Samsung NX300.

Does this retro-styled camera from Samsung push att the right buttons for beginners?

Among a steady wave of releases, the Samsung NX300 stands out for its DSLR quality and sheer usability. It comes with most of the features you could want from a compact system camera (CSC) — touch screen, large sensor and wireless connectivity — making it a superb option for anyone upgrading from a point-and-shoot.

It’s easy to switch shooting modes via the dial on top. The usual Auto, Program, and Manual modes are all present, joined by a new Lens Priority mode. This makes it easy for

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Samsung Galaxy NX

Build and handling

The Samsung Galaxy NX looks very similar in style to the firm’s own NX20, although measuring 136.5×101.2×25.7mm the Galaxy NX is larger but with a thinner body profile. The size increase is largely due to the giant 4.77in screen on the back of the camera. This screen covers most of the camera’s rear, leaving only a small amount of space for a raised, rubberised thumb grip. Coupled with the large handgrip, it is really comfortable to hold, especially with larger lenses. I find both thumb and fingers have great support.

There are very few buttons on the

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

The contender

This is the first Samsung tablet we’ve been excited about for a while. It’s a shrunk-down Note 10.1; an iPad Mini rival with a quad-core processor and a handy stylus. But it’s also a sized-up Note II, as the 3G/4G version can make voice calls. Plus, the Note 8.0 has a much improved Multi-Window split screen feature, which now handily supports Google apps such as Chrome. Maps and YouTube. A microSD slot for adding up to an extra 64GB and a huge 4600mAh battery complete the geek’s wishlist, but style gurus might be disappointed by the Note’s cheap-feeling

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Samsung DV150F.

Is the front-facing LCD screen the only exciting thing this Samsung compact has to offer?

Self-portraits have become a popular phenomenon of late, with people putting themselves in the picture.

Samsung has responded with a camera that has dual LCD screens: one on the back, and one on the front for framing shots of yourself. The front display has some other useful functions too. In Children mode it plays an animation to hold your kid’s attention and in Self Timer and Jump mode it displays a countdown so your subject knows exactly when to smile or leap. These are not

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Fans and viewers of the tattoo reality competition show Ink Master had the opportunity to party together and watch an episode side-by-side with cast members of the Spike TV hit.

Shop manager Kevin Wilson and the crew from Sacred Tattoo NYC hosted this very special Ink Master party one night on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The Double Down Saloon on Avenue A was the scene crime, and tat fans filled the place in hopes of rubbing elbows and sharing a drink with show alum. Ink Master competitors under the Double roof included Sarah Miller, Little Mike, Clint Cummings, Lalo Yuda,


M/S mastering with Multipressor

Combining the Multipressor with M/S processing can add big benefits to the mastering process in Logic.

Like all multiband compressors, the Multipressor is a powerful and surgically precise tool that’s an asset to any mastering activity. By slicing the frequency spectrum into a series of manageable frequency bands, it enables you to apply compression in a more controlled and instrument-specific way, whether you’re tightening a bass line, for example, or fine-tuning the compression across the overheads to make it a little less pumpy. However, by bringing in the dimension of mid/side processing, we can make the Multipressor an even more

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Russians Big Boys Toys

The Russian Federation has a great many military vehicle and equipment museums, more than most people resident in the country can easily visit on the , occasional weekend off, never mind tourists on a restricted timetable. One of the “must sees” in Russia for the military vehicle enthusiast is however the Artillery, Engineer and Communications Forces Museum in St. Petersburg, which rather handily is located in perhaps the most tourist-friendly city in the Russian Federation, with its canals, palaces, museums and art galleries; and small and relatively economical tourist hotels.

Better still, the city is small enough that one can

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Russian AF Prepares for First Su-34s

BEFORE THE end of this year, the Russian Air Force’s 4th Combat and Conversion Training Centre (CCTC) in Lipetsk will receive its first two Sukhoi Su-34 multi-role tactical bombers. Addressing 59 OSCE observers in Lipetsk on September 5, the Russian Air Force Commander-in-Chief, General Vladimir Mikhaylov, said: «One of the aircraft is due at the Lipetsk-based Centre very shortly, and the other in November.» They will be used to convert Russian AF flight and ground crews onto the type and to devise operational combat techniques. Official trials of the Su-34 are in the final stages, and early production aircraft are

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Russia to join PFP

AFTER MONTHS OF uncertainly, Russian defence minister General Pavel Grachev announced on May 24 at a briefing for NATO defence ministers on Russian military doctrine that his country would join the Partnership for Peace (PFP) military co-operation programme. PFP is a new alliance set up by NATO to involve former Warsaw Pact countries in joint military exercises, joint planning and consultation on key security issues.

To date, 18 countries have signed the agreement, including Russia’s neighbouring independent republics, and Russia was expected to formally join the partnership within about two months. The minister’s announcement stated that Russia would not, as

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Runner-up BY A NOSE

During the Bedford production run, which continued until the 1980s, some 551,866 TKs were built, but close on its heels, with more than 520,000 coming off the production line, was the Bedford T J Perhaps even more remarkable was the fact that production of the T J actually outlasted the company which had developed the model, and later versions were still being produced in the 1990s many years after the demise of Bedford itself. The designs and tooling were picked up by AWD and Marshall, and these two companies, which continued to produce the T J for the expert market,

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