China is developing BOMBER, like the B-2 — Japanese media

China is developing a new strategic bomber, in appearance like the South American B-2 (pictured), report to the Japanese media, writes September 24. But on this program there have no clarity, it is clear that China is modernizing its H-6 bombers (Tu-16), also showing interest in purchasing Russian Tu-22M and Su-34. But expressed the idea that China does not need a new strategic bomber, besides hitherto there were no official reports of the existence of similar Beijing applets. Yet, the scheme «flying wing» is nicer for the development of the aircraft itself, because it allows to have a large

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«BOEING» with its «Silent Eagle’s» was eliminated from the South Korean TENDER

September 24 South Korea has decided to abandon the procurement of F-15 fighter Silent Eagle by Boeing in the amount of 7.7 billion U.S. dollars, which were previously recognized as the only remaining rival in the tender Air Force, and announced a new contest, reports Defense News. Expected that it is in this day F-15SE, which is only kept within the budget of the tender will be considered the winner. 60 new fighters to be purchased to substitute outdated fleet of combat aircraft F-4 and F-5. The competition was attended by South American company Boeing, Lockheed Martin (F-35) and European

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«OUR HAT better than the fighter pilots of F-35» — RUSSIAN OWNER

Young businessman Andrei Artishchev (Andrew Artishchev, company AR Moto Helmet) and expert Sizonov Dmitry (Dmitry Sizonov) during a tour of the West Coast of the United States showed they made the helmet-mounted display based on a motorcycle helmet, reports September 25. «In Russia there is no venture capital funds for such inventions. In Russia, as in the U.S., invest in software, rather than hardware, «says Artishchev by mounting directly on the press conference a daunting array of electronics, wires and fixtures. This is a common problem of the principal business in the world. Company LiveMap initiated funding such helmet

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In the U.S., ongoing debate about FATE Assault A-10

Senator Kelly Ayott (Kelly Ayotte, a Republican senator from New Hampshire, top), block the approval process for the post of Minister of the Air Force Deborah Lee James (Deborah Lee James, across the bottom photo), said that as long as the candidate does not give a clear answer about the ability of / impossibility of reducing fleet attack aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt, it can not be approved for this position, Defense News reported on September 25. Ayott, whose husband was the pilot of the A-10, raised the issue on September 19 during a hearing in the Committee on Armed Services Committee

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«Ajax» — multipurpose hypersonic plane

The concept of a fundamentally new hypersonic machine was launched in the late 80s. Broude Freistadt working in St. Petersburg scientific-research facility hypersonic systems (NIPGS) holding company «Leninist». He proposed to protect the machine, flying at high speed from the heat, but rather let him inside to increase the energy source. Under the concept of «Ajax», a hypersonic aircraft (SFA) is an open bare aerothermodynamic system in which all steps of atmospheric flight portion of the kinetic energy flowing around the SFA hypersonic airflow assimilated onboard subsystems, increasing the overall resource unit and transformed into chemical energy and electronic. This

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September 27 U.S. Department of Defense stated that formed two regular contract with Lockheed Martin for the acquisition of 71 F-35 fighter in the amount of 7.8 billion dollars, the price of which has declined substantially, reports agency Reuters. The sixth game of 36 fighters price has 4.4 billion dollars, the second agreement contains 35 aircraft at the cost of $ 3.4 billion cost of the 1st aircraft second consignment will reach 103 million, and that of the same parameter fighter seventh installment fall up to $ 98 million This is the first time when the price of the F-35

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Indonesia could purchase a large number of fighters «DRY»

Indonesian Defense Forces announced the plans for new pilots and forming 8 fighter squadrons, Jakarta Globe reported on September 27. «We pin hopes that by 2024 we will have eight fighter squadrons,» said Air Chief Marshal Ida Bagus Putu Dunja (Ida Bagus Putu Dunia) on Wednesday after receiving from Russia next six Su-30MK2. It is expected that any squadron will consist of 16 fighters «dry». Marshal said that these fighters will create a «powerful deterrent force», which will enhance the combat potential of the Indonesian Air Force. Under an agreement with Russia on the basis of the Air Force, «Hasanuddin»

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Software remains the greatest risk for programs from the F-35, said Sept. 17 during a speech at the conference of the Aerospace Force control applets F-35 Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan U.S. (Christopher Bogdan, pictured), reports AINonline September 27. The general also touched prepyadstviya creation of pilot helmet HDMS (helmet-mounted display systems). Development of one hundred percent complete block software Block 3F is very depending on the preparation of success in the development of Block 2B and Block 3I, said Bogdan. Block 2B is the «initial combat unit», which added to the learning function and control the use of


Sukhoi Su-34 adopted by the Russian Air Force

MOSCOW, March 20. (ARMS-TASS). New frontline bomber Su-34 Russian government decision adopted by the Russian Air Force. This was stated by ARMS-TASS source in the military-industrial complex (MIC). He recalled that the bomber was the whole cycle of flight tests and has long been available to the troops. Mass production of modern machines deployed at the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant (NAE comes to holding «Dry»). In December 2013 «Dry» successfully graduated from the execution of the first contract for the supply of 32 Russian Air Force Su-34 bombers, concluded in 2008, and has embarked on a second contract to supply

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