An architect gives an overview on how to prepare for a home renovation

People renovate for a variety of reasons. “They need extra space and they want to update the design of their home,” says architect Love de Leon. The extent of the renovation depends on the homeowner, whether it’s simple re-painting, or a home overhaul that entails tearing down walls.

Renovations require careful planning. Usually, a home renovation creates a “domino effect” where the other areas of the house eventually get renovated as well. Next, the homeowner needs to coordinate with a designer to figure out a theme for

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Renault Fluence Jaguar XF Infiniti M37

Volvo ХС60


The recent regulatory changes have made many people wonder if they could ever own a car. After all, buying a car comes with big commitments. Besides the down payment and monthly instalments, there are maintenance and repair costs, road tax and insurance.

What if we tell you there’s a more cost effective way?

Yes, instead of buying, you can lease. Leasing means lower financial commitments in every way. You don’t pay a hefty 50% down payment. Plus, we can show you the total cost of leasing can be

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Remembered with honour

WEST OF NANCY in the Lorraine Region of France, is the French National Cemetery of Choloy. In the northwest section, are headstones of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.At least one of these dates back to World War One, but most mark the final resting place of Allied servicemen who died in 1939-1945, the majority of them airmen. In all, there are 1,650 French and 461 Allied war graves.

In 1950 the commission relocated some 100 war graves from a number of local churchyards and civil cemeteries to Choloy.There, in Plot 2, Row G, Headstone 8, is the grave of Fg

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When Geoff Ballard resigned manager of Australia’s longest- standing enduro team last year, he set himself free. Years of devotion to steering a dominant force of riders towards becoming Australian champions was a burden now lifted from his shoulders.

While he certainly hadn’t severed all ties with the Yamaha family he’d long been campaigning for — nor were they about to abandon him — he was momentarily lost. The all-consuming world of chasing championships, race budgets, race bikes and rider contracts quickly drained from his

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Relieving poverty among street children in Mombasa

Glad’s House is a British charity working on the ground in Mombasa, Kenya, to improve the lives of the city’s street children. It aims to lift many of the estimated 35,000 street children out of a life of hopeless poverty and give them the chance of a real childhood.

Living in intolerable conditions, separated or orphaned from their parents, they spend their lives in a daily struggle to eat and find shelter, often falling into petty crime or prostitution. Sadly many are addicted to glue, which alleviates their hunger and is cheaper than food. They have no home, no school,

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The latest changes on the UK, Irish and Isle of Man registers.

Just two new types appear on the UK register this month. The flrst is French- designed APEV Demoichelle G-CHWI. This is a modernised version of the 1908 Santos Dumont Demoiselle, complete with wing warping, which comes under the SSDR (Single-Seat Deregulated) microlight regulations. The second newcomer is Baldwin Quad G-CHWV, another SSDR aircraft, this time in the shape of a four-wheeled paraplane designed speciflcally for aerial survey work. Airliner movements begin with a new Airbus A320 for easyJet, followed by four restored Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800s, back from

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£1600 ★★★★★

We’re excited about the Elicit-R.

We get started with David Bowie’s The Stars (Are Out Tonight). It’s a tricky one, with assorted elements that can sound like a cluttered mess when thrown together on lesser systems.

It’s no problem for the Elicit-R, which handles this with skill and panache. Layers are separated with eyebrow-raising clarity and put together with precision. Instruments are clearly identifiable and given space to perform. And the lead guitar riff weaves between Bowie’s gravelly vocals, propelling the song but never hogging the spotlight.

Great detail and rhythm

It’s also incredibly detailed. We switch to

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If your retro-gaming skills ain’t what they used to be, fix your joystick buttons. By Ben Wheeler

If you play vintage game systems, you’ll sometimes find that Mario won’t jump on command, or Ms. pauses when moving left. No wonder: the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller just celebrated its 20th birthday, and Atari, Intellivision, and Commodore 64 controllers are even older. Over the course of the hundreds of sessions in a controller’s life, metallic connectors beneath the buttons and direction pad can wear away and no longer complete the circuit that registers a keypress event. Luckily, it’s a simple matter


Reduce noise

Learn to bring out detail in low-tight photos

Digital noise is the grain that can sometimes appear in photos and reduce their quality. It’s a particular problem when shooting in low light. Increasing your ISO to make the sensor more sensitive to light and brighten up the shot can help to create a well-exposed image, but it also has the side effect of creating digital noise. However, this also depends on the camera. You could brighten up your shots by using a slower shutter speed or wider aperture instead, but if this isn’t possible, editing software can help save the

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Red-legged partridge

Things you will need…

The red-legged partridge is a gamebird in the pheasant family, and is also known as the French partridge to distinguish from the English and Grey partridge species. It has a light brown back, grey breast and buff belly. It has a white face with a black gorget, rufous-streaked flanks and, of course, red legs. When disturbed it is more likely to run than fly, but will fly a short distance on its rounded wings if necessary. It is primarily a seed eating species, although the young take insects as an essential protein supply. Its call is

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