Unique landscapes.

Learn how to shoot scenery with a shallow depth of field.

The lens aperture is one of the three settings (along with shutter speed and ISO) that control exposure, as it determines how much light falls on the sensor. However, it also has an effect on the creative look of the image because it controls the depth of field too — the zone of sharpness either side of the point of focus.

The principle is quite simple: the smaller the aperture, the greater the depth of field.

While that bit is straightforward, a little confusion is caused by the way

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Unforgettable sight

IT WAS WITH great sadness that I read your Editorial, concerning the Ministry of Defence’s attitude towards the last flying Vulcan (XH558).

Over a period of years attending many airshows around the United Kingdom, one of the highlights of every show has been the arrival and display of the mighty Vulcan.

On numerous occasions I have seen various Vulcans (when we had more than one) hold spectators spellbound.

But it was at RAF Mildenhall on Sunday May 24,1992 when I saw the Vulcan bring about 120,000 people to a standstill.

It was a beautiful, sunny day with very little cloud,

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Underwater space training

How astronauts are prepared for danger-filled space missions in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab.

Training for the weightlessness of space is a major undertaking on NASA’s part that requires a dedicated test facility and a battery of cutting-edge equipment. As zero gravity free-fall on a specially adapted flight isn’t practical for long training periods and anti-gravity ‘machines’ are set to remain the stuff of science fiction, NASA uses the 23.5-million-litre (6.2-million-gallon) giant swimming pool at its Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, Texas.

Neutral buoyancy itself is a property of an object that gives it an equal tendency to float to the

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ISO ratings

IN ORDER TO capture a well-exposed image using your DSLR, you need to get a precise amount of light to the sensor. How much light is mainly dependent on the shooting conditions — you need to give more exposure if you’re taking photographs at night than you do in broad daylight, for example. However, there’s another factor you need to consider other than light levels — the ISO your camera is set to. By changing the ISO you can increase or reduce the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to light and therefore control the exposure required to achieve


Understand flash modes


In Auto mode, the flash fires when the camera detects low light -ideal for when the subject is in a dark room or backlit. However, it can be an unflattering, hard light if you can’t bounce it, and often the foreground is too bright or the background black. Turning the flash off or switching to Slow Sync may create a more flattering image.

Flash On

When in the Flash On mode, the flash will always fire regardless of light levels. This is great for when your subject is backlit, such as in our example above, as it will fill

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Snapshots vs. Virtual Copies

The snapshot and virtual copy functions in Lightroom share some similarity some significant differences. Each has a valuable place in a Lightroom workflow, and it’s important to understand the differences to use each one effectively.

Every adjustment you make to your photos in Lightroom is stored in the catalog file as a set of instructions that’s only applied to copies created during output, such as exporting copies, printing, uploading a Web gallery, and so on. The snapshot and virtual copy functions allow us to leverage the power of the Lightroom catalog to store and display multiple

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HARRY FAYT tells Will Roberts that his love for creating beautiful underwater images is anchored deep in his past.

From his home in Liege, Belgium, Harry Fayt recalls how as a child, his passion for the submarine world landed him in hospital.

At a young age, Harry, now 33, suffered from ear problems and as a result had to wear special plugs which stopped him from submerging his head in water. But time and time again, temptation got the better of him. «I didn’t want to swim at the surface, I wanted to go down, under the water,» he says.

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Overview of the Lightroom 5 Beta

In mid-April, Adobe announced the Lightroom 5 Beta. In this article, we’ll take a look at the new features, as well as shine a spotlight on some minor, but very welcome improvements to the Lightroom experience.


Without a doubt, the biggest new feature is the advanced healing and cloning capabilities that have been added to the Spot Removal tool (Q). In previous versions, we were limited to a circular tool, which was great for dust spots, but challenging for other types of retouching.

In Lightroom 5, the circular limitation is no

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Under other flags

Despite its proven track record, ease of maintenance and its reliable Hercules engines, what could have been a vibrant export market for Beaufighters failed to materialise. Only three countries directly opted for the type, while a third acquired a handful through a clandestine route. Two of these nations used them in anger.

During the war, four Commonwealth air forces flew ‘Beaus’: Australia (five squadrons in the Pacific, two in the UK), Canada (four in the UK), New Zealand (two in the UK) and South Africa (two in the Middle East). As charted in the feature Whispering Death, Australia also built

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Новый студийный альбом Deep Purple Now What?!, вышедший спустя долгие 8 лет после своего предшественника, похоже, оправдал все ожидания. А возможно, даже превзошёл их — ведь некоторые опрометчиво заявляют, что группа никогда не звучала настолько хорошо. Интересно, что же скажет по этому поводу человек, который всегда был в Deep Purple.

Дамы и господа: мистер Иэн Пейс!

Иэн, прежде всего, хотелось бы поздравить вас с выходом долгожданного альбома. И надеюсь, что вы довольны полученным результатом.

Да, мы весьма и весьма довольны. Фактически, ещё в процессе работы над пластинкой, заведомо можно понять, какой она получится. Ведь некоторые записи даются легко, а некоторые

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