Boneyard Ops

A fast jet unit with a difference — Mark Ayton visited the HawkT.1A-equipped 100 Squadron at RAF Leeming, Yorkshire.

SEEING FOURTEEN Hawk aircraft parked on RAF Leeming’s flight line, gleaming in their all-black paint schemes, the author suspected that the day ahead was going to be a busy one for 100 Squadron. A check of the flight schedule in the operations room confirmed that 25 sorties were due to be launched for a variety of missions.


Equipped with 18 Hawk T.l A aircraft, 100 Squadron comprises A and B Flight and the Navigation Training Unit (NTU). The Squadron also

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The boy Egor, who became dark Other, violates a treaty between Light and Darkness, he preys on ordinary people and sucks the life out of them. His father, Anton Gorodetsky light Sometimes, trying to hide the crime of his son. But because of the intrigues Day Watch Now suspicion falls on Anton.

Whatever you say, and the two thousandth years have been for our country first science fiction blockbuster era. And it opened its «Night» and «Day Watch». Surprisingly, in Russia, where they buried the nineties was a great hope for the fantasy genre, took off a large-scale urban

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Boötes void


One of the biggest things we know of in the universe, weirdly, is nothing. Between galaxies there is intergalactic space, filled with gas, dust and ionised particles. Most of the time, there’s relatively little distance between them: we’re talking hundreds of thousands of light years that, in the grand scale of the cosmos isn’t so much to make a big deal of. But there are a few big places in our universe that are practically a vacuum, huge expanses of space with near to nothing in them. These are the supervoids and the biggest of them is the

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DNOC in plantations of Donbass

Meaning chemicalization gardening huge. Without pesticides can not get a harvest of fruits, berries and grapes. It should be noted that the amount of chemicals for the treatment of fruit trees and vineyards, and their selection is small.

But some drugs designed to control pests, diseases and weeds of field crops can be used in horticulture.

Lugansk Agricultural Institute in collaboration with specialists from Experimental Design Bureau of synthetic products set optimal rates and terms of use of chemicals.

Educational and experimental farm of the Institute for many years successfully used DNOC (dinitroortokrezol) to combat pests wintering orchards and

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Dmitri Popov





There is an old hunting test: sharpening a hunting knife should last a minimum of «roughing» a wild boar or elk — without the need for changes.

About hunters and knives

Lunch on ohotbaze held in high spirits — with jokes, toasts, «the field» and hearty snack. Some of those in the early morning of the guard in an ambush, had returned to prey: a shot of Gusak, as if by chance, were modestly exposed for all to see, and proud prey lucky accepted congratulations.

«Andrei, drag another zakus while preparing hot!» One of

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Boom! The dangers of wood dust

Sam Tom was returning from a coffee break in January 2012 at the Babine Forest Products sawmill in Burns Lake, B.C. when he saw a flash.

A moment later: «Boom. Everything just went flying,” Tom later told the Canadian Press wire service.

The explosion and resulting fire wrecked the mill, killing two and injuring 20. The likely cause, according to a report released in May by the British Columbia Safety Authority, was improperly managed wood dust, possibly ignited by an electrical panel, high-watt light bulb or earlier fire.

The incident was the latest in a series of explosions and conflagrations

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Photographic Visions is an awe-inspiring collection of over 100 images by photographers from around the globe. Derived from photographers’ work on the website the book’s aim is to provide readers with background information on how each Image was created. So not only do the images inspire readers, but also the helpful tips, hints and advice mean they can also learn how to create similar pictures themselves. Subject matters ore broken up into a vast array of categories including landscape, nature, people, street and documentary.

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DIARY Florist September. REQUIRED working in the garden and the house

In the garden

To flowerbeds look attractive, promptly remove dead leaves and faded flowers and dried flower stalks.

♦ Divide overgrown herbaceous perennials, if you do not have time to do it in August.

♦ In the first decade of the month planted crocuses hionodoksu Pushkin, muscari and other melkolukovichnye. Then — and daffodils in the third decade — tulips. If the bulbs are healthy, fit and held on time and at the correct depth — the plants in the spring will show itself in all its glory.

♦ Mid-September — time to dig gladiolus. At the same time,

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To rally a lifetime

What qualities Subaru Outback gives his «boxer heart»

In this car it is possible to go to the rally — thanks for familial genes. But Subaru Outback wagon-road comfort is able to compete on a business sedan, and on cross and capacity — with this SUV.

A few facts about SUBARU OUTBACK

• Word outback in Australia called the local Bush — large sparsely populated arid region in the interior of the continent.

• The name was first used Outback Subaru in 1994, it was of «off-road» version of the wagon Legacy. Model gained full independence only in 2009,

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Dmitry Nagiyev.

At the time when the masses do not know who is Dmitry Nagiyev, I just raved about popularity. My motto was «no matter what I do, it is important that there is.» I worked for a radio broadcaster in St. Petersburg and just wanted to play in a movie. But I was in the movie had not been asked. And I had almost nothing to eat. But already he had a wife and son …

Poverty and hunger, I am not afraid. I was brought up by my mother, and we were very poor. My parents divorced when I

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