35mm f/1.4 DG ull frame 35mm wideangle le

HSM £699

Sigma’s new 35mm f/1. If that sounds a little vague then let’s cut straight to the bottom line: this is simply one of the very best lenses currently available.

Unzipping the padded case reveals a broad manual-focusing ring filling the front half of the barrel with a focused-distance window and a focus-mode switch in the rear half. The lens feels a little weighty but very solidly built.

A really nice little touch is the white panel that is unveiled when the lens is switched to AF mode, saving the user

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Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 II DG HSM £65o

HANDLING: This is a well-made lens, with Sigma’s newer smooth black surface finish that’s more resistant to marking than the older matt black. It’s moderately heavy, and both focus and zoom rings are well weighted and silky smooth — actually the best of the bunch.

FEATURES: Standout feature is the mega-wide zoom, which goes down to an incredible 12mm. This is way wider than anything else -in fact, it’s the widest rectilinear (non-fisheye) lens of any kind made for full-frame. At 122°, the field-of-view is a whopping 15° more than the second widest lens here, the Nikon 16-35mm. The flipside

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Showing the way ahead.

September may herald the beginning of autumn, but it’s also red-hot when it comes to seeing the latest products and trends in an exhibition packed month.

As memories of heatwaves begin to fade and people return to work after their August holidays, September once again presents us with the opportunity to see where the market is heading for the coming year, with a plethora of exhibitions.

From The Flooring Show to Decorex and The Bed Show to Design junction via Long Point and Super brands (all of which are previewed in this issue) the calendar is full of must-visit events.

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Show time

Set high on a misty pass above Magoebaskloof in Limpopo, Kuhestan is at its most spectacular in spring.

Driving the 12km from the village of Haenertsburg to Kuhestan Organic Farm in Limpopo first impressions are of a valley steeped in a rosy glow. Thanks to the abundant swathes of azalea bushes that line the road with colour, everything is pink. Bursts of pure white and apricot are thrown in for good measure but it’s the cerise and the crimson that really set the tone. Shahrzad and Brett Hone run a raspberry and avocado farm from this lush part of the

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Show guide.

Slleeping beauties. Check out our guide of what to expect at the Telford International Centre.

There will be new products galore as the leading bedding manufacturers gather at Telford.

AJ Foam will show its latest products from its Pureflex, Neptune and Memory Sleep brands.

Bodet and Horst’s Check Point fabric uses a hygiene sensor to signal when mattress and pillow covers need washing. Indicator particles integrated into the textile react to different contaminants such as dust mites, skin scales, bacteria, or bodily fluids. The color of the Check Point fabric changes to give the user a signal that cleaning is

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With, over 250 wedding experts and thousands of ideas -from dresses to decor, flowers to favours — The National Wedding Show is the don’t-miss event for brides-to-be

Planning a Downton Abbey-esque do? Inspired by the deco-style of The Great Gatsby7. Or barefoot on the beach more your style? Whatever type of wedding you are dreaming of, The National Wedding Show has all the advice, experts and ideas you need to plan your day — and all under one roof!

The Dress

Of course, one of the first things you’ll think about is the dress, and at the heart of the

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This shovel loader is the ideal machine for large contract digging in the sand pit! The front scoop can be raised and lowered by a large lever which is conveniently placed for the driver’s hand and the bucket can be swivelled and locked into position when loads of sand have to be transported off site.

It is fairly simple to make and will withstand all the rigours of child play in the great outdoors. I used Nordic redwood in stock sizes for the job.

1 Mark and cut out the two body side panels. Tape them together and mark and

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Shorts SC.7 Skyvan

Самолет Skyvan компании «Shorts» был признан военными и гражданскими заказчиками как неприхотливый, надежный и универсальный легкий транспортный самолет.

В 1959 году компания «Short Brothers» в инициативном порядке начала разработку нового самолета с укороченным взлетом и посадкой. В результате был создан SC.7 Skyvan — самолет с негерметизированным фюзеляжем прямоугольного сечения и высокорасположенным подкосным крылом с большим относительным удлинением, представлявшим собой доработанный вариант крыла самолетов конструкции «Hurel-Dubois». Самолет мог брать на борт 19 пассажиров, либо 12 носилочных раненых и сопровождающих, либо 2358 кг груза. Часть самолетов оснащались задней грузовой рампой, откидывающейся вверх, а другие — внутренней системой обработки грузов типа «Rolamat». При

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Short films are today’s medium of choice for inventive storytellers. Stephen Graves shows us how to direct a taut, honed masterpiece….


Know what to do and when to do it. A film is born in these stages:

Pre-production: scripting, raising funds and planning.

Production: shooting the film.

Post-production: editing, grading and visual effects.

Be resourceful. Dead Mon’s Shoes director Shane Meadows made a short film with his phone. Dedicated cams are expensive to hire, so ask friends if you can borrow their DSLRs and use cheap but capable editing software such as Lightworks (

Take time over

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1. Greenhouses are great places to photograph flowers because the lighting is usually diffused and there is no wind. Wind is the enemy of macro photography. Most public greenhouses allow tripods, too, so you can have as much depth of field as you want.

2. Landscape photography requires complete depth of field virtually without exception. I recommend using f/22 or f/32 if foreground elements are close to the camera. If everything in the composition is far away, then you should use f/8 for maximum sharpness.

3. When traveling to another city, stay in a hotel with a great view. You

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