APL «Prince Vladimir»

According to sources in the shipbuilding industry bmpd planned to be the official tab recently on JSC «PO» Sevmash » (SMP) in Severodvinsk fourth nuclear missile submarine strategic focus of Project 955 «Borey» (And the first revised draft 955A) will receive the official title of «Prince Vladimir» — In honor of ancient and baptized Rus Prince St. Vladimir, aka Vladimir reddish sun (life years — 960 — 1015). As you know, originally the fourth «Boreas» practically started the construction of the NSR in 2009 (estimated building number 204), the control of the Russian Navy proposed to assign the name

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U.S. — China: a new strategy of containment

To solve this puzzles are encouraged to use ground-based anti-ship missiles, deployed in the West Asia-Pacific In one of the speeches on the formation of U.S. strategic doctrine in January 2012, President Obama said that South American interests in the economy and national security tightly intertwined with the processes of a different nature, which occur in the space between the western part of the Pacific, South Asia and Indian Ocean . He noted that the United States will give this part of the planet and attention as a result of the alleged change the strategy of using U.S. troops and

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FRANCE 16 Order drones REAPER

Office of Military Cooperation (DSCA) US Department of Defense has notified Congress of a possible sale of 16 French UAV MQ-9 Reaper, reports Defense Aerospace. According to management, the French Defense Ministry has requested the supply of equipment to support the troops stationed overseas and regional security. Sum of a possible transaction valued at 1.5 billion dollars. According hosted application, except drones France expects to acquire eight mobile ground management Fri, 48 turbofan engines TPE331-10T (16 installed on Reaper, and 32 spare), on-board communications systems 40 Ku-band radar 40 Lynx synthetic aperture 40 multispectral targeting systems AN/DAS-1, 40 ground terminals

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Number of members of the CIS tank biathlon increase

As reported ARMS-TASS, the number of participants of a new kind of military sports — biathlon tank — number of CIS countries will increase. This was now told reporters Secretary of Defense Ministers of the Commonwealth, Lieutenant-General Alexander supplies Sinai. He recalled that «recently (in August) was a tank biathlon, which took part in the four countries of the CIS.» «He received a very positive response, and defense ministers of other countries (CIS) expressed desire that under certain technical and organizational completions crews from their countries took part in it», — informed the Sinai. With all of this general noted

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RPG-7 (USA) — American counterparts Russian RPG-7 in Peru

Held on July 29, 2013 in Lima, Peru military parade marking the 192 th anniversary of the independence of this country, on equipment parts special purpose forces of the Peruvian Army were seen hand antitank grenade RPG-7 (USA) — developed and produced by the American company Airtronic USA Inc . modified «copy» famous Russian RPG-7.   Peru became the first known zabugornye users of this system.   At this event drew attention to polish the web resource Altair.     RPG South American production Airtronic USA RPG-7 (USA) on equipping the army special forces mission to Peru. Lima, 29.07.2013 year

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Russia formed the shape of a new bomber

Promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) will be created in time; his view has already been formed. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, the Russian Air Force commander said Maj. Gen. Viktor Bondarev. According to him, the current revision is underway «tactical and technical task.» Details about the type of aircraft Bondarev not disclose. «I think we all have the strength and the means to create this plane in time, perform all the tasks that we enjoin him, so he just stood up in order to replace or complement our strategic bomber Tu-95 and Tu -160 «,

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Hand Gun

Hand gun — specifically because the full title stands for «Rucni Top» mnogokalibernoy RT-20 rifles Croatian design. This mini-monster was created in the midst of the 1990s, during the Serbo — Croatian conflict after the collapse of the Federal Government of Yugoslavia. The main purpose of RT-20 was a struggle with appliances, including light armored. RT-20 is available now RH-Alan and is in service with the Croatian Army. Mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle RT-20 — it is certainly one of the most fascinating specimens of sniper guns. Let’s start with the fact that this rifle is one of the most massive serially

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BRITISH Navy air defense system under test / defense with a range of 200 miles

July 17 defense-aerospace.com said last week that a new destroyer HMS Dragon (pictured) made a Royal Navy launch ship air defense system Aster / Sea Viper missile defense system at the site off the west coast of Scotland. Missile at a rate exceeding 3 times the speed of sound, killed the target flying at high altitude. Destroyer HMS Dragon displacement of 7500 tons in 2013 will receive a combat-ready status and will ship on the distant campaigns. UK imports of goods for which 95% is delivered by sea, the presence of massive Navy need. Lieutenant Commander Duncan McRae (Duncan

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U.S. re-invited Russia to participate in the European missile defense

According to RIA Novosti disk imaging, in 2010, at the Lisbon Summit, Our homeland and NATO signed a contract on cooperation in the European missile defense project, but then subsequent negotiations had stalled over the U.S. refusal to provide legal guarantees of non-targeting system deployed against Russian deterrent. In Moscow, said they wanted to expand in response to the Kaliningrad region missile complexes «Iskander» and take a number of other military and political measures. In his speech in Berlin, Rose stressed that in the U.S. as previously convinced of the reciprocal interests of both states, because cooperation in the

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U.S. recently will supply Turkey and the United Arab Emirates of heavy transport helicopter CH-47F Chinook, reports Jane «s referring to the Directorate of Military Cooperation (DSCA) Pentagon. What specific number of helicopters will be delivered to customers, not specified. Total price for the planned delivery technology is about 4 billion dollars. According to Jane «s, before Turkey is located in the U.S. order to supply 14 Chinook transport helicopters for a total of 1.2 billion dollars. These helicopters are expected to acquire within the U.S. Air Force contract to supply 16 such machines (two helicopters — South American military,

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