Surviving NATO shootdowns

AFM’s Alan Dawes sheds light on reports from *the other side’ describing the experiences of downed Yugoslavian Air Force pilots.

IN THE comparatively brief history of aerial combat, the role of the fighter pilot has always been glamorised in much the same way as we looked upon medieval knights. It is, therefore, tragically apt that the majority of Yugoslav Air Force fighter pilots known to have been shot down during Operation Allied Force have all belonged to the elite 127 Squadron, known as The Knights. The squadron name celebrates the memory of Serbia’s revered medieval leader and his band of

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Surprised by Joy

By THE EvE of our fourth wedding anniversary, we had wanted to have a baby, but without success. My husband asked me what I would like for our anniversary, and I sheepishly answered, “a baby.” He gently told me he couldn’t promise me that, but that we’d have a nice celebration of four happy years.

But an anniversary wish impossible for my husband to promise was not impossible for God! The next day, we heard that after waiting four months with an adoption agency, we had been chosen to parent a baby due to be born in two weeks! Miraculously,

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A simple wiring trick derives center channels.

Back in the late 1970s, I worked as a movie theater projectionist. That’s when I learned this dead-simple trick for wiring a center-channel speaker to augment the right and left channels.

To do it, you wire the left and right speakers to the amplifier as usual, red to red and black to black. Then wire a middle speaker by connecting | one pole to the amp’s right red output and the | other pole to the left red output. This will take the signal that’s shared by the left and right speakers, more


Surfs Up

Although we’re not in Hawaii that’s no excuse to not search out some pretty sweet surfing spots and challenge your photography skills, here’s our advice to get you started

If there’s a life bucket list for the adventurous and the action fuelled individuals then surfing the coast is without a doubt in the top five.

Setting Up for the Surf

So you’ve hit the sand, gear in hand, ready to plunge into the big blue to capture those spectacular waves and the surfers graciously gliding on them, so a camera with a decent frame rate is a must to catch

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Supplier Services In Need of Improvement

Dealers and designers give suppliers passing grades when it comes to delivering the products and services most important to them, although there are apparently improvements still needed within the product-supply chain.

For kitchen and bath product suppliers, there’s seemingly both good and bad news as companies continue to find their legs in a market that’s clearly recovering but, nevertheless, remains challenging.

The good news is that dealers and designers give suppliers generally passing grades when it comes to delivering the products and services most important to them. The bad news is that there are clearly improvements needed within the industry’s

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Super-Earths found orbiting distant star

Not one, but three planets found in Gliese 667C’s habitable zone

Scientists using data from the ESO’s

HARPS (High Accuracy Radial velocity

Planet Searcher) have discovered not one, but three super-Earths orbiting in the stellar habitable zone of Gliese

667C. It’s a record-breaker as far as finding planets where liquid water might exist is concerned, and it means that this habitable zone is as populated with planets as it can get.

“We knew that the star had three planets from previous studies, so we wanted to see whether there were any more,” said Mikko Tuomi, one of the astronomers from

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OVER A DECADE ago Osprey Publishing released a volume called Supercarriers in its hugely popular ‘Colour Series’ range. This humble tome went on to sell well over 25,000 copies, plus spurn two further works with the word ‘Supercarrier’ in their respective titles. The moderately priced all-colour books produced by the publisher proved so successful throughout the 1980s that a number of other competitors also adopted this format, and by the early 1990s saturation point had been reached. Today, only Motorbooks of Osceola, Wisconsin, continues to release titles in this format under the less than original banner of ‘Enthusiast Color Series’.

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Sunsets and Sun Rises.

If there is one thing I don’t photograph much, it’s sunsets.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen and enjoyed some stunning sunsets in my time, it is the boring uninteresting ones I see displayed on various photographic sites, magazines or newspapers — the total lack of imagination — that really irks me.

There will be the sun going down over the sea and it is titled, ‘Sunset, Bloubergstrand». Good grief, it’s the sun going down over a blank sea and a featureless horizon (oh, and it’s skew!) — I’ll have to take their word for it that it’s Bloubergstrand,

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When you’re into your classics it can be a costly business — even if your chosen machine is a mere Super Dream. CMM meets Nick Jones to find out what is it about this humble Honda that inspires such fierce loyalty.

Perspective is everything in life. Take Nick Jones. He has a passion for the Honda Super Dream that borders on madness and it all stems from seeing one parked up in town as a nipper.

He recalls: “I was only about eight or nine when I saw one for the first time where I was growing up in Reading.

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When your working week finishes, your beauty regime should be just getting started, whether you prefer time-saving marvels or luxurious, drawn-out rituals. By Nicola Moulton

Carving out a bit of weekend beautifying time has never offered more enduring rewards. Vinylux is a new “weekly polish” from CND, the maker of Shellac. There are 60 colours (30 match Shellac’s salon shades) and the secret is in the pro-light top coat that hardens in natural light to provide the protective “shell” which, according to CND, should keep you going for seven days. (Mine lasted six, but as a frustrated former nail-biter I

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