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Status JS650

Лобзик средней «весовой категории» оснащён 650-ваттным электродвигателем. Инструмент способен «общаться» со всеми традиционными материалами, он может делать пропилы в древесине и её производных (глубиной до 80 мм), стали (до 8 мм), пластике.

У Status JS650 предусмотрены все классические регулировки, делающие лобзик функциональным и универсальным инструментом, способным выполнять различные задачи. Электронный регулятор позволяет выбирать скорость в диапазоне от 800 до 3000 ходов в минуту. На корпусе размещён переключатель ступеней маятникового хода, у которого четыре позиции, включая «нулевую». Система быстрой замены пильного полотна упростит работу без ущерба для надёжности фиксации.

Опорная подошва модели выполнена из крепкого и в то же время достаточно

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He characters in Dan Chaon’s third collection of disquieting, nocturnal stories are haunted by past sins-easily damaged, plagued by guilt plunged into darkness, and certain that the universe is sending them messages. In the title story, a baby is bom with two heads. Though the ‘parasitic» head has awareness-eyes blink, mouth sucks-it will leech the life from the perfectly formed “host» baby if not removed. To this creepy premise Dan adds an accident involving the baby’s father that creates an almost unbearable sense of foreboding. In two stories-«Patrick Lane, Flabbergasted» and “To Psychic Underworld»-characters receive mysterious missives. One man looks

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State flight testing begins with Mi-24VM.

MIL’S PROTOTYPE upgraded Mi-24VM completed a satisfactory 20-minute test flight at its Panki facility near Moscow on March 4. The Mi-24VM is an intermediate variant, to be produced in parallel with the Mi-28 Havoc and shares the latter’s main and tail rotor assemblies. At the beginning of 1999 approximately 1,000 Mi-24s remained in service with the Russian Army. Upgrading 30-35% of them will allow the Army to retire the rest of the fleet as airframe life expires, without negative effect on the overall combat capability of the force. Mil Deputy General Designer, Vladimir Stekolnikov, believes that the upgrade will prolong

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The richly coloured stained-glass front door of Ann Robertson’s Edwardian home is just the starter to the menu of vibrant rooms, paintings and artefacts within. ‘This is not a minimalist or neutral style of house,’ she says, opening the door to a wide, tiled hallway. ‘When we bought it, we were incredibly lucky that all the original features were intact: the pediments over the doors, the fireplaces and even this floor, which was only discovered when we lifted up the old brown carpet a week after moving in.’

Ann moved here from a smaller house round the corner when her

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Stash it — or trash it?

Not sure whether holding on to that sentimental item will make cents or not?

Top value flamingo

Ronel writes: I inherited this sculpture from my father and I want to find out more about the artist and determine the possible value.

Kate Lagan of Stephan Welz & Co’s Paintings Department replies: The artist is Italian-based Alessandro Nicoletti and this work was produced in the ’80s. The artist says that the artwork is from an edition of 10 — the medium of which is ‘light alloy’. He advises a gallery price or value of 3 000 EUR (R40 000) for this

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startrek: armada

Разработчики накинулись на все­ленную Star Trek с упорством, дос­тойным, что называется, лучшего применения. Вот и еще одна RTS проклюнулась, Star Trek: Armada.

Слава богу, здесь мы избавле­ны от необходимости пересказы­вать не в меру пафосный сюжет, в котором попадаются такие не­понятные слова, как Klingon, Borg и Worf. На этом фоне нам пред­стоит ровно 26 миссий безудер­жного всегалактического квеста, отягощенного тремя вою­ющими сторонами, 18 разновид­ностями космических кораблей и морем разнообразного оружия.

Местный космос испещрен всякими worm holes (быстрые перемещения по карте, у нор­мальных людей это называется телепортами), черными дырами (аннотация — bad news all around, похоже, это вроде сти­хийного бедствия) и туманнос­тями

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Stars and stripes

When the United States became involved in World War Two, the British were well entrenched in the art of night-fighting, as were the Germans. The Americans were initially weak in several areas — and having a combat-ready type was one of them.

It would be May 1944 before the USAAF became operational with its new Northrop P-61 Black Widow. Prior to that, the hard-working Douglas A-20 Havoc was adapted as an interim nocturnal and all-weather fighter under the designation P-70.

In the meantime, there was a war to be fought and a stopgap was needed; one that had already proven

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Stars of Sandstone

It is apparent everywhere you look on the sprawling Sandstone Estate that the owners are striving for excellence. From the carefully tended lawns, well designed layout of buildings and storage sheds, and vast collection of steam driven and military machinery, the passion of owner Wilfred Mole shines through. The annual Sandstone Heritage Trust show held in May this year made a point of showcasing the Trust’s large serviceable collection of Military vehicles and equipment. Set amongst the picturesque Maluti Mountains of the Eastern Free State, this working farm boasts 26km of 2ft narrow gauge track on which a variety of

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Stargazing Lives Mark Thompson.

We spoke to Stargazing Live presenter (and pilot) Mark Thompson about all things astronomy related.

How did you first get started in astronomy?

I was ten years old and my dad took me to the observatory at the edge of the University of East Anglia. It’s now moved to the home of the Norwich Astronomical Society, where I’ve been chairman for 14-odd years. I got taken along to that observatory and I saw an image of Saturn through the telescope and that was it. That fired my imagination and hooked me on the subject, and I’ve been fascinated by it

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Если вы внимательно изучили предыдущий номер Game.EXE, то поняли, что свободных минут в расписании наших редакционных аватаров было не больше, чем страниц в журнале, не отданных под E3-тему. Поэтому посмотреть все до единой игры, которые достойны нашего с вами внимания (а главное — подробно рассказать о них), увы, не получилось. Да и не могло получиться в принципе.

Так, очень мало было сказано об одном из самых ожидаемых шутеров 2003 года — продолжении Star Trek: Voyager — Elite Force, которому девяносто девять процентов творческих сотрудников журнала считают единственной приличной игрой по лицензии Star Trek.

Заботы по созданию Elite Force II, как

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