Have barbecue — will travel

Barbecues have come a long way in the past decade — and portable ones are the latest trend.

Alfresco dining, outdoor kitchens and even wood ovens have become the norm in countless backyards, with many Aussies cooking several meals outside each week. Likewise, barbecues themselves — and what we cook on them — have changed dramatically.

One of the biggest barbecue trends right now is the portable barbecue, with models such as the Weber Q and Heatlie Mariner leading the charge. This means we are no longer restricted to the backyard, so more people are packing up the barbecue on

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The program teaches us SNAPCAB install interior cabin

Free DVD-ROM with instructions

Glenn Bostock, who designed the interiors of the elevator SnapCab Bostoka, has released a new DVD-disk with instructions, which, along with other subjects, trains installers special art cladding. Cladding is to cover the front panel of the elevator, usually stainless steel. The video talks about the obstacles, sometimes holding service companies from upgrading cabins.

Bostock is convinced that the program that teaches installing interior cabins will benefit the entire industry. This new video will help fill the gap, Bostock found when he first developed his patented system. Simplified, easy-to-install set of interlocking panels originally intended

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The «Thor»

The fact that Hitler could have children, no doubt. In his youth he had several interests, and, according to The Globe, one of his passions, some Lokamp Hilda gave birth to a son, Adolf, traces of which were lost in the future. It is known fact that Hitler had had sexual relations with women, being at the front in northern France. Stronger versions, one of the sons of Madame Madeleine Le Roy, from the waitress officer cafe — the son of Hitler, but no documents about their relationship were found. Yes, they could not be: the child came from a

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Haus am Weiberg


This latest outing by UNStudio is an ambitious residence located in the semi-rural environs of Weinberg, near Stuttgart, Germany. Although within view of the city and with plenty of neighbours, the sloping site affords pastoral views of stepped terraces and a hillside vineyard to balance the cityscape. The primary gesture of the design diagram — and its most interesting aspect — is a central ‘twist’, literally, of an element that supports the main staircase at about the centre of the plan. This winding movement informed the diagram, allowing spaces to occupy specific locations in relation to views, and pivot

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Continue straight!

Combine the treadmill with a desk -etu idea at the end of the last century offered a psychology professor Seth Roberts (Seth Roberts) from the Institute of Berkeley (USA). Today, this hybrid are increasingly found in the offices of large companies and savvy entrepreneurs are already creating design models. Cardiologists confirm that such an option could indeed protect against ‘diseases chair, «such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It is not only important to find time for sports, but also to maintain the level of activity during the day: stand, walk, bounce — and as little as possible to

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Hasselblad Announces Second Consumer Camera

Following up on the promises it made at P h o t o k i n a 2012, Hasselblad has released details of a second consumer-level digital camera, this time a fixed lens compact. The new Hasselblad Stellar continues the company’s co-operation with Sony and is largely based on the letters DSC-RX100 model, but with a different finish and a choice of sculpted handgrips in six different materials. The body shell is aluminium. The Stellar follows the Lunar which is based on Sony’s NEX-7 compact system camera and is just becoming available in Australia at selected outlets.

The Stellar uses

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Progressive practice

Candidate of architecture Zhukov

The massive construction of large-block houses in Leningrad is a progressive, genuinely progressive phenomenon whose significance extends beyond just this type of construction.

Ogradno that large-block construction in Leningrad, not frozen in one place, and expanding and gradually improved.

It should be noted mass and complexity of large-block construction, which is carried out in compact blocks avenue named Stalin, in the immediate vicinity of the plant of large blocks.

A positive feature is the pursuit of Leningrad builders to use typed assortment of large blocks combined with individual sculpted blocks. These and other measures helped to

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Imagine being about to order a bike with a pukka Moto GP engine in it. Then have it fitted inside a hand fabricated frame that used state-of-the-art components to get the best from the engine’s raw, two-stroke potential A true thoroughbred racer, then, and fora lucky few in the early 1990s this was actually an option, if your pockets were deep enough and your balls large enough.

With the sparse nature of the 1990 500cc grid (at best 20 machines and often only around 15-16 regular V4 riders) Yamaha made available a handful of YZR500 engines for privateer teams to

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The failure will not be — we love the brand. But an experienced person does not cling. While that’s similar to the cabin interiors 1_ehiz …

cheat on direct SogoPa is reliable, and the long arc turns writing well, not carp. Do not reproach and noise insulation, unless, of course, do not try again, «anneal» with a squeal of tires and the engine howling hyped. As long as you go easy, the car driven by a sense of decent not cheap product.

The picture spoils the only slightly strange Russification regular browser — but it does

Harrier on Display at Bentwaters

The Bentwaters Cold War Museum in Suffolk has added BAe Harrier GR.3 ZD667 to its collection. The aircraft was the first in a batch of four GR.3s delivered to the RAF as a stopgap while it waited for Harrier GR5s to become available. It served eight years on the front line, including time in Germany.

Surplus to RAF requirements, ZD667 passed to the Royal Navy, for carrier deck aircraft handling training at Culdrose,

Cornwall. On the retirement of the Sea

Harrier, the GR.3 was moved to Predannack,

Culdrose’s satellite airfield, in May 2007 for fire and crash rescue training.


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