Slingsby Т67 Firefly

В конце 1970-х годов британская компания «Slingsby Aviation» подписала лицензионное соглашение на постройку модификации легкого самолета Fournier RF6B Club. Компания начала с постройки первой партии из 10 самолетов, в целом схожих с RF6B-120 и получивших обозначение Slingsby Т67А. Самолет представлял собой низкоплан стандартной конструкции с двухместной кабиной и неубирающимся шасси. Он оснащался четырехцилиндровым поршневым двигателем 0-235-L2A мощностью 118 л.с. Первый самолет поднялся в воздух 15 марта 1981 года.

Компания «Slingsby» доработала проект Т67 под использование стеклопластиковых конструкционных материалов, в результате чего вскоре появился первый серийный гражданский вариант Т67В. Крыло, фюзеляж и хвостовое оперение самолета изготавливались преимущественно из композитов, а в

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Slides and helter-skelters hold a particular fascination for active youngsters. The adrenalin they gain from zooming down the slide seems to give them the energy to race from the bottom back up to the top of the steps for another go.

I made this toy from Nordic redwood and ‘far eastern’ plywood, but, if you can afford it, Finnish plywood is better. It is more expensive but tends to splinter less.

The climbing frame

I Start by preparing the four uprights -or ‘stringers’ — for the two ladders that form the frame. The stringers have to have slots, or ‘trenches’,

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«Being able to create shows your coworkers that you aren’t a one-trick pony. In the boardroom, creativity pushes your stock up in the company you’re working for. You become that asset that everyone knows they can count on. That go-to guy that can think out of the box and be ready at a moment’s notice. Using your imagination fused with your skill set will define your status and will take you from employee to boss level. And when you combine that unique imagination with clean shaven professionalism, the result can only be success.»

«Creativity is something that can be

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Sleeping cat

I recently experienced a heart-stopping moment: searching for a specific piece of timber in the redundant pigsties where I store my carving wood, something rustled in a dark corner above my head. I froze, looked up and caught the bold stare of a small, stray ginger cat settled on top of a stack of timber. Each time I went in, Puss was not inclined to move. At first, I tried to shoo him away, our hens being uneasy with a feline presence, but Puss was having none of that. Now that feather and fur have become used to each other,

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Size Zero…!

The deluge of Smartphones has severely crippled the prospects of ultra compact point-and-shoot cameras, with the phone cameras receiving a boost with better sensors and large optical zoom lenses. To survive in this competitive environment, ultra compacts need to re-invent and evolve, and we saw the first spark of brilliance when Panasonic announced the LUMIX DMC-XS1, which has a smaller footprint than most high-end Smartphones, yet at a smart price. A few millimetres broader than a credit card, the 16.1-megapixel XS1 is sure to turn heads.

Design and Build Quality

The tiny XS1 has a metal outer shell and a

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Skandinavisk. Самолеты

Компания «Skandinavisk Aero-lndustri А/S» была основана в 1937 году в Копенгагене (Дания) для продолжения работ по разработке и постройке легких самолетов конструкции компании «Krame and Zeuthen», которая ранее построила одноместный моноплан KZ-1. Компания сохранила для своих самолетов прежнее обозначение — KZ.

Первым ее проектом стал двухместный учебно-тренировочный и туристический низкоплан Skandinavisk KZ-2 Sport с открытой кабиной, оснащенный двигателем Hirth Н.М.504А мощностью 105 л.с.

Следом за ним появился в целом схожий KZ-2 Кире, который имел более широкий фюзеляж с закрытой кабиной на двух человек с посадкой рядом и оснащался двигателем Cirrus Minor мощностью 90 л.с. Учебно-тренировочный вариант самолета KZ-2 в небольшом

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Sitting Pretty.

Porches boost log homes’ looks and livability.

Porches are so prominent a fixture of log homes that the only reason they aren’t the number-one option log-home buyers order (and fireplaces are) is that most people just automatically assume log homes come with a porch. Fortunately, most do.

Of course, most log homes also have decks, but don’t confuse decks with porches. Decks are attachments to a house, porches are connections to it. The connection is physical, because porches are integrated into the structure by sharing a roof, and emotional, because popular domestic imagery celebrates porches as havens of hospitality, meditation

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Singapore Finally Retires Hueys

AFTER A 30-minute ‘end-of-service’ flight around the island, the last Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopters in service with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) made their final landing at their base at Sembawang on July II, ending almost three decades of service by the type in RSAF service. The Hueys had been operated throughout their RSAF service by 120 ‘Kestrel’ Squadron, the RSAF’s oldest operational squadron, which was originally formed in 1969, although it did not gain its UH-lHs until 1977.

Despite the official withdrawl of the type from the RSAF, this is not quite yet the end for the

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Since their launch, in

2005, Nexera canola and sunflower seeds, used for making cooking oils, have become one of Dow

Chemical’s best-selling product lines. The seeds and the oils offer many advantages: The seeds yield more than twice as much oil per hectare as soybeans, making them an attractive crop for farmers. The oils’ longer shelf and

“fry” lives lower the operating costs of food manufacturers and food service companies. And, last but not least, the oils have lower levels of saturated fat than competing products and contain no trans fats.

Dow’s breakthrough shows business at its best: innovating to meet society’s needs and

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This beautiful modern design has a number of unique standout features.

The overall intention for this project was to allow the garden spaces around the dwelling to be optimised. When OFTB Landscape Architects first arrived at the site, its first comment was that, considering the slope and lack of existing retaining structures, the outside spaces were unusable.

It was extremely important to provide a concept to each space that would result in the area being used for a particular purpose. It was equally important that the homeowners could traverse the design easily to move between the spaces. However, the severe


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