Triumph tiger explorer

Like most modern Triumphs, the defining characteristic of the Explorer is its character-rich inline-triple powerplant. This latest-generation, 1215cc triple, a version of which also powers the Trophy SE sport-tourier, seems tailor-made for adventure touring, producing a claimed 135 horsepower and 89 lb.-ft. of torque. Ride-by-wire throttle activation permits multi-mode traction control—including a setting that allows a slight amount of wheelspin for of-road use—though, unlike many of the other bikes, these settings are not easy to change on the fly.

With a claimed curb weight of 570 pounds, the Explorer is no lightweight, and the inline-triple raises the center of gravity

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KTM 1190 Adventure

KTM offers its all-new 1190 Adventure in two formats, both of which were tested here. The base Adventure (pictured above) is more street-biased, with a 19-inch front wheel and geometry and suspension settings optimized primarily for paved roadways. The of road-intent Adventure R is equipped with a 21-in. front wheel, longer-travel suspension, different steering geometry, and crash bars for improved of-road capability.

An all-new frame contains a revised version of the 75-degree, 1195cc V-twin from the RC8R superbike, retuned for more midrange power efficiency; KTM says fuel economy is improved by 20 percent over the RC8R. Peak output is a

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I was going out for lunch back in college and my five girl friends and I decided to take a cab to a nearby restaurant. The cabbie tried to charge us extra because apparently only four people were allowed in a cab. We opposed because it was too expensive. The driver countered, «Walang mga pera, sakay pa kayo nang sakayl» I struck back with:

«Kung di dahil sa amin, wala kayong sweswelduhinl» And my other girlfriend added, «Iwan n’yong bukas yung pinto, sama ng ugali niyal’1 Then we ran away in front of our school laughing while in

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Erika Padilla

If you decided to grab a bucket of water and spill it over the head of some stunningly gorgeous gal, you’d either get a slap on the face, a knee to your testicular region, or a tub of tears borne from embarrassment. But PBA courtside reporter Erika Padilla, who this month joins the FHM family in,ph’s roster of columnists, couldn’t care less about soaking wet.

With every championship win, as champagne bottles are popped open and ecstatic hollering fills the dugout, her curvaceous body is treated to copious amounts of the cold liquid in celebration of victory.

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“Allo ‘allo,’ I say — Jersey being an island as francophone as it is friendly — as we swing into the car park of Mark Jordan at the Beach. ‘What ‘ave we ‘ere?’ A beach bistro so neat, so perfectly conceived, with its rattan furniture and jaw-dropping view of the bay, that we could be in Saint-Raphael or Portofino — only the fish and shellfish, I think, are going to be much better. And I’m right. There’s devilled whitebait with mustard mayo, their plaintive little faces looking longingly out of a paper cone; lobster and prawn cocktail with


Milestone Chemical formed tanker

Japan’s Tokyo Marine and Jo Tankers of Norway will merge their chemical carrier fleets into a new pool company, to be known as Milestone Chemical Tankers, this autumn. The pool will be owned on a 50/50 basis by the partners and will be commercially managed from Singapore, with regional offices to be established in Bergen, London and Houston. The combined fleet will total 63 ships, with 52 coming from Tokyo Marine.

Feeder vessel

In mid-June Angola loaded its first cargo of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). Angola has become the first new supplier of LNG to come to the global market

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