Tropical retreat

When it comes to design your dream home, there’s simply no room for compromise

TROPICAL DESIGN is a style that seamlessly incorporates the elements of nature into interiors and exteriors by means or passive cooling, cross ventilation, protection from harsh sun and rain typical to a tropical climate, and by using natural materials and colors. Plants also play an integral part in tropical design. Furniture pieces in rattan, wicker, wood, and bamboo are commonly used, as well as natural fabrics for soft furnishings like linen, cotton, ramie, and silk, all of which are airy, light, and appropriate for hot and

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Troops of tomorrow

Начнем разговор с цитаты из одного американского журнала о том, что “Carved In Stone’ — альбом, который не переплюнуть ни Dream Theater, ни Queensryche. Неплохо, а?

“Даже и не знаю, что сказать,» — в растерянности бормочет Карл. “По-моему это невероятнейшее преувеличение,и уж точно мы никогда не поведемся на такой приговор. Но все же приятно слышать такое, потому то все мы большие поклонники Queensryche с самых первых их дней.” “Правда, нужно отметить,» — добавляет Майк, что большее влияние на Shadow Gallery как на группу оказала вовсе не современная прогрессив-метал-сцена, а 70-ые годы, Jethro Tull, Kansas, Yes или Queen — единственные в

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Children love things they can climb on to and if you can get inside and hide — well, that’s a real bonus! So the legend of this famous horse and the part it played in the downfall of Troy inspired me to make the ultimate hide-and-seek toy.

The timber I used was Nordic redwood, which you can buy easily in a ready-planed state, or you can save a great deal of money by just getting the timber sawn and planing it yourself. However, if you decide to do this you will find the assistance of an electric planer a great

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Triumph tiger explorer

Like most modern Triumphs, the defining characteristic of the Explorer is its character-rich inline-triple powerplant. This latest-generation, 1215cc triple, a version of which also powers the Trophy SE sport-tourer, seems tailor-made for adventure touring, producing a claimed 135 horsepower and 89 lb.-ft. of torque. Ride-by-wire throttle activation permits multi-mode traction control—including a setting that allows a slight amount of wheel spin for off-road use—though, unlike many of the other bikes, these settings are not easy to change on the fly.

With a claimed curb weight of 570 pounds, the Explorer is no lightweight, and the inline-triple raises the center of

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Triumph Speed Tripler

I’m stacking on the miles. That’s because 1) I love riding this motorcycle, and 2) I’ve had a few assignments outside Los Angeles County that I opted to ride to. Before I could shove off on my first overnight trip, I needed to reinstall my Ventura luggage system. Fine, except the L-brackets—the structural pieces that bolt to the bike’s subframe and support the rack and Mistral pack—were bent in the crash. No problem, because Ventura (www.ventura-mca. com) sells components individually, allowing me to order up new L-brackets for $174.

Back with my rack and pack, I realized something that may

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Fujifilm X100S


I ‘ve had a pretty busy month I with the X100S. First off I was a trip to Sardinia and I made the conscious decision to travel light, shooting purely with the X100S.

We were fortunate with incredible blue skies every day (something that seems to have continued since getting home) and these kind of bright conditions just don’t lend themselves to shooting with a rear display. This is primarily down to the new 2.36m-dot EVF compared to the still respectable 1.44m-dot EVF on the X100. It’s lovely and clear to shoot with

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Tried and True

Many of today’s woodworkers, if faced with the job of cutting a miter without the aid of the trusty table saw could, no doubt, do the job by hand. After all. much of the preparatory work for any project still has to be done by hand. We have to measure with a tape or a rule, and we have to use try-squares and bevels to mark where the cuts must be made. Making the cut by hand is just a short step from bringing the work to the machine.

What happens after the cut has been made is another story.

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Not for the smooth, white floors in provided Studio, you might think you’ve wandered into an eccentric’s private chamber of curiosities. Islands of natural and man-made wonders cluster in the clean gallery space on Muizenberg’s Main Road.

What could be David Livingstone’s boots stand among assorted busts. Shelves are arrayed with apothecary bottles, leather-bound volumes and figurines. Driftwood angels float over a stuffed owl and oriental collectibles. Oh, and skulls feature everywhere.

It’s not morbid fascination, though — when something from the dark side intrigues them, say designer-manufacturers Bartel van Vuuren and Liezle Fourie, it’s not because it’s dark, but

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While the tendency for so many of the country’s older institutions is to look to the past in creating a cohesive aesthetic, Pretoria’s renowned Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool has taken a path less travelled. In the late 1950s the then principal Elizabeth С Steijnsaal chose to embrace the modern architecture of the time and commissioned the construction of a modernist-inspired school hall, the Elizabeth С Steijnsaal, to stand against the backdrop of the school’s historic red-brick buildings. It was a bold move on her part but one that set the tone for the future.

Affies Meisies — as the school is


Trecision: из будущего — в средневековье.

Итальянская фирма Trecision Software, специализирующаяся на незатейливых квестах в жанре «крепкий клон” (Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy и Ark of Time), взялась за новую игру в том же надежном стиле (конкретнее — в духе еще не выпущенного Gabriel Knight 3) — «full 3D- квест с элементами экшена” под рабочим названием WM.

В отличие от урбанистического «Найтлонга”, WM будет решен в духе европейской мистики: главный герой, «доктор паранормальных наук” Дэррел Бун, получил выгодный заказ: исследовать древний австрийский замок и выяснить, что угрожает паранормальным способностям его нынешних владельцев и откуда они (способности) вообще взялись. За действиями доктора надзирает весьма продвинутая и амбициозная адвокатша

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