The German native has worked in Liebherr for 10 years and is now based in Singapore, overseeing the operations of the company in Asia Pacific. We had a quick chat with the wine lover when he was in town for the launch of Liebherr’s latest range of wine cabinets.

How has Liebherr evolved since if.s inception in 1949?

Liebherr started out producing mobile, easy-to-assemble and affordable tower cranes. In 1954, the company ventured into refrigeration with the launch of its first refrigerator. Later, Liebherr expanded its repertoire by offering components for

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£1695 ★★★★★

Power output 85W per channel • Inputs 5 x line in, tape loop • Outputs Speakers, preamp, tape loop • Remote Yes • Dimensions (hwd) 8 x 43 x 33cm, 13kg

It’s an old favourite of ours, used so often that we don’t bother putting it away anymore.

That’s because it sounds wonderful. There’s a lot to admire on every level. Its presentation is big and powerful, with far greater and authority than we’d expect from a rated output of 85W per channel. Put on anything by Hans Zimmer and the Caspian M2 will easily convince you that

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Roger hicks

RUSSIAN roulette is not an intellectually demanding game, and it is probably best played when you are extremely drunk. For those unfamiliar with the rules, they are simple. You load one chamber of a revolver, leaving the others empty; close your eyes; spin the cylinder; hold the gun to your own head, and pull the trigger. Assuming it has the customary six chambers, you have a five out of six chance of survival. I have to admit that I’ve never played it, and I don’t think that this has much to do with the fact that my favourite revolver, my

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Rockwells Lancer

NAMING a MILITARY aircraft is an unofficial seal of approval; the withholding of it betrays uncertainty. When in June 1990 the name Lancer was officially adopted for the Rockwell B-1B, some four years after initial operational capability was achieved and more than two years after the 100th and final aircraft was accepted by the USAF, it looked suspiciously like belated remorse. Prior to this, the unofficial soubriquet of Excalibur had been applied, but as this is also a brand name for an unmentionable rubber product, it failed to catch on. After a long and chequered history, it now seems that

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Rock on!

Well, I thought Bosch had it cracked with the GST 135 BCE jigsaw, beating its rivals for ease of use and accuracy into a cocked hat, and the company cornered the market with it that’s for sure.

But Bosch is always looking for even better ways to skin a cat and now it has come up with the GST 140 BCE OK, if you own the previous model there’s no reason to dispatch it to the jigsaw graveyard because it still remains a fabulous saw in its own right, but if you are on the lookout for a top-end model,

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Robust 9-5 keeps the Saab flag flying

The original 9-5 is reliable and cheap, so there’s no reason to be nervous

Excited as I was by the recent arrival of a royal baby, it was the appearance of a Saab 9-5 Aero with the Duchess of Cambridge on board that I found more of a thrill. Research revealed that it wasn’t a Middleton-mobile but a plain clothes cop car, which is perhaps even more significant. They wouldn’t put up with an unreliable old heap of a saloon, and neither should you.

The original 9-5 still looks in fine shape after all these years, and it can definitely

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Growing up, I read more Jane Austen than science fiction, and spent hours dreaming of the elegant past. But now, with more and more articles detailing the leaps and bounds in robotics (some good, some bad). I’ve started to prick up my ears. If our world will soon contain robot nurses for the elderly and robot tanks with remote-control guns, I need to start learning more about robotics.

A robot kit seemed the best way to start, so I checked out three: the Parallax Boe-Bot, the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2.0, and a kit based on the book 123



Whether mountain-hiking, camping, or driving aimlessly into the middle of nowhere, it’s better to pack more than just CPS and your usual toys. We were thinking something along these lines…


Has two good-sized compact blades, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, fine-edge and serrated knives, plus a small booklet with survival tips from Mr. Grylls himself. And yeah, a bottle opener, too (always an essential). While we’re disappointed that a product with the Bear’s name doesn’t have a built-in urine filter—so we, too, can experience the joy of drinking our own piss—this Gerber-made Bear Grylls’ multi-tool is

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Road to mining asteroids

Planetary Resource’s Chris Lewicki on what we can expect to see in the future.


“The first activities of Planetary Resources actually start in space next year with early demonstrations of some of our commercial technologies to dramatically reduce the cost of this. In about two years’ time we will be putting in orbit around the Earth space telescopes which we can use to discover, characterise and monitor potential asteroid targets that we will then go out and explore in more detail up close.”


“By 2020 I really see us having several spacecraft missions out to a number of

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RNZAF Wigram to Close

NEW ZEALAND’S WIGRAM base is to close. The decision follows a 1991 announcement that RNZAF Hying training was to move from Wigram on the South Island, to Ohakea on the North Island. The resident Flying Training Wing, comprising the Pilot Training Squadron the Central Flying School, and the RNZAF Historic Flight will move on December 31, 1995. The RNZAF Museum will remain at Wigram.

Transferring the RNZAF frying training to Ohakea will see several changes in the programme. Previously pilots did their basic training on the Aerospace Industries CT-4B Air trainers of the PTS at Wigram, and then went to

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