Scoot Up!

Take to the open road this spring on a scooter.

Aside from the obvious reasons — such as fuel economy and convenience — modern scooters are the hottest thing to hit the road since Ryan Gosling in Drive.

The designs are more girl-friendly and sexy, the automatic gear-change system makes them easy to drive and the selection of stylish helmets means you don’t have to look like Darth Vader while cruising down the road.


Scooters cost between R5 000 and R60 000. ‘If you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to rent one first,’ says Greg

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Scorpion Child

Группа с тэгом «хэви-психоделия» — это не только симпатичные сравнения с Soundgarden

Город Остин, штат Техас — место для крупнейшей в мире встречи подающих надежды групп. Нет, мы не говорим о фестивале South By Southwest. Стоит провести немного времени с Эйрином Блэком, вокалистом Scorpion Child, и вы узнаете об этом окутанном дымом андеграунде, который совершенно не заметен на экранах радаров.

«South By? Да, они немного выросли из штанов, — говорит он с обреченной задумчивостью. — 50 или 100 тысяч человек приезжают сюда на несколько дней, а это тяжело для нашего маленького городка. Хотя там много талантов».

Таланты, о которых он

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With his performing flair, pioneering guitar style and storytelling savvy, the great Chuck Berry was the epitome of early rock’n’roll. Michael Stephens charts the rise of a legend who was never far from genius or trouble.

The late John Lennon had a way with a soundbite. He famously declared the Beatles ‘more popular than Jesus’, and also said ‘before Elvis, there was nothing.’ He also noted, ‘if you tried to give rock’n’roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry.’ The Beatle’s epithet for Berry is arguably the most accurate of his three: the music of Charles Edward Anderson ‘Chuck’

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September 1985. The State of Emergency raged on across

South African townships, schooling was disrupted, government property assaulted by both protest graffiti and flames.

There were hushed conversations among grown-ups, conspiratorial almost, on how Tembisa Township was a dangerous place for young, impressionable minds. For my brothers and I who, for eight years of our lives, had been creatures of the city. City lights. City ambience. City food. A metropolitan existence.

The hushed conversations yielded an unforeseen «cultural» shock — a Great Trek to the bundus. to my grandparents’ headquarters in the Hill of Mice, a small village northeast of


Scandi Style

Interior Talk

Designer Wilmer Lopez is partial to mid-century modern juxtaposed ‘with industrial design, and uses this movement as an inspiration when creating his own furniture pieces. MID-CENTURY MODERN DESIGN is a style from the mid-20th century. The pieces from this design movement are streamlined, the simplicity of which often makes the sleek, sculptural elements more eye-catching. The pioneering designers of this movement were either American or Scandinavian, which is why this design goes so well with Scandinavian pieces. Teak and fiberglass complement the many interesting colors and textures of pieces in this style, as seen in the Tulip chair

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Scan and share old photos on your phone.

Get to grips with Lomography’s Smartphone Film Scanner.

When cameras went digital, every area of photography was completely revolutionised. We are now able to view, edit and eliminate photographs on the device itself; we can store our photo collections on a computer; but perhaps most significant is the fact that many of us have stopped printing our memories. The need to travel to a photo developing shop has diminished, and although it is easy enough to print digital photos, more and more people are creating digital albums and sharing their snaps on their computer, television, smartphone, tablet or online. Consequently,

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Scammell Wynners

Wynns and Scammell: in the context of Britain’s heavy haulage industry, it would be impossible to say two more iconic names In the same breath.

Founded by Thomas Wynn in 1863. this year marks 150 years of the Wynn family’s involvement in goods transport. At the start — before the dawn of mechanical road transport — carts were drawn by heavy horses, typically for local distribution of goods shipped over longer distances by rail or horse-drawn barge.

At one point. Wynns had over 200 heavy workhorses stabled at its base In Newport, South Wales. Imagine the logistics of feeding them

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Savvy builder. New & Improved.

Don’t ask a 19th-century builder to build you a 21st-century log home.

You’ll find them at home shows or wandering through the comments that follow blog postings on home building. Their remarks carry an unmistakable air of authority backed by vast experience. In fact, they may actually have decades of hands-on learning under their tool belts. But their conversations share a theme: The old ways are the best ways; new materials and methods are just passing fancies.

I first encountered the staunch traditionalist more than 30 years ago as a neophyte builder. I had asked a question of an HVAC

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Saudi Arabia Finalising Weapons Package for Tornado CSP

OFFICIALS ON both sides continue to remain tight-lipped about the exact details of the Royal Saudi Air Force’s (RSAF’s) Tornado Capability Sustainment Programme (CSP), but some details of the proposed upgrade are slowly emerging. It is understood that details of the precise make up of the weapons package involved in upgrading the RSAF’s 48 Tornado interdictor strike aircraft under the CSP are now being finalised. A deal is expected to be concluded in the first half of 2007, with deliveries to commence in 2009.

The stealthy MBDA Storm Shadow conventionally armed stand-off missile, MBDA AIM-132 Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM),

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£700 ★★★★★

With everything this Samsung plasma has to offer for £700, it’s hard to think of it as anything else but a bargain.

It’s unlikely to win any awards for style, but it’s far from ugly and it’s well-specified. There is Wi-Fi built-in, three HDMIs and two USB inputs. There’s no satellite input, though.

Samsung’s innovative Smart Hub is here just as it is on its £2000+ flagship TVs. Netflix, BlinkBox and LoveFilm are all included, as is the full roster of UK catch-up services. Samsung’s 2013 smart remote is included, offering pared-back controls, easier menu navigation and voice

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