An extra battery for your iPhone that doesn’t suck

Getting your iPhone’s battery to last all day can be a challenge. We’ve all got chargers stashed around work, home, and our vehicles, but, obviously, none of those are very helpful when you’re nowhere near a power connector. By tossing the Powerskin PoP’n in your bag, you can effectively double your iPhone 5 battery life. Since it’s not a form-fitting case, the PoP’n will also charge other lightning-port-equipped devices.

The Pop’n case attaches to the back of your iPhone via suction cups. While we’re not overly thrilled with the connection —


Powerful Packaging

Propulsion-airframe integration offers untapped promise to improve aircraft efficiency and performance

With billions being spent in pursuit of fuel savings, closer integration of engines and aircraft may hold the greatest untapped potential for improvement. But extracting synergies from the intermingling of propulsion and airframe design is demanding changes in the way the stove-piped aerospace industry operates.

The search for efficiency is taking the industry into virgin territory. As this special focus on propulsion-air-frame integration reveals, the mixing is already beginning and will only accelerate, bringing aircraft and engine manufacturers and system suppliers together in ways that have yet to be

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Power to Lift

Large-scale powered-lift demonstrations underline the value of flow control for aircraft efficiency

During the past year, two large powered-lift models have been tested in the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC) at NASA Ames Research Center in California, evaluating the low-speed benefits of blowing air over high-lift flaps for short takeoff and landing (STOL).

High-speed tests in the National Transonic Facility (NTF) at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia have investigated the benefits of blowing to reduce drag in the cruise. And while a STOL transport, civil or military, looks unlikely in the next decade or so, the wind-tunnel tests conducted

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Power Shift

Variable-speed drive systems

Open up new possibilities for efficient rotorcraft

Momentum is growing behind the desire for a step-change in rotary-wing performance. More speed is most often mentioned by customers and manufacturers, but range and payload limitations are also seen as holding back rotorcraft from wider use.

As a result, one attribute could change that has stayed essentially constant since helicopters were invented— rotor speed. Most helicopters operate at a fixed 100% rpm to provide the slender blades with rigidity and stability in edgewise flight. But as designers push for higher speeds, the ability to slow the rotor is becoming

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I GOT TURNED on to The Hunger Games last summer and immediately read all three books over the course of a few days while on vacation in Hawaii. It drew me into a world that wasn’t just fascinating but totally unique, and, specifically, the character of Pete really appealed to me. We’ve been fans of Josh H. for a while here-he was in the October 2009 issue-so we already knew he was down-to-earth and talented; when we learned he was going to play the leading role of Pete in the movie adaptation, opening this March, he was an obvious choice

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Children love to imitate things from the ‘real world’. This little van gives the child somewhere to put different size parcels and letters for playing ‘postman’ and can also be used to store books and toys. To avoid the problem of pinched fingers and broken hinges I used magnetic catches such as are used to keep fitted-cupboards doors shut, to hold the side door in place.

The axles and handle assembly are made from Nordic redwood and the van body is made from plywood.

Handle and axles

1 First make the front and back axle blocks that hold the wheels

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Portrait Professional 11

Jon Stapley tests the latest version of Portrait Professional photo-retouching software

FACIAL retouching is big business in portraiture, and aspiring portrait photographers will need to learn the basics and how to use the software to make it happen. Portrait Professional aims to provide both, with powerful skin-smoothing and facial-alteration technology combined with a preset and slider-focused approach that makes it easy even for the novice to get rid of blemishes, whiten teeth and even alter a subject’s facial structure.


Once you’ve input the gender and rough age of the subject, Portrait Pro detects the face and places

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Post Mortem Почта Смерти

В мешках Ваших писем копаются некий Злодей Сидоров (почетный патологоанатом, миссионер-каннибал при ЮНЕСКО), его жалкий приспешник Шикель Грубый (по совместительству директор Бухенвальдского лечебно-оздоровительного лагеря им. списка Шиндлера) и прочие причастные к разбою персоны.

Тут у нас в городе люди говорят, что в NIRVANA играл гитарист или басист из EXPLOITED. По-моему это все байда, но хотелось бы узнать ваше мнение.

Леонид Морской, г.Красноярск

В это верится с трудом, но на самом деле это действительно так. Стараясь усилить концертное звучание, Nirvana решила взять в свои ряды дополнительного гитариста. За пару месяцев до смерти Курта Кобэйна, на одном из концертов он представил нового

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“You should feel the heat in five or ten seconds,” said Paul B o s l a n d, his blue eyes boring into mine while I chewed my Past bite of chile r e l l e n o at La P o s t a, an old-time T e x-M e x restaurant in the dusty desert town of M e s i l l a, New Mexico. As a botany professor at nearby New Mexico State University, and the worlds leading chile pepper expert, researcher and all-around car¬nival barker, B o s l a n d has

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Portland proud

How Oregon does urban.

Portland is a photographer’s paradise,» says horticulture photographer Janet Loughrey (loughreyphoto.com), who calls the city home. «It offers many green spaces, as well as a fun mix of traditional and quirky neighborhoods.» The mild climate keeps the city green year-round, and September lures with dry days and fewer tourists.

For lofty city views with Mount Hood in the distance, Portland- based pro Bruce Forster (www. bruceforsterphotography. com) recommends late-afternoon views from the Pittock Mansion, situated 1,000 feet above the city. For views of Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and evening city views, he suggests

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