Combined Arms

Victory on the battlefield while ensure the successful deployment and the combined action of infantry, cavalry and artillery.

Army encountered on the battlefield first campaign in 1757, had a completely different tradition. The Prussian army, inherited a legacy of Frederick II in 1740, there were 83 000 people. Its structure was determined more by Frederick I — the grandfather of the king, and developed by his father — Frederick William I. The Prussian army was schooled to perfection. Frederick William I treated her as his own toy soldiers and never expose them to the dangers of war. The situation

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Eternal and current

In the north of Israel, in the eastern part of the Jezreel Valley in Lower Galilee, nine kilometers to the south-east of Nazareth, Mount Tabor rises, which is called Tabor in Hebrew, Arabic — Jabal Thor. Across its surface extends to the top of the ascending terraces dozen scallops with oaks and fig trees.

Together with my friend, driver and guide, we started a six-kilometer ascent to Tabor with a spacious car park at the foot of the mountain. Since we arrived here from far away and difficult ascent was coming, it was necessary to take advice of experienced:

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Hanger Hallway

You will need:

• pruner or saw

• Solid dry branches (at least 2 cm in diameter)

• wooden board 15×45 cm — the size can be varied at will

• Abrasive medium grain

• Newspaper or old rags

• Drill

• Paint in bottle silver tone

• Brush 5 cm

• Paints for wood (shade of salmon)

• Screws (2 — 3 pieces for each branch)

• Wall fasteners for shelf

Production time of 2 hours.

Autumn — time for a trim garden and a beautiful strong branches used to decorate the house. They are an excellent replacement

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Ask the expert. Personal vs. Standard meal plans.

Q: Many of my clients ask me for written meal plans. Should I provide standardized or personalized plans?

A: When nutrition professionals tailor meal plans for clients, they take into account food and cultural preferences, health concerns, lifestyle, and ethnic traditions, which usually doesn’t happen with standardized meal plans.

Benefits of Tailored Meal Plans.

This year, the theme for National Nutrition Month, organized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the Academy), was «Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day,» encouraging personalized healthful eating styles and recognizing that food preferences, lifestyle, cultural and ethnic traditions, and health concerns all impact individual

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Classic and timeless.

Trench — SUBJECT classical female clothing that goes out of fashion for many years. CONSIDERED THAT Thomas Burberry trench Invented already in 1901 and since then it has almost no altering. In anticipation of the new season, we suggest you read NEW variation on the classic raincoat.


Trench evening plans can be worn with formal attire, and his naked body. With the second option you have to be careful: it is important to find his long cloak — namely, not less than a foot. The top button can be fastened safely be set to break a variety of

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Ask Mr. Roboto.

Tap into the sum of all human knowledge and get your questions answered here! From software algorithms to material selection, Mr. Roboto strives to meet you where you are — and what more would you expect from a complex service droid?

The summer heat is over. Let the fall and winter robot competitions begin! October sees lots of things happening in the Rockies where I live. Being a total geek, it is time to make cool Halloween costumes about scientists and robots. None of that mamby-pamby sparkly vampire stuff for THIS guy! High tech, rockets, and even steam-punk are the

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Wind Car

SMALL wind power unit on a ship or car almost does not slow down their movement.

And the parking lot gives energy to lighting, heating and charging • BATTERY «BOOK windmills will not lose» — advice to the author.

Wind energy in rivers, seas and oceans is characterized by force and more stable than on land. So why not use it on ships to generate electricity? This idea may seem banal. However, we take it seriously.

While the vessel or truck wind turbine can be operated from an oncoming wind stream and wind or associated side or both streams

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Ask Irma

She’s the world’s best agony aunt and is here for you when your friends can’t be

It’s different when we’re apart

I’m in a serious relationship with someone who was my best friend in my teenage years. But he’s at university abroad and, in a year of being a couple, we’ve only spent five months together. When he’s with me it’s electrifying, but when we’re apart I feel emotionally distant. It’s like being in a relationship with two people.

You are in a relationship with two people. Together you’re one couple; apart you’re a slightly different couple. See separation as

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Wind of change against the ambitions of the hurricane?

«There’s nothing worse than living in times of change,» — says the old Chinese proverb. It appears to the greatest extent it relates to road freight. For a long time the drivers, owners of transport and freight forwarders are living in a constant state of stress. The authorities are constantly trying to introduce some innovations, while not quite explain what they pursue the ultimate goal. «Secret plan» Government «declassified» correspondent Vladislav Ronin.

3.50 — the price of justice?

In the last issue of the newspaper, we wrote about the supposed introduction of the new toll — 3.5 rubles per

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All this JAZ

Test Lab Game.EXE estimates removable drives

It would seem, until recently any amount required for the complete happiness "average user" Information could carry boxes with a single three-inch floppy disks. Until recently … When gigabyte (scary thought!) Hard drive cost several thousand dollars and was something cosmically distant, when none of the "rank and file" users and could not imagine that she will come brutally golden time when you are angry and swearing, rumors that something like damn the day I bought this pathetic 2.5-gigabyte Maxtor, which does not fit!

Yes, there were times … And if the issue

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