Princess Tigerlily


She’s got attitude, this one, you can tell. Not only from the hardcore stare and the minxy grin, but because she’s done things that her dad — Roger Taylor, the Queen drummer — wouldn’t approve of. What things? Tigerlily, 19, couldn’t possibly say, ‘but the trick is, never get caught,’ she explains. ‘As long as I work hard, he doesn’t mind.’

The model — ‘call me Tiger — has just finished

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Primordial Medusa X79

Can this four-way Titan box dethrone Dream Machine?

With dream machine 2013 behind us (Sep­tember 2013), we now move into the phase where vendors line up to try to kick it off the top of the heap.

With the Medusa X79, Primordial cer­tainly tries its damnedest. Some will peep the jet-black Corsair 900D, four-way Titan SLI, and Asus Rampage IV Extreme moth­erboard and think Primordial tried to clone the Dream Machine’s internals.

We can assure you that it’s not true. In fact, we know Medusa X79 was already making the media rounds at the time that Dream Machine was still

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Decorex international.

Royal flush. Decorex has a new home.

Here are some of the highlights.

Design junction.

Brand central. Some100 companies are taking part.

Design junction has a reputation for showcasing the world’s most renowned brands at The Sorting Office, New Oxford Street, during the London Design Festival.

Tent London and superbrands.

Diversity. The two shows host the latest designs.

Now a central part of the wider London Design Festival (14-22 September), Tent and Super Brands will again occupy the Old Truman Brewery in East London with the latest products.

This year’s shows see the introduction of a dedicated graduate

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Preview. The Flooring Show.

Walk the lines.

A look at some of the offerings at Harrogate Anbo International will launch the Emperor Style, Emperor Click, Emperor Choice and Emperor Elite solid and engineered wood ranges with supporting POS.

Ambadi Handmade Rugs is showcasing its designer rugs and carpets made of wool, viscose, cotton and polyester.

Betap will introduce a variety of products in combinations of wool, polyamide, polyester and polypropylene in different weights and gauges.

BMK is unveiling Vision, a wool twist, available in three weights and 11 contemporary shades, and expanding Mode with Aviemore, available in two weights, eight shades, and made from

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Bill Peek touched his sweaty temple and tried to focus on a long message from his father something about a successful inspection and Mexico in the morning but he was being pushed by many hands, ever forward, until he reached the back wall where a long box, made of the kind of wood you saw washed up on the beach, sat on a simple table, with candles all around it. The singing grew ever louder. Still, as he passed through their number, it seemed that no man or woman among them sang above a whisper. Then, cutting across it all

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Preview. Long point.

Premier league. A snapshot of the annual exhibition.

Some 30 members of the Long Eaton Guild and guests will be exhibiting at 11 venues around the town. Here’s a taster of what will be on show.

Alexander & James will launch the Funky Vintage collection.

Alstons is debuting two models: the Colorado corner group and the Keswick compact sofa in a range of chenille’s.

Art Forma’s latest upholstery will be on display at its Castle Donington showroom.

New upholstery designs will be on offer from Ashley Manor.

Carlton Furniture is unveiling a home office range including small occasional desks, double

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Preserving future

Observers feared the worst, but the details outlined by Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on August 2 in the Project de Loi de Programmation Militaire (Military Planning Act) for 2014-2019 is not as severe as first anticipated. In real terms spending will fall by 7.2% and although the number of aircraft to be purchased or kept in the inventory will inevitably decrease, money will be spent to ensure that development and production capabilities are maintained for the foreseeable future. Investments will be kept at current levels during the 2014-2016 period, and progressively increased from 2017 onwards. The number of personnel

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Adding the Stell adaptor support into our Atari 2600 case mod will allow us to plug the original Atari controllers into the back of the 2600. just like in the old days, and use them with emulators running on the PC. It adds another point of authenticity to the case mod. Two Stell adaptor units are required: one for Player 1 and one for Player 2.

a. Pry open the Stell adaptor. To prepare the Stell adaptor. you first need to remove the external plastic housing. You can do this using a small flathead jeweler’s screwdriver to simply separate the


Preface to the revised edition

It was with some trepidation that I accepted the task of revising Ernest Joyce’s work, for in the eyes of so many it had become the woodworker’s bible, helping countless people in their search for woodworking knowledge and their own personal search for excellence. This reluctance to tamper with the bible, which was strong, and shared by many other people, was tempered by the knowledge that much had changed in the world of craft furniture since 1970 when this work was first published— changes that Ernest Joyce himself would well have approved. Writing as he did in the late sixties,

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Practise action photo skills with these simple projects

Action photography often involves trying to capture a fleeting and sometimes once-in-a-lifetime moment, so it’s a good idea to practise your skills beforehand. Getting to know your camera and how to access its important functions will shorten your set-up time and speed up the shooting process so that you can capture unexpected moments with ease. There are plenty of ways to put your skills to the test at home using everyday objects, or by enlisting friends and family to help. Use these projects to master shutter speeds and focusing, and in the process prepare yourself for the fast-paced world of

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