The Fourth Annual Lunabotics Competition.

Back in May, the Visitor’s Complex of the Kennedy Space Center — a popular tourist destination — was taken over by a lively group of young college students. Although the opening of the Atlantis exhibit was fast approaching (which houses the retired Space Shuttle Atlantis), the students were not there to relax and enjoy the sights. They came to compete in the fourth annual Lunabotics competition hosted by NASA at the Visitor’s Complex. The goal of the competition is to encourage STEM education among college students, while also helping NASA develop an actual lunar rover prototype. The teams design and

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The forestry commission

Unlike many other transport companies this enterprise not only operates and manages its fleet of vehicles and equipment, but in some areas also has to build the roads on which they run.

Wales and Ireland. The creation of the new authority was a direct result of the difficulties which the country» had faced in meeting the demand for timber during the First World War. The country’s forests had been declining since the Middle Ages and ever increasing demands for timber had resulted in the forested areas reducing to only 5% of the land area. The outbreak of war resulted in

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The Fix

NAVIGATION is both an art and a science and, like both disciplines, must develop to meet changing environments and scenarios This is particularly true of military air navigation.

In June 1982 the first RAF Tornado unit, IX Squadron at Honington, was formed and since that date the Tornado, with its two-man crew of pilot and navigator, has gradually replaced the Vulcan. Jaguar and Buccaneer in the overland role and the Lightning and Phantom in the Air Defence role. The Tornado is now one of the most potent and capable aircraft in NATO, being operated by the RAF, the German Air

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Transform your outdoor room with stylish decorative metal screening and garden features.

Nowadays we regard our gardens as outdoor rooms and take the same care when decorating them as we would any interior living space. We also prize our privacy, which is why screening is playing an increasingly important role in garden design. Tombo Design specialises in architectural and decorative metal privacy screens for residential and commercial use. The company also produces an array of metal wall art, garden features, fire pits and illuminated pieces so you can create a fully coordinated look to enhance any outdoor space.

Tombo Design

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The Fights Still On

Mark Ayton visited 801 and 899 Naval Air Squadrons at RNAS Yeovilton to review the conversion training and frontline tasking of the Royal Navy’s Sea Harrier FA.2 fleet, now in its final 22 months of operation.

RNAS YEOVILTON, Somerset, is the home of the Royal Navy’s Sea Harrier FA.2 fleet, comprising one frontline squadron, 801 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) and the Sea Harrier training unit 899 NAS. As of July 2004, the Sea Harrier has 22 months of service remaining with the Royal Navy. Originally planned to be in service until 2012, its early retirement is the result of a

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The Financial Continuum

It is often said that life is like a marathon. However, perhaps it is better to consider life as a series of sprints with periods of recovery in between. This can apply in so many areas of our lives. Family, career and finances are all areas of our lives that have periods of all-out sprints and then times of almost coasting. When it comes to the financial race, it is important to evaluate you are and where you want to go, and then to create the map to get there.

On your mark …

In the early stages of financial

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The fast and the curious

International acclaim and only 25 years old, Jamey Price started his rise to fame as an automotive photographer in May 2011: «It was a NASCAR truck race where I was being paid to cover Kimi Raikkonen, the 2007 F1 World Champion, who was running in his first stock car race,» he says. «I’m very early in my career in the grand scheme of things. I grew up just loving car racing — I’m a very passionate fan. If I’m not at a race, I’m certainly watching one on TV.»

Getting the WOW!

Jamey’s WOW! image was taken during Formula One’s

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The essentials.

The next big thing in paving

New to Stone Hub’s comprehensive landscape product range is E Pave, an engineered stone paver that has a finish and quality that far exceeds any manufactured or reconstituted pavers currently available on the Australian market. These popular square-format 600×600-sized pavers are not only of a unique finish and benchmark quality, but are also more dimensionally accurate and are light to handle compared with other manufactured or reconstituted pavers on the market. E Pave also comes in a range of contemporary natural colours that has evolved through consultation with leading landscape designers. In line with

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The ES-175 can feed back and its bulky to some, but it boasts the longest unbroken production run of any electric guitar model

The ‘lowlier’ ES-175 has its own set of fans, across all genres. A hollowbody ES was an unusual choice for a future prog shredder, but Howe has remained faithful to the guitar that has supercharged his career. ‘The 175 is a brilliant guitar,’ Howe says. ‘The parallelogram inlays are beautiful, the whole guitar is beautiful.’ Back in the 1990s, even legendary guitar-collector Howe was having a clear-out. ‘I’ve bought a lot of guitars I didn’t need,’ Howe told G&B. ‘I’m selling 45 at the moment. But I’ve kept my ’63 ES-175, which was the first Gibson I bought. I played

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The ES-150 was essentially a jazz box with the deep body of existing archtop acoustics, but at the time it was a revolution

Gibson’s ES series began with the ES-150 of 1936, generally recognised as the world’s first successful electric guitar. The ES-150’s name – like many Gibson models that preceded and followed – simply denotes price: in 1936, $150 bought you the guitar, an amplifier and a cable. Gibson had previously fitted pickups on acoustic guitars in 1935, but the ES-150 was the first specifically-designed electric guitar to make a real impact.

Perhaps surprisingly, it was two retail companies – Montgomery Ward and Spiegel May Stern – who pushed Gibson to design and build the ES-150. Early pickup-loaded L-00 and L-1 models

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