ANANTARA Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

On the east crescent of Dubai’s iconic Palm Jumeirah lies Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa, a 5-star luxury resort that effortlessly blends the classic opulence of the Middle East, traditional Far Eastern design and the modern West. The resort is home to the first Overwater Villas in the Middle East.

Anantara’s unmistakable architecture borrows from its Asian family roots, but this hotel is far from ancient. Inside, Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa is ultra-luxurious, taking the most lavish elements of its Far Eastern influence. Its position on the Palm ensures there are spectacular views in all

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In step with the times

Vertical mechanized car parks

The design of the lifting device for the multi-level parking area, developed by JSC «Scherbinsky Lift Plant» and NPTs-47, «Power», meets all the requirements of Russian customers. It has a high mobility, it is simple installation, 90% of the lift is made up of parts of the domestic production. Such equipment can be efficiently and inexpensively serve Russian organizations specializing in elevators. Its main advantage over domestic and foreign counterparts — a favorable price-quality ratio, ease of maintenance, and — very importantly — a new multi-level parking structure perfectly adapted to the harsh climatic conditions

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Talk fashion or his other favorite pastime, decorating—with Andre Leon, and the conversation is packed with superlatives. “Marvelous! Extraordinary! the Over-top!” exclaims the larger-than-life fashion personality, whether he’s discussing the latest couture shows or the world’s c h i c e s t homes, where he is a regular guest. Last spring Andre Leona protege of Diana Vreeland and sartorial consultant to the Obama family—left Vogue’s staff after three decades (he remains a contributor) to become international editor at large of Russian style magazine N u m G r o Russia. His latest project, I. “In the fashion world,” Andre


In uniform

An approach to equipping cars Wehrmacht consisted of contradictions.

On the one hand, the military offered highly complex four-wheel drive design, which incorporates the most advanced developments of the time, but also costing a little cheaper aircraft. On the other hand these machines were produced little, and those who did not have them, it was proposed to go on cheap mass kyubelvagenah — simplified versions of civilian models

What a gloomy German genius thought of releasing the chassis on a purely peaceful Czechoslovak People’s Army subcompact car ?! More ridiculous things to do than to go on the attack

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The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

I-st MEZHDUNARODNYI Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), organized in 1948. His goal — the solution of international problems of preservation and restoration of natural resources and promote development in the world of research, advocacy and practical activities in the field of nature conservation. Currently, the IUCN is 196 member organizations from 62 countries.

The Soviet Union is represented in the IUCN Commission for the Conservation of Nature in the USSR State Planning Committee (since 1956) and the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (1960).

Every two or three years, the IUCN General Assembly and carries both technical

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As the synth market continues to go analogue-mad, MT senior ed Andy Jones warns: be careful what you wish for…

The synth market has always been an odd and unpredictable force to be reckoned with. On the one hand manufacturers totally ignore what people ask for, and on the other they end up overcompensating, perhaps a little too late down the line. The new-fangled digital synths had polyphony, they could emulate real instruments, they could play loads of different sounds, and they could play them simultaneously. The workstations that were born of that era could do just about everything, in


In early 2000, I bought in Moscow fry hybrid parrots (monsters). Safely reaching the place of their future living and passing month quarantine, they were placed in a 300-gallon tank, which contained adult metinnisy. anostomusy, pseudotropheus Fayzilberga and Ancistrus. At first, the fish were very anxious, spending most of the day in shelters, but then beginners to master and lead an active life.

In «KUGE» second.

The second generation Ford Kuga just quarreled with his son Dmitry Sirotkin are presenting to your attention a fascinating account of his hatred, confusion and sleepiness.

This machine I will remember for a long time: Kuga is the first car that drove me to distraction. And all thanks to the trunk opening without using their hands. My three year old son Roma view opens with a wave of his legs back door led to such an indescribable joy that pull him from the continuous kicking rear bumper crossover was not easy: a child raised wildest op as I tried

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An-70 prototype crashes

DURING A TEST flight from Kiev on February 10, the prototype Antonov An-70 fourpropfan transport collided with its An-72 chase aircraft at about 1730hrs local time while flying at around 10,000ft (3,000m). It was totally destroyed when it plunged almost vertically into a forest near the town of Veliky, about 25 miles (40km) from Kiev.

All five crew and two test observers were killed on board the An-70. Despite severe damage and a fire, the An-72 was able to return to Gostomel Airport for a safe emergency landing. According to Russian sources, if is believed that the An-70 experienced control

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An Island High n Dry

Yefim Gordon visits Russia’s Ostrov Naval Aviation Training Centre

THE DIVISION OF the Russian Air Force into branches — tactical aviation, long-range aviation (the strategic bomber force), army aviation, air defence (PVO) fighter units etc — calls for the establishment of a single tactical training centre for pilots and navigators within each branch. These training centres are responsible not only for mastering new types of hardware but for developing combat tactics against any potential adversary. (Like the USAF, the Soviet Air Force had its own ‘aggressor’ units.)

Such centres are staffed with the best military tacticians and flying instructors and

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