Recreational aviation is at a crossroads. Our population is aging, and as the large cadre of World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam-era veterans hang up their wings, it’s also shrinking. Our fundamental question is whether we want to continue to be a somewhat elite activity that is defined by superior skill and determination, or one of a big tent, in which we encourage everyone to participate in the life-changing process of learning to fly.

I think the answer is clear. Aviation is of significant benefit to the country and to the people it inspires.

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Infrequently folk healers share their secrets during his lifetime, and Mikhail Golyuk filed three applications for methods of treating intractable diseases. Requests it, however, rejected, and none of the experts did not take the trouble to check the real value of ideas popular among the people of his grandfather, although it is known unfortunate tendency to study the experience of traditional medicine «after», when many of the intricacies of the case and forgotten uteryany.A meanwhile to Golyuku travel thousands of kilometers people, believing that the people’s doctor will help them …- alive if Michael V.? — Anxiously I asked

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TWO apiaries — two indicators

In the spring of 1963 we moved apiary assistant 150 bee families in the multihull content. As we later received new hives transplant completed only by the end of May. This, of course, affected the normal development of bee colonies. In addition, because of the bad weather in the spring absent any support bribes and the bees had quite a long time to feed sugar. Still, the family developed a good idea.

In mid-May, in order to prevent swarming in the apiary, and build more bees to the main bribe, was formed 115 cuttings in mature queen cells derived

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Big three to set join forces

On 18 June the world’s three largest container shipping companies announced that, from the second quarter of 2014, they would be joining forces in an operational alliance under the name P3 network. In a surprise announcement, Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) & CMA CGM stated that they will deploy 255 owned or chartered vessels on 29 loops on three major trade lanes, Europe-Asia, transpacific and transatlantic, offering a combined capacity of 2,600,00 TEU.

Maersk, who made the first move by approaching its two biggest rivals about the operational alliance, will contribute 42 per cent of the capacity in the

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Radek Filip lives in Prague. The chief editor of the fishing magazine Kaіtap. Universal Angler specializes in catching predatory fish. Personal records: KGS 206 cm in length and weighing 75 kg, the carp length 107 cm and weighing 18.5 kg.

Not long ago, many anglers asp associated with fish, which is almost impossible to catch. But in 80-90 years of the last century the situation has changed, mainly due to a significant breakthrough spinning fishing. Asp has become more likely to fall in the catch of fishermen, but these were accidental capture of lures and fishing techniques used by

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The largest galaxies in the universe are giant ellipticals – huge clouds containing trillions of stars whose overlapping individual orbits create an enormous, fuzzy-edged ball. These monsters can grow to be ten times the size of the Milky Way, but even by these standards, IC 1101 stands out: it has a diameter more than 50 times that of the Milky Way, and is roughly 2,000 times heavier.

IC 1101 lies at the heart of a galaxy cluster called Abell 2029, over a billion light years from Earth. The cluster has an overall mass of around 100 trillion Suns, though most

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Two portraits of a noble lady.

In the hall of the gallery, where the works of famous Russian painter Karl Bryullov, many viewers are delayed at huge ceremonial portrait of a society lady and her little daughter. However, her name is little to explain the visitor gallery. M.A.Bek portrait painted by the artist in 1840. Such spectacular, custom paintings including many works by the master.

In the picture, the full image of a young beauty with fine regular features, beautiful black hair in ringlets laid the fashion of the time. Dressed in sumptuous velvet dress, she poses, holding the hands of well-dressed little girl. It

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Dates, facts, events,

17-18 August 2013 weekend will be a traditional activity of amateur radio stations operating from fixed and floating beacons (International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend). For the first time this event was held in 1993, and in 1998 received its present name. Every year the event grows in popularity. For example, in 2012 the amateur radio on the air with the 473 lighthouses, located in 47 countries

Hall of Fame «Amateur Radio Hall of Fame» magazine «CQ Amateur Radio» was founded in January 2001 to celebrate the achievements of individuals (not necessarily radio amateurs), the activity of which had a

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Описание водоема и рыбалки: точно предсказать погоду на Аляске — задача не из легких, но есть общие тенденции, которые типичны. Обычно тепло начинается в июне, потом становится все теплее, но бывают кратковременные ливни с ураганами. Июль развивает эту тенденцию, и часто июль — самый теплый месяц этого короткого сезона, и как и в июне, июльские дни чрезвычайно продолжительные — часто в ночные часы фактическая темнота почти не наступает. В

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Two legs, and … GOES!

The theory has proved in his time that walking machines will provide a solid walk at least three pairs of legs. Who does not agree! AM Ivanov, a mechanic.

We offered them a walking mechanism of the two side support. Already recognized as a novelty, and the authors’ theory of six legs «:» The mechanism of Ivanov’s functional and useful for walking devices, though now under construction on the basis of its ATVs «

Nisprovergatelya 56 years. Hairy, ready to fight. Not cooled the ardor of any war (where to nineteen Shura spy Ivanov received two awards and two

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