AEP Ohio celebrates Columbus Bicentennial with Gifts that Keeps on Saving

Home Energy Savings Tour and gridSMART Mobile from AEP Ohio roll into Home & Garden Show

As the Central Ohio Home & Garden Show says «Happy Birthday, Columbus! Come Celebrate with US,» show visitors will have the opportunity to visit AEP Ohio’s Home Energy Savings Tour (HEST) and the gridSMART Mobile from AEP Ohio.

This year, AEP Ohio will be giving Columbus the gift of energy savings and encouraging its customers to participate in the company’s efficient products programs.

In addition to the HEST interactive displays, efficiency experts will be on hand to demonstrate how customers can save money and

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Профессиональный пылесос предназначен для интенсивной эксплуатации. Мощность двигателя 1500 Вт, разрежение 250 мбар и скорость воздушного потока 3700 л/мин — всё это способствует качественному и эффективному сбору мусора.

АР 300 ELCP — универсальный аппарат, который подойдёт для сбора сухого мусора, всасывания различных негорючих жидкостей, а также для использования с электроинструментами — шлифмашинами, фрезерами, лобзиками и др. У пылесоса предусмотрена функция синхронного старта.

Собираемый мусор поступает в 30-литровый пластиковый контейнер. Если возникнет необходимость, пользователь может воспользоваться мешком-пылесборником, входящим в комплект. Отличительная особенность модели — функция Clear — Press: поступающий в пылесос воздух направляется на фильтр с обратной стороны с высокой скоростью,

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Active protection or optical-electronic suppression?

Recently, in various media and online publications received increased attention active protection systems (KAZ). The surge of such interest is not accidental. We can assume that it is linked largely to advertising Israel, establishing the supposedly invulnerable to ATGM and RPG system of active protection of the tank «Trophy». And our high chiefs, forgetting that it was in the Soviet Union created the first KAZ «Drozd» began to shout in unison, that here it is — a panacea for all ills. But no one wondered why the same «Drozd» did not become a mass?

The obvious is the fact

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Advanced mid-side techniques in Pro Tools

Having explored the intricacies of M/S bussing, it’s ti me to take things to the next level.

Mike Hillier is your guide.

Last month’s tutorial looked at how to build your own mid-side matrices in Pro Tools using bussing. With this technique we can create a standard L/R stereo mix from a mid-side recording or take an L/R stereo mix and create an M/S version for processing the mid and side separately, which can then be reprocessed back to an L/R stereo mix. In this instalment we’re going to explore some of the processing techniques we use alongside M/S processing.

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She grew up in the city, but when ever pick cotton, worked skillfully and dexterously. Assistant director with «Turkmen-film», sought after performers. for a new tape, estimated, apparently, is the fact … And then a law student at the University of Turkmen Gorky Orazova offer combiner role in the film directed by «I have come for all.»

We can not say that until that memorable working semester she had no dreams of becoming an actress. At school she is well read verses from the stage, danced, played in amateur play Cinderella. However, I went to law school

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One of the most impressive items Ananyino culture, as well as the general culture of the early iron-steppe zone of Eurasia are socketed bronze celts. They are molded to normally more or less elongated tools or weapons. With serried straight sleeves without butt, lowered the blade about 2 / s length Celt attached to the elongated parallel to the blade wooden handle. According to the general plane of the Celts applied various patterns that are typical of certain forms. To the east of the area of ​​the Middle Volga and the Lower Kama region Celts spread flat with lenticular,



Photoshop’s little brother engineers its way around massive photo libraries

Since 2007, Adobe has offered Lightroom as a bridge between its consumer-centric Elements and the reigning 800-pound gorilla of digital imaging, Photoshop. With the arrival of Lightroom 5, Adobe has innovated its photographic whiz kid faster than ever before, delighting users in the process.

Available in traditional new and upgrade editions or as part of a $49.99 per month Creative Cloud subscription, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 ships with more than 50 improvements, most notably a trio of new features borrowed from its more expensive namesake.

The first is Advanced Healing



The battery farming of the 12th signaling and communication Voroshilov road is in bad condition. Leaders distance totally engaged in this economy.

The battery is not charge-discharge shield. Everything is done here in the temporary shelters. Batteries are transported from place to place. The premises of the storage and cross are not repaired. In the windows, and there are cracks in the floor. Devices and batteries because of this all the time gathering dust. When cleaning them every time it is necessary to disturb the wire, which may lead to breakage.

The battery is not a fan. The air


Acclimatization and artificial resettlement of game animals

Muskrat. The first experiments on the resettlement of game animals in the Sverdlovsk region began in 1930, when in remote areas — and Garinsky Taborinsky, was brought from the Solovetsky Islands Party muskrats in the amount of 78 animals. Prior to that, the muskrat in the Sverdlovsk region are not met. In 1935 in the same area Garinsky been released yet 169 muskrats, and in 1957 about 200 individuals — Krasnoufimsk area in the basin. Ufa. Further spread of this species on the territory of the region was carried out by intraregional settlement. During the period from 1930 to

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