodshed, but it was not indiscriminate.

In fact, Genghis Khan may have been the medieval era’s greatest military

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Straight and Curly

Curly Girl «utyuzhat» their hair, for a perfect smoothness, and holders of straight hair tend to «catch the wave». Changes in appearance — it’s good. But with minimal risk to their own health and beauty.

Takes its

Form of hair is genetically predetermined. The representatives of the Slavic type of appearance never meet the type of hair that is typical, for example, members of the Negro race. If you look at the hair under a microscope, you can see that the line in the cross section is circular, and the curly — look like an ellipse, slightly curved in the

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LIM fresh apples,

4 tbsp. l. honey

2 h. L. cinnamon, allspice,

6-8 cloves, zest of 1 lemon and 1 orange, sugar to taste

• Apples cut into four parts. Cut all the «bad» seats. Remove the core if the cake will be used in other dishes, such as pancakes.

• Skip the apples through a juicer.

• Ready to pour the juice into a saucepan, pour the honey. All spices and zest to engage in a bag and put in the juice. Warm 7-10 minutes (70-80 ° C), but do not boil. Then remove the spices, and the juice

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Heritage Renovations

Details matter. In the world of home renovations, this may seem an obvious statement, but unfortunately, it is not always the case. Yet the attention to detail, the painstaking dedication to the craft and devotion to quality, is what sets Heritage Renovations apart. Remodeling Oklahoma homes and businesses since 1985. Heritage Renovations is family owned by native Oklahomans who bring this attention to every detail to all facets of the business

For the homeowner who dreams of a new look, seeking a fresh perspective on living space. Heritage Renovations offers expertise and experience. When working to infuse new life into

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BULLET «dum-dum-dum»

On the outskirts of Calcutta is a place Dum-Dum, where at one time produced a terrible weapon: the bullets of the same name. Their incomplete or nadpilennaya shell expand or flatten easily in the human body, causing the unfortunate victim of terrible injuries.

And how!

The first prophesied Tim Willis (Tim Willits), chief designer of the DOOM III. He did not dirty their hands on a pre-recorded demo, and just sat down and played the game in public. And, you know, it turned out. Tolstomyasy zombies honestly run, luxury cast shadows Leaky (yes, yes, honest hole!) From a gun …

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