The tradition of hospitality

Traditional style in design cuisine combines the charm of fine details and sophisticated decor, but at the same time provides the comfort and warm atmosphere. The secret of traditional cuisine is precisely matched accents that attract attention.

Elegant classic SILVANO GRIFONI lamp is made of painted wood with the effect of aging.

Table service for 12 persons from Cornucopia WEDGWOOD. The service is made of fine bone china and decorated with 22-carat gold. The source of its design — the mythical «Cornucopia» with unicorns and satyrs.

The image of the cuisine from the factory Dhialma MARCHI CUCINE was inspired by

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Appeal to bring back Balmoral coastal cruising

A £350,000 appeal has been launched to return the excursion ship Balmoral to service in 2014, the greater part of the money being needed for a major survey and refit during the coming winter. This year Balmoral is out of service in Bristol but volunteers continue to work on board amid fears that if the survey does not take place it will prove difficult, if not almost impossible, to return the 1949-built vessel to future operations.

Balmoral was built by John I. Thornycroft’s yard in Southampton for Red Funnel ferry and excursion work, and was later used on the Bristol

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In close connection with the practice.

An important role in the struggle for economy and thrift plays a system of economic education. Most work in this direction is carried out at a distance of Lublin Moscow road.

In the distance there are ten schools of communist labor They are organized in almost all divisions of the company — the separation of the road, at stations Moscow-Pas senger-Kursk and Moscow-technical in repair and process area signaling, workshops, home communications, in the Lublin a radio station, the station Tsaritsyno, in the area of ​​mechanized slides. Established a school on the production and territorial basis. They combine more

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In Tajikistan

Natural and economic conditions of the Tajik SSR favor the development of horticulture and viticulture. In 1962, orchards and vineyards in the collective and state farms of the republic occupied 48 thousand hectares.

After the September (1953) Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee area of ​​orchards and vineyards in the Tajik SSR, especially in specialized farms, increased significantly. If the country as a whole from 1953 to 1962, the area of ​​the gardens increased by 2.7 times and 1.9 times in the vineyards, in sadvinsovhozah respectively — 7.1 and 5.3 times. Each year, farms produce about 10-12% of fruits

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In the People’s Democracies.

In November — December 1955 in Leipzig, the regular session of the governing bodies of the OIR.

International Broadcasting Organization (OIR) exists since 1946. The structure consists of its seven broadcasters USSR Soviet Socialist Republics «of the people’s democracy, as well as Finland. In recent years, broadcasters have entered FID of the German Democratic Republic, the People’s Republic, the Mongolian People’s Republic, the Korean People’s Democratic Republic and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

The session, held in Leipzig, heard a progress report on the activities of the Administrative Council a report on the financial activities of the organization and the

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Antarcticas Super-TIGER is top cat

NASA’s cosmic ray-hunting science balloon, the Super Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder (Super-TIGER), has smashed records for the longest flight by a balloon of its size and the longest flight of any heavy-lift scientific balloon during a flight over Antarctica, where it detected 50 million cosmic rays.

At a height of 38,000m (127,000ft), Super-TIGER was carried by the south polar winds for a lengthy 55 days, 1 hour and 34 minutes, breaking its own record of 46 days for the title of the longest flight by a balloon of its size. On board was a new instrument which, when bombarded by

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The article describes the patent of Ukraine (№70481, authors NI Marfin, Bednosheya VJ et al.) «External fixed device for lifting and lowering the disabled and elderly people in high rise buildings», registered in the State Register of patents 11.06. 2012

Lifting and lowering wheelchair users and elderly people in high rise buildings

Nikolai Marfin, Poltava

The authors known wheelchairs for outdoor use different designs of foreign production (China, Italy, USA, Germany). However, moving them invalid s in high-rise buildings in the ascent and descent is associated with great difficulties, mainly related to the angle of the surface on which ascends or descends people with disabilities.

Figure 1 shows a cross-sectional height high-rise building. At the level of the attic ceiling from the front of the building there is equipment for lifting, lowering the cab 11. In one wall of the

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Another Sale To Bolivia Abandoned

INTEREST BY the Fuerza Aerea Boliviana (FAB — Bolivian Air Force) in acquiring 12 Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina SA (LMAASA) AT-63 Pampa jet trainer/light attack aircraft led to the type being demonstrated in Bolivia recently. The aircraft used, early production Argentine Air Force IA.63 Pampa E-806 from IV Brigada Aerea/Gmpo Aereo 4 de Caza/Escuadron II at BAM El Plumerillo, Mendoza, was supported by an Argentine Air Force F27 for the deployment to Bolivia. It was evaluated on May 31 at Brigada Aerea III’s base at Base Aerea El Trompillo, Santa Cruz, home of Grupo Aereo de Caza 32, which operates

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The side color

If Christian Dior devoted himself entirely to painting, we would know him as one of the brightest representatives of impressionism. See this exhibition helps Impressions Dior.

The exhibition brings together the works of heritage houses Impressionist painters, runs until September 22 in Granville, the birthplace of Christian Dior. The exhibition of seventy Impressions Dior dresses — from the first to the work of the designer copies authored by Raf Simons at the post of creative director Dior- supplemented seventy paintings by Degas, Seurat, Monet and Renoir.

It is not hard to guess that the problem is not so much

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