Sin, God …

To begin with, that «demo" we have already seen. Someone loved it, someone somewhere, but like those who do nothing good for themselves found, almost was not. And that, generally speaking, could have been foreseen long before its release. Very much was evident in advertising and on the approach to the game developers, which is preparing something big. With programmed successfully. The same blockbuster, which we are trying to say in this issue.

The tradition of the good old Soviet times requires me to describe the correct order: first it is necessary to praise, if there is a way,

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Berlin blueprints for JSS canadian navy

The Canadian government has finally selected a ship design for the Joint Support Ships being acquired for the Royal Canadian Navy as part of its National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy. After a number of false starts, Ottawa has opted for the less risky option of an off-the-shelf design in the form of the German Navy’s Berlin class task group supply vessel, rather than a completely new design from BMT Fleet Technology that was also under consideration.

The cdn$2.6 billion ships are still years away from replacing the RCN’s two Protecteur class tankers, both of which are nearly 45 years old. Seaspan

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Grace Kelly: At the root RATINGS

The inimitable way, a great self-control, proud bearing and, of course, the amazing natural beauty have become symbols of the name Grace Kelly. Her life, so at first glance like a Cinderella story, was not easy. However, thanks to its commitment and ambition, this woman was able to overcome all difficulties and to translate dreams into reality.

The family of the future princess

Grace Kelly — a symbol of the era, the dream of many of his contemporaries to marry a prince. However, she herself — long before that fateful event — has been the mistress of his life.

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Grace Kelly is often remembered as the princess of Monaco, totally oblivious to the fact that it was still gorgeous, very popular actress. Her filmography includes a little more than a dozen paintings, but what were the pictures! Its role will remain forever in the memory of viewers. Films with the participation of Grace Kelly has long been included in the collection of the best film works of the past twentieth century.


We can not say that a career in the movie Grace evolved quickly and easily. Remembering his first steps, she told me: «When I moved to

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Bell Wins ARH Competition

BELL HELICOPTER Textron Inc was awarded an initial $210.75 million system development and demonstration contract on July 29 for the US Army’s next generation Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARID, which will replace the Army’s current fleet of OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters.

Bell ARH is a militarized version of the commercial Bell 407, which can be equipped with a wide variety of weapons. ARH mission versatility will enable armed reconnaissance, light attack, troop insertion and special operations missions to be accomplished with a single helicopter type. Although it has two crew-stations, it will be capable of single-pilot operation, and its standard armed

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BenQ LM100

It’s stylish and sturdy, but does the retativety cheap BenQ LM100 have anything else to offer?

When purchasing a new compact, especially a ‘tough’ camera that is waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof and dustproof, your mind is unlikely to jump to a model from the relatively unheard of BenQ. However, the manufacturer has recently begun producing some interesting contenders, including the new ultra-portable LM100 — a stylishly decorated compact aiming to give the main brands a run for their money, offering adventure and underwater enthusiasts a 14MP sensor, 28 scene modes, plus colour and filter effects.

In terms of design, the slim

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Grace noted the professionalism of colleagues, family and friends — her sensitivity and willingness to always come to the rescue. Director of the film «Mogambo» John Ford once remarked, «I would say that today it is one of the most beautiful young actresses of American theater and cinema. But more importantly, it is — the personification of the image of an American girl who will always be proud of her family and her entourage. «

Hitchcock and a failed comeback

With Alfred Hitchcock Grace met on trial for the movie «Taxi». Cold restrained appearance and passionate nature — that’s

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One of the inherent qualities of Grace Kelly can undoubtedly be called that in any situation it look flawless. Her tips on how to present a particular image, use even famous directors. At the same time she was very humble Kelly in choosing clothes and buying only those things that did not go out of fashion and were considered timeless classics.

Innate sense of taste

During its not very long, but pretty successful career Grace worked with the best designers in Hollywood, and they were all amazed at the taste of the charming actress. In «Paramount Pictures» Grace worked on

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Benelux update

I WAS VERY pleased to read your article on Benelux Air Forces in AFM February, although there were some errors in the translation.

Although meaning and sounding the same, jagd is a German word, correctly spelled in Dutch as ‘jacht’. The best way to translate fighter into Dutch is Jager (both words mean ‘hunt’ and ‘hunter’ respectively). A bombewerper is a non existent German-Dutch word, and should be spelled as bommerwerper which means bomber. A fighter-bomber translates into Dutch as jacht-bommenwerper (literally, hunting bomber). To the Dutch people the word is straaljagers, which includes jet training aircraft. Although zeemacht does

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We are preparing for the «1C: Expert»

Become a «1C: Expert» — means learning to think in several other categories, to understand and «feel» of systemic mechanisms work platform 1C. What you need, we try to understand.


A properly configured workstation — 50% success rate. Using only printed (and electronic, of course) sources, you can prepare for the exam, «1C: Expert,» and even pass it, especially if you have access to the knowledge base on technology issues [2]. But it is in fact you do not have that expertise, which implies a given certificate.

Expert on technology issues — is primarily a man capable inside

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